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In recent years, the MEA region has steadily increased its presence on the global business stage, improving and expanding its wide range of economic environments. Given such expansion, now is the perfect time to harness the exposure that the MEA Business Awards 2022 can provide. The MEA Business Awards 2022 will examine a variety of industries and sectors in our search for the region’s finest businesses. From aviation and agriculture to utility companies and yacht manufacturers, we aim to consider each and every market which trades within the MEA region. With successful awardees selected purely upon merit, we have the opportunity to award the small family-run company, the upcoming start-up, and the well-established large corporation. Regardless of your business background and size, the MEA Business Awards 2022 will provide each awardee with an excellent chance to showcase their achievements. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor MEA Markets is happy to announce that the MEA Business Awards are returning for the sixth consecutive year! This established awards programme identifies those individuals and companies who excel in their respective industries, encompassing the entirety of the Middle East and Africa in our search to highlight the firms that go above and beyond to establish themselves as business leaders. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 6. Mansoor Industries Limited: Best Oil Marketing Company - Tanzania 8. Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm: Best Corporate Law Firm - Eastern Province 10. SINOBUNTU: Most Trusted IT Services Provider - Gauteng 12. A&A Associate LLC: Fastest Growing Business Setup Company of the Year - UAE 14. Afriquia Handicrafts Trading OÜ: Best Artisan Olive Wood Product Company - North Africa 16. Kodak Alaris Limited Dubai Branch: Best Information Capture Solutions Provider - MEA 18. Action Filmz Dubai Film Production: Most Comprehensive Film Equipment & Rental Company - Dubai 20. Market-i: Social Media Experts of the Year - UAE 22. MMF Global Trading LLC: Polymers Exporters of the Year - UAE 24. Broll Property Group: Best Commercial Property Services Provider - Africa 26. Senor Pepe’s Mexican Foods Factory LLC: Best Mexican Food Supplier - Middle East 28. Karma Yoga: Yoga Teacher Training Academy of the Year - UAE 29. 3S Biz City Business Center: Leading Regional Providers of Furnished Offices & Co-Working Space - UAE 30. A.E. Prognosys Solutions Limited: Best Regulatory Reporting Provider - Cyprus 31. R2S Insurance Brokers Llc: Most Innovative Insurance Broker – UAE 32. Broadway Entertainment Group: Best International Theatrical Entertainment Distributor - UAE 33. OPENMINDS Centre for Psychiatry, Counselling and Neuroscience: Most Inclusive Psychiatric & Mental Health Counselling Center - Dubai 34. Chaz Studio: Best Newborn & Maternity Photographer (Dubai) 35. Dynasty Business Consultancy: Most Trusted Business Development Service Provider - Dubai 36. Fame Advisory DMCC: Succession Planning Specialists of the Year- Middle East & Excellence Award for Strategic Financial Advisory Services - Middle East 37. MLV Marine Ltd: Best Marine Communication / Navigation Systems Specialists - Cyprus 38. Arpan General Trading LLC: Best Fresh Flowers Delivery Service - UAE 39. Specialty Structures USA: Design & Build Innovators of the Year - UAE 40. Scancruit DMCC: Best Executive Search Recruitment Specialists - UAE 41. The Wheatbaker: Luxury Boutique Hotel of the Year - Lagos & Hospitality Excellence Award - MEA 42. Sva Estates: Best Full-Service Real Estate Agency - Cyprus 43. Chuan Chinese Seafood Restaurant FZCO: Best Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant - Dubai 45. ebs: Best Full-Service SME Accountancy Firm - Dubai 46. Keegor Group of companies: Best Precious Metals Assaying & Refining Industry Suppliers - South Africa 47. Joren Communications Ltd: Best Brand Narrative Digital Agency - South Africa

48. Haroon Labels Industries LLC: Best Premium Label Provider - UAE 49. Becode Middle East: Best Advanced Locking Solutions Provider - UAE 50. Oclaa Adventures Tanzania: Best Cycling Tours - Tanzania 51. Specialty Batch Coffee Roastery LLC: Most Comprehensive Coffee Supplier - Middle East 52. Bradford Learning Global: Best Online Finance Course Provider - UAE 53. Intelligent Devices And Systems: Best Multi-Industry Technology Engineering Services Provider - UAE 54. RED3SIXTY: Best Business Consulting Management Platform - Africa & Transformation Leader 55. Corporate Image Holdings Ltd: Best Reputation Management & Communications Consultancy - South Africa 56. Sahel Aviation Service: Best Mining Industry Support Provider - Mali 57. The Els Club: Best Luxury Golfing Destination - Middle East 58. The Cornerstone Advisory Consultancy: Best SME Management Consultancy - UAE 59. Iconic Collective: Most Comprehensive Digital Support Agency - South Africa 60. Chef Link Catering Services Ltd: Best Industrial Catering Business - Kenya & Excellence Award for Outdoor Event Catering Services - MEA 61. Mlsclothiers: Best Online Shopping Platform - UAE 62. Adjemson and Consulting: Best Communication & Marketing Solution Provider - Cameroon 63. Furn Beaino: Best Lahm Baajin Specialist Restaurant - Lebanon

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MEA Business Awards 2022 Best Oil Marketing Company - Tanzania Established in 1993, Mansoor Industries Ltd (MOIL) is one of the top ten oil marketing companies in Tanzania, with business locations also in Kenya and Uganda. The company is on a mission to become the leading wholesaler, retailer, and marketer of petroleum products in the region and is committed to ensuring its clients receive the best service possible. In light of MOIL’s success within the MEA Business Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what makes it the outstanding company it is. Operating a state-of-the-art oil terminal in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mansoor Industries Ltd also has a dedicated fleet of over 120 modern trucks which transport fuel in and around East and Central Africa. The company currently runs 14 retail fuelling stations across Tanzania and four retail fuelling stations in Uganda, all of which are open 24 hours a day and are certain to provide the best fuel in the market, at the best price. MOIL prides itself on employing the very best staff in the industry to manage its operations; individuals who take pride in everything they do and constantly strive to provide the highest standard of service, while guaranteeing quality products, prompt delivery, and one-to-one support as and when needed. Providing fuel is just one of the services the team offer, with each station being a one-stop shop offering convenience stores, car washes, tyre repairs, ATMs, and more. Operating in the industry of oil marketing makes MOIL a crucial contributor to the growing economy of Tanzania. With its tagline being “Fuelling Regional Growth”, the company plays its part in Tanzania’s economic development through wealth and creation of jobs, and its team play an essential role in improving the availability of its products. MOIL sells necessity, not luxury, because, while hospitality or retail businesses may find themselves struggling and having to close down, petrol stations will continue to thrive even in a receding economy as people will always drive. MOIL’s services are provided to customers all over Tanzania, and it has major contracts with government entities, construction industries, and multiple retail stations countrywide, in addition to supplying fuel to some of the biggest transporters in Tanzania. As a result, MOIL is an enabler of the transformation of communities and cities, keeping industries moving thanks to the supply of fuel needed to commute or move goods. In particular, MOIL expects to continue benefiting from its base in Tanzania due to the region’s projected growth in number of vehicles on the road, positive macroeconomic forecast, and political stability. With this growing affluent consumer market, MOIL will still strive to not only satisfy their needs, but exceed them. MOIL’s people are indeed passionate about providing the very best for customers, but they also love to do all they can to support the community, for example, sponsoring events such as the Tanzania drill for Street Child World Cup (SCWC), a competition which enables children from across the world to take part in football tournaments. This included spending no less then Sh60 to send the SCWC team to Moscow as well as covering other expenses while in Russia. MOIL has been involved in sponsoring SCWC three times, viewing it as important to support vulnerable children to bring them joy and ensure they get to take part in activities such as sports. Its people thrive on assisting with various community events and see it as an opportunity to urge fellow Tanzanians to help in their communities wherever they can. Meanwhile, outside of work, MOIL even has its own motorsport/rally team, who were the champions of the 2019 Uganda National Rally, and the 2021 African Rally Championship. This is in addition to claiming a significant victory earlier this month following an extraordinary race in the seasonopening event in Mbarara Rally. To find out more about MOIL’s racing efforts, check out its Instagram page, @moilrallyteam. Looking ahead in terms of the business, MOIL is keen to grow its team. Being one of the largest petroleum companies in Tanzania, it is always looking to bring the best and brightest minds on board. At MOIL, individuals have the opportunity to work with some of the best in their field while taking on new challenges, along with development and progression opportunities. Also on the cards for MOIL in the future is continued expansion of the business into other parts of East and Central Africa, with its most recently opened stations being in Songea, and Kigamboni Ferry. This is as the company continues on its domination of the African content while unfalteringly providing the most cost-efficient and superior services to as many customers as possible. Company: Mansoor Industries Ltd Contact: Yasin Nasser Email: [email protected] Website:

7 1Best Oil Marketing Company - Tanzania

MEA Business Awards 2022 Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm has thrived in the legal sphere through a comprehensive, expertdriven process and mission that achieves results. On the back of the firm’s notable success in the programme, we took some time to look behind the scenes to find out more about how it has created a considerable reputation in this challenging industry. ne of the most impressive aspects of Fahad Al Tamimi is its ability to cover a vast range of markets, sectors, and fields. From family law, and civil law, to copyright, personal injury, and corporate legal issues, it has managed to cultivate a reputation for excellence and results. Of course, while we have focused on the latter area, it goes without saying that its services remain best in class, regardless of the specificities of a client’s case. For this, Fahad Al Tamimi has become the most trusted of Saudi Arabia’s law firms. A spokesperson for the company took a moment to discuss the firm’s approach. “We have an integrated team of specialized Saudi lawyers and elite of legal advisors who have experience in all branches of law as well as a sufficient number of specialized employees, administrators and secretaries together with our possession to modern communication means to provide professional legal services in all regions of Saudi Arabia besides our wide cooperation with the numerous number of legal offices in the GCC states and other world countries, to accomplish our transactions mutually in our countries.” By operating across borders and around the world, the Fahad Al Tamimi’s team has become truly multidisciplinary, with the experience and expertise to navigate cases and clients with a dynamism and agility that has come to define the company’s approach. Ultimately, above all else, the firm has become a sort of one-stop-shop for any issue that a particular person or business may face. Dictated by client-centricity, Fahad Al-Tamimi is adept at changing its process to meet demand and needs. “Fahad AlTamimi Law Firm’s multidisciplinary team with global exposure and in-depth knowledge are frequently sought after by leading national and international organizations for qualitative, legal, and businesscritical advice. Since its establishment, our legal consultancy has been serving companies, institutions, government agencies, and individuals and providing them with expert legal advice and innovative legal solutions to meet their changing needs in general and effectively providing complex legal services in particular according to the highest national and international standards.” The future of the firm relies on this steadfast dedication to cases, with a singular focus on reinforcing its reputation in the space. “Our specialist group of lawyers works diligently and devotedly, embracing teamwork to give intelligent, innovative, and inspirational legal solutions to client’s cases in the court of justice.” Fahad Al Tamimi stays one step ahead of its competitors by consistently delivering its incredible skills for a reasonable price. Its objective is to empower its clients throughout everything they do. From starting new businesses, to achieving simple peace of mind, Fahad Al Tamimi helps them to conquer any issues, insecurities, or problems – so that they may prosper, evolve, and adapt. Its vision is to be a legal “expert, able, and known for getting justice to all clients without differentiating among them.” Fahad Al Tamimi’s mission is perfectly aligned with its vision, goals, and experience as it holds three crucial components: objective, service to clients, and values in law practice. With regards to Fahad Al Tamimi’s experience, which is deeply rooted in a passion for helping others, the team has worked tirelessly to pull together on all cases – for the sake of justice. With a license issued by the Ministry of Justice, in Saudi Arabia, Fahad Al Tamimi’s lawyers and legal counsellors ensure only the best and most relevant service is carried out. Not only does Fahad Al Tamimi strive for the greatest service, for the most desirable outcome, but it also tailors everything to each individual – keeping value for money in mind each step of the way. No matter the issue, Fahad Al Tamimi has the legal solution. Expertly avoiding any issues throughout the entire process, Fahad Al Tamimi creates a better world for us to live in. More than reactionary, Fahad Al Tamimi is a progressive, proactive, and monumental force that can help us when we’re looking for the legal advice we need to succeed. We are pleased to present Fahad Al Tamimi with Best Corporate Law Firm – Eastern Province in the MEA Business Awards 2022. Its future looks influential, bright, and strong as it consistently builds a collection of satisfied clients. Long may its success continue. Fahad Al Tamimi Law Firm Telephone: +966561218881/ +966567049111 Email: [email protected] Website: O Best Corporate Law Firm - Eastern Province

9 Best Corporate Law Firm - Eastern Province

MEA Business Awards 2022 Technology moves quickly. Often too quickly for many outside of the industry. Indeed, it has become an overwhelming landscape defined by too much choice, too much jargon, and a plethora of expensive, confusing options for those that don’t know what to look for. In a world that is only becoming more and more digital, this divide between those that can’t keep up and those that can has only evolved to larger extremes – and hardworking businesses are swiftly falling behind. Enter Smangele and Sinobuntu, who have looked to change the technological landscape to best serve business owners and companies of all sizes. For Smangele, this was less an act of good business sense, and more about ethics. A choice that is reflected in her company’s name; Sinobuntu. “Sinobuntu” means ‘humanity’ or ‘caring’. At Sinobuntu we care about our clients. You won’t have to deal with chat-bots or call centres. We provide you with IT Specialists that understand your business needs. Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve their goals and empower them to do the best business they can do using technology in this changing world of tech. We deliver innovative, cost-effective and results-driven solutions that make a real difference to our clients.” Perhaps most impressive is the breadth of services that Sinobuntu offers, and all without sacrificing the quality of that service. From hardware and software sales, IT support services, cyber security and date centre networks to back-up solutions and IT recruitment, Sinobuntu has firmly positioned itself as a sort of one-stop-shop for businesses looking to level up their IT infrastructure. It’s no surprise that the company has experienced incredibly growth over its time in operation, and especially over the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw mass adoption of technological solutions. Of course, by that point, Sinobuntu was wellestablished with a client base that sung its praises in terms of the efficacy of its services and expertise. Here, Smangele takes a moment to talk more on these services and expertise. “We provide a complete IT support package under a single roof, to ensure that our clients’ businesses have every advantage to succeed. We aim to save time, build trust, and deliver affordable, effective solutions with a client-centric focus.” Ultimately, that’s the crux of the company’s success. It almost seems simple, but of course Sinobuntu has succeeded where many others have failed to thrive. Technology is an incredibly challenging arena to find success, and it acts as testament to the team’s strength that the company has not only existed for close to a decade, but grown, innovated and developed alongside the largest of those that exist within the industry. As it is, Sinobuntu has cultivated a significant reputation across the African continent with a strong foundation for further expansion into overseas markets. Through its slogan, ‘connecting the world through tech’, it has proposed a goal which looks set to be achieved, and all with a core defined by ethical values. This is what business should be – futurethinking, ethical, client-centric, expert, driven, and innovative. It’s no surprise that Sinobuntu has become synonymous with excellence. It’s recognition in the MEA Business Awards is well-deserved by every metric, and its future is one that looks set to boom, spearheaded as it is by its Founder, Smangele Buthelezi. SINOBUNTU Contact: Smangele Buthelezi, Founder and Managing Director Website: Email Address: [email protected] Telephone: (+27) 011 568 8317 Address: Office 49, Moddecrest Office Park, 1 High Street, Founders Hill, Modderfontein, 1609 “Our focus in on prioritising our clients’ needs to ensure their success.” Most Trusted IT Services Provider - Gauteng Founded in 2014, Sinobuntu has accelerated technological attainment across South Africa. Acting as a guiding, caring hand, it has created a robust reputation over the last 9 years through a dedication to excellence. Following its well-deserved success in the programme, we spoke to Founder and Managing Director Smangele Buthelezi to find out more. “Whatever Your Industry, We Can Make It Automated and Fast.”

11 Most Trusted IT Services Provider - Gauteng

MEA Business Awards 2022 Setting up a business is no easy task, but having experts on hand to offer helpful advice can make a real difference to the level of the challenge. For many, the team at A&A Associate have been a livesaver, providing services that range from licensing to liquidation. In the MEA Business Awards, the team were recognised for their impressive achievements. We dig a little deeper to see how they’ve risen to the top in this competitive industry. orming any company is a unique challenge as no two companies are the same. Fortunately, the team behind A&A Associate are ideally equipped to act as management consultants who can ensure no step is misplaced. Since opening their doors, the A&A Associate team have committed to being honest, transparent and focused in supporting clients on their journey of success. The philosophy is simple: “Our Services, Your Success!” When looking at the triumph of A&A Associate in the business setup world, it’s worth taking a brief look at the firm’s CEO Robin Philip. Mr Philip is a visionary in the field, someone who has long had a strong vision of what a business should look like. Over the years, he has made the effort to craft A&A Associate in this image, namely a business which is strong, which believes in its people and which is committed to creating a working environment where these people can thrive. Of course, creating such a business is not purely for the benefit of staff. It is so that staff might offer the best possible level of support to customers. A comprehensive way of working, namely one which considers every aspect of business setup, is therefore at the heart of how A&A Associate works underneath Mr. Philips. To this end, the team at A&A Associate have put numerous resources all under one roof. When it comes to the tricky business of company conception, it pays to guarantee that any answer you might need is always available as opposed to an option that might be considered at a later date. There is no other organisation of this specialised nature where you can find Auditing, Accounting, Advisory & Consulting, Company Setup, Legal Services, Software Design & development (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, SEO, social media) all in one place. It makes life easier for everyone, opening the doors to impressive opportunity. The commitment to innovation does no stop there, either. Business Analysis, Creative Insight & Industry Benchmarking mean that the A&A Associate team can offer fresh perspectives on what their clients would like to achieve. Because there is constant regulatory change in this industry, the team must constantly keep abreast of any changes and advise their clients accordingly. The impressive reputation of the team, with over 500 positive google reviews from over 100 nationalities of clients demonstrates clearly how well this innovative approach has gone over with clients. Being based in the UAE has brought immense positive aspects to the service that the A&A Associate team can offer. First and foremost, the leadership of the UAE throughout the COVID-19 pandemic not only ensured that business could continue to thrive, but that business could reopen as swiftly as possible. The UAE has recently hosted Expo 2020, and Qatar was the host of the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Now, more than any other point in history, people are seeing the potential that lies behind this astonishing part of the world. More than simply celebrating what is there, these events showcase that the UAE is ready and prepared for business setup. It’s little wonder that this is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. F Fastest Growing Business Setup Company of the Year - UAE A&A ASSOCIATE LLC OUR SERVICES. YOUR SUCCESS.

13 Fastest Growing Business Setup Company of the Year - UAE The business setup sector is one which has seen incredible changes over the years, both in terms of regulation and in terms of the level of service clients expect. By offering an approach which is naturally comprehensive, and by ensuring that staff are aware of any changes in legislation, clients know that A&A Associate is the core to a smooth operation. The team have become known for their stunning adaptability, which has earned them considerable favour from many at the forefront of what industry can offer. An example of this is the 9% Corporate Tax that is currently being implemented. Many see this as a sign of downturn for the business setup industry, but the A&A Associate team would happily argue that this will still mean that the UAE is offering one of the lowest rates in the world. This adaptability can be seen in the team’s performance tracking CRM system, which encourages everyone involved in the business to work together to deliver the best possible service. With a clear record of who has done what, people can be rewarded with direct reference to their performance. It’s an environment where anyone can thrive if they put in the work, and those who put in the work can also find the most reward. The growth of A&A Associate reflects a progressive mind, and thanks to strong and innovative leadership, the firm is currently able to update their own style and technology in order to offer impressive assistance to their clients. The growth of the firm has been steady over the years, but there is an aggressive approach in mind which will see the team cross the 400 mark of clients handled every month. This growth will not simply depend on word of mouth and positive reviews, but on establishing the brand of A&A Associates as the go-to choice when setting up a business. When it comes to establishing a new organisation, it cannot be overstated how important it is to turn to a team who know what they are talking about. When it comes to making sure that every point is covered, and no stone is left unturned, your first port of call should be A&A Associate. With a reputation that is second to none in the UAE, we cannot wait to see what this firm does to grow and expand over the coming months and years. Company: A&A Associate LLC Name: Mohammed Firoz Khan Email: [email protected] Web Address:

MEA Business Awards 2022 Best Artisan Olive Wood Products Company - North Africa The handmade has an appeal which is, understandably, truly unique. Few understand this better than the team at ArtisRaw who have transformed the appeal of the unique into an international enterprise. In the MEA Business Awards 2022, the firm was finally recognised for their success. We take a closer look at how they’ve managed to achieve such stunning results to find out more. Olive wood is one of the finest raw materials available for use on the handmade market, and it’s little surprise that it stands at the heart of what the team at ArtisRaw provides. For generations, the people behind this company have developed new techniques and ways of working which have transformed the use of this stunning resource, inspiring new heights of success. Given the high level of craft that goes into any handmade product, it will come as little surprise that the ArtisRaw team ensure their products have a high value assigned to them. Covering a host of goods, including kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, games, decorative items, bathroom accessories and more, there is something for everyone from this intrepid crew. While based in Tunisia, the audience is truly international. The incredible ArtisRaw range has been exported to many different parts of the world, with customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Germany able to enjoy the delights that the team are able to offer. What draws them in is the way in which the range organic, sustainable and beautiful in equal measure. The market for artisan products which are organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and handmade has grown significantly over the last few years. People are looking for items which are unique and can stand apart as talking points in their own rights. Such an approach is one which is sympathetic to the way in which ArtisRaw has always operated, and the team have worked on ensuring that the compatibility of their values with the market at large are clear for all to see. Theirs is a field where the market has expanded considerably over the last few years, without the need to pivot how the team works at all. Ensuring that customers continue to delight in what is available has meant the team has had to innovate in terms of what they offer. To maintain the exclusivity of a handmade product, the team are always looking to change what they are able to offer to clients. Designers in the office are always working on new products, collaborating with the artisans in the workshop who are constantly refining their talents. The collaborative way in which everyone approaches their work is the true secret behind the team’s success, with all members of the business playing their part in ensuring that each ArtisRaw piece is beautiful, useful, practical and classy. Consolidating such an effective way of working has been the result of years of professional development, but it has led to a team which always puts the company’s success at the top of their priorities. New team members have to fit into this unique environment, undergoing a comprehensive integration period in which they can meet their new colleagues and learn more deeply what it means to work in the ArtisRaw way. With this grounding, it is possible to have the largest possible impact as swiftly as possible. The work that the ArtisRaw team undertakes is highly specialised, requiring extreme devotion and discipline to maintain the high standards that customers expect. Creating artisan products is not commonplace at the moment which is part of the firm’s USP. It has also affected who is looking for the firm’s products. Currently, ArtisRaw sells exclusively to audiences outside of the MEA Region. The international crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the success of the firm, and was a region behind many changes undertaken by the team in order to recover various lost opportunities. While selling products is an important part of how ArtisRaw works, their focus is more holistically minded than simply looking for ways to ensure material profit. Above all, an ArtisRaw product will introduce customers to a more eco-friendly lifestyle that does not bring harm to mother nature. Sustainability is a factor which can reach into every part of our lives, and nothing showcases this more clearly than the impressive range of products available from the ArtisRaw team. You can find their items in the kitchen or bedroom, garden or living room. It’s green consumerism, with a flexibility that is without parallel. Looking ahead, the future of ArtisRaw is a firm which continues to reach into new and exciting territory for sales. The sales team have begun to explore the potential of an Amazon store, which would open up exciting new markets and audiences internationally. Similarly, the team are looking to establish physical stores for their products in Tunisia, Europe and the United States. Each of these possibilities would act as a showroom for the stunning products developed by the team. ArtisRaw has always reached out to an international audience, but it is not yet quite an international brand. After years of growth and development, however, it seems that this is a business on the cusp of greatness, pushing out into bold new territory. For many, the principles that make ArtisRaw stand out, those of being sustainable, ecofriendly, organic and handmade, have never been more appealing. To this audience, ArtisRaw is more than a range of products – it’s a lifestyle. From seemingly humble beginnings, this artisan producer has found itself reaching out to the international markets when it comes to securing success. With a host of talent that is always pushing forward, it seems like there is no stopping this incredible team. Following their success in the MEA Business Awards, we cannot wait to see what this stunning group do next. Company: ArtisRaw Name: Bilel Cherif Email: [email protected] Web Address:

15 Best Artisan Olive Wood Products Company - North Africaeng

MEA Business Awards 2022 Building a better business requires highquality information that can be interrogated and interpreted in many ways. When it comes to making sense of multiple data sources, no one is better than the team at Kodak Alaris. This leading provider of information capture solutions is helping organisations around the world operate more efficiently. odak Alaris has a long history of technology innovation and leadership. Since launching their first production document scanner in 1990, they have remained at the cutting edge of digital transformation progress. In today’s digital revolution, intelligent data capture solutions have become critical to business operations. For over two decades, Kodak Alaris has helped companies make sense of the overwhelming amounts of information that must be onboarded into enterprise systems. The team at Kodak Alaris have constructed a comprehensive network of smart solutions that comprise high-end document scanners, data capture software, and professional services—all of which are available worldwide. Organisations including BPOs, Service Bureaus, and large mailrooms around the world rely on the technology and services team at Kodak Alaris, especially when it comes to high-volume document scanning. With more than 150 patents, an impressive global partner ecosystem, and a services and support team that has earned an elite Net Promoter Score of 95%, Kodak Alaris is clearly a trusted organization committed to the success of its customers and technology partners. Continuous innovation is a challenge for any business, but it’s part of the ethos that has helped Kodak Alaris maintain its strong position in the market. Their continually expanding portfolio is the broadest in the market, from desktop scanners to high-volume production scanners, all delivering consistently superior image quality, plus award-winning data capture software that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems. Automation is the way forward for all businesses, and managing data is the challenge at the center of it all. With so much information flowing into organizations, people need solutions that help them organize and extract key data to help business operate more efficiently and to help leaders make informed decisions. Servicing customers worldwide in a host of different industries, the Kodak Alaris team have adapted perfectly to suit the unique needs of various organizations. In regions such as the MEA that manage high volumes of paper-based workflows, there is an opportunity to make significant efficiency gains in both time and cost savings, thus enabling sustainable growth. Security and confidentiality are critical to successful data onboarding and management, especially in the healthcare, financial, and government markets. The team at Kodak Alaris is particularly proud of its INfuse solution, which onboards data directly into business processes without the need for a connected PC. Connecting a PC to the data onboarding process introduces security risk, so the Kodak INfuse Solution effectively reduces the attack surface to enable more secure data processes. INfuse is ideal for remote or decentralised environments and workflows, capturing data at the point of transaction. With devices deployed across multiple locations, preconfigured with validation rules and integrated with enterprise systems via secure cloud connectivity, businesses can more confidently manage their data inflows. This system flexibility has been praised by many organisations working with the Kodak Alaris team. Another defining aspect of Kodak Alaris’ success is the customer loyalty it has cultivated around the world. In terms of responsiveness, technical accuracy, and professionalism, they are unmatched in the industry. Kodak Alaris has a 92% first call completion rate, a 99% remote software resolution rate, and a 95% rating for customer satisfaction. In the competitive landscape, Kodak Alaris fares exceptionally well for its technology and service organization. When compared to K Best Information Capture Solutions Provider - MEA

17 Best Information Capture Solutions Provider - MEA units from big names such as Avision, Canon, and Fujitsu, objective sources report that Kodak Alaris delivers superior image quality and color dropout capabilities. Keypoint Intelligence found that Kodak Alaris is the only manufacturer to score 90% accuracy in every image quality category test, including color drop out and barcode reading. The files were also 50% smaller than the competition and uploaded over 70% faster than the competitive average, with an accuracy rate of 96% vs. the competitive average of 78%. These are numbers that should capture the attention of any business. With its focus on the future, it’s clear that Kodak Alaris is continually striving to reach new heights. The success they have achieved over the last two decades reflects their commitment to customers and their tenacity in designing new solutions capable of serving any business need. Looking ahead, as documents and data come into businesses from multiple sources and in multiple formats, Kodak Alaris will continue to help organizations make sense of their data and thrive in the new digital economy. Company: Kodak Alaris Name: Elias Mouchantaf Web Address:

MEA Business Awards 2022 Most Comprehensive Film Equipment Rental Company - Dubai Action Filmz Productions LLC has become a mainstay of the entertainment industry within Dubai and the UAE for over 18 years now. This year, Action Filmz Productions has been recognised for its work in servicing the industry. We spoke with Founder and CEO, Crispin Dominic to find out more about its achievements, history of excellence, and ethos. While Hollywood has been a dominating presence in the film and entertainment industry, it would be utterly remiss to ignore the colossal impact of markets outside of it. It’s no secret that the Indian market is the true goliath – vast and evergrowing. Equally, the Middle Eastern markets are looking to follow in its footsteps, with numerous establishments, organisations, individuals and businesses innovating and creating extraordinary things in the space. To begin, Crispin offers more insight into the history of Action Filmz Productions. “Our core lies in renting out state-of-theart equipment servicing to the film and photography industry, ranging from digital cinema cameras, lenses, film lighting, grip equipment, still photography equipment, Studio Rentals, AV Equipment, Transport, and Generators, and our professional-experienced crew. We have been more than ever growing bigger and stronger over the past years doing massive Hollywood and Bollywood Blockbusters, Features, Drama Series, and Commercials, and associating with high-end brands and have been into line production producing many commercials and short films like DTCM’s brand films featuring Shah Rukh Khan and many well-known celebrities. “Our core value is to be a creative hub for the film and photo industry. More than from a business point of view, we would love to create an arena where filmmakers and photographers can come together and innovate ideas. This is purely out of the love we have for the industry, and we genuinely would love to return back what the industry has given us all these years.” This core value hinges on client centricity, with each client being treated, above all else, as an individual. Interestingly, this ability to treat each client as unique has served to

19 Most Comprehensive Film Equipment & Rental Company - Dubai make Action Filmz Productions unique in turn. “Each person or company that walks through our doors, we ensure he is looked after just like our own. It is definitely our modus operandi that makes us unique in our industry. Our unique selling points would definitely be our updated and latest inventory that is marked up by extensive research and on the recommendations of our industry experts which makes us mostly the first ones to own it within the region. Secondly, we take each project as our own, and that for sure makes all the difference in the way the client is being serviced. We always try and go out of our way with each project and that for sure is when all heads are aligned with the end goal. Having a one-stop shop always plays a very important role as the client ends up getting everything under one roof and that has always been our mission. “We measure and take every small step needed to achieve our vision. For starters, with constant research and keeping ourselves updated on the latest technology and gear, we ensure we bring it to this part of the region and we try and be the first ones to introduce the latest gears to the market here. Secondly, we take part in trade shows across the world to understand the newest technology and what is in the current demand across different parts of the world which is introduced by different suppliers across the globe and analyse to find what may work best for our conditions and the industry trends matching the standards of the Middle East,” Crispin adds. Over recent years the UAE has made itself known in the industry for becoming a central hub for the future of filmmaking, with numerous opportunities opening up for those that want to capitalize on this newly invigorated market. Here, Crispin takes a moment to discuss the locality in helping to reinforce the company’s considerable reputation. “The market especially in UAE is booming because of the many filming opportunities considering the ease of shooting, high-end production houses, professional crew, and state-of-the-art equipment rental houses with massive gears like specialized cranes like U-Crane Arm, Super Techno 30, Techno Crane 22, Service Vision 45 Crane and the latest cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. As a rental house, we also hire a lot of freelancers considering the job opportunities ranging from Feature Films to commercials of any scale and we also do ship equipment for projects to different parts of the world, for instance, we had shipped equipment to Tunisia for over more than 6 months for a large-scale project. “Dubai has always been a hub for change and the beauty of this region is that the change is adapted quite quickly by everyone which is one of the many successes of this part of the world. Over the last 12 months, the broadcast media in the Middle East is just booming with OTT consumption accelerating and to cater to that industry is a different ballpoint game. We as an equipment rental house have adapted to this boom extremely well as for us it’s catering to the production needs on a massive scale. Constant purchases of equipment, juggling multiple projects, and in the end, getting the yields of a successful project is a good feeling altogether.” The Action Filmz Productions team is defined by this drive to utilize the market conditions to create a distinguished brand image that is swiftly becoming known across the UAE. Each and every team member across the company is passionate, driven, and hardworking. That goes an incredibly long way in helping to establish the company, as Crispin explains. “We are quite a creative working cultured company that generally breathes and speaks the language of film. We all share the same passion and dedication to the industry. In terms of the decision-making process, as mentioned earlier, we do go through a lot of research and analytics in understanding what equipment would work for this part of the world and we have a headstrong purchase team that ensures the equipment is brought into the country ahead of time. We also do value the feedback given by the industry experts who are all spread across the globe and are in constant touch with them, and having healthy discussions about technology also helps in our decisionmaking process.” When we come to the future of the company, Crispin details his three-year plan for Action Filmz Productions. “We are looking to complete the construction of our newest premises in Al Quoz which is bound to change the whole industry with the biggest studios and facilities that not only benefit us but will benefit the industry as our aim is to give back to the industry that made us all connect. We aim in building more branches across the globe; starting with a branch in Saudi Arabia. The aim of our expansion would definitely be to give more work opportunities to many more freelancers.” Company: ACTION FILMZ PRODUCTIONS LLC Name: CRISPIN DOMINIC, Founder and CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: AL FAHAD WAREHOUSE, 3C, 6C, 8C, 31A,22B BEHIND TIMES SQUARE SHOPPING MALL, AL QUOZ 1, DUBAI, UAE Telephone: +971 50 4955852

MEA Business Awards 2022 For over 15 years, market-i has been a leading presence in the boutique consultancy industry, developing innovative and, most importantly, effective solutions that guide companies towards growth and prosperity. Spawning from humble beginnings, market-is now trusted by clients across multiple continents. However, the company has plans to expand its reach even further, with 2023 seeing market-i exploring new markets to capitalise on its already impressive reputation. he market-I journey began in Germany in 2007, when a team of seasoned research professionals collaborated to create an agency that would aid and inspire its clients via tailored advice. Since then, the company has gone global, having offices in Dubai, Riyadh, and Cairo, and handling projects across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. Fundamentally, the consultancy works to offer tailor-made solutions to uniquely address the needs of clients focused on leadership and growth, with a specific focus on creating strategic value. Operating across three distinct sectors, market-i utilises a combination of traditional and technology-based research techniques in order to develop its innovative solutions. The Public Diplomacy & Strategic Communications division, for example, assesses public sentiments and attitudes to support development communications strategy that addresses topics including strengthening civic participation, strengthening national unity, and countering VEO. This area of research targets the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Moreover, the company has gained experience across numerous industries, working with businesses involved in beauty, government, technology, and much more. Simply, the market-i focuses on creating effective solutions rather than focusing on specific industries. Henceforth, market-i takes a client-centric approach in how it operates, and as a boutique consultancy this means that it is able to maintain an enhanced focus upon the client. At any time, clients have easy and open access to the senior members of the team, who are equipped to answer any queries that the client may have. In addition, market-i endeavours to work collaboratively with its clients, working by the philosophy of designing bespoke research solutions that address the clients’ specific marketing qualms rather than forcing the issue into a pre-existing, less effective resolution. Market-i understands that no two clients are the same, and therefore, it sees no use in the overused, one-size-fits all techniques that much of its competition uses. Along a similar vein, the company realises that its team is comprised of individuals, they all have different ideas and experiences. The company embraces this, working as a flat-hierarchy, and encouraging collaboration between employees in order to harvest imaginative and experimental ideas. Furthermore, market-I encourages its junior members of the team to express themselves and constantly pushes them to learn and develop. This has cultivated a friendly, congenial, is comprised of individuals, they all have different ideas and experiences. The company embraces this, working as a flat-hierarchy, and encouraging collaboration between employees in order to harvest imaginative and experimental ideas. Guided by the ‘Code of I’, the team is expected to prioritise eight ideals which should govern how they act, think, and feel in terms of their work. The code represents: the individual, inspiration, imagination, intimacy, intelligence, integration, incisiveness, and the company’s international reach. In addition, the code acts as an advisor to market-i during the recruitment process. It is extremely particular about who it hires, as they must be able to integrate smoothly into the company. Attracted to individuals that can push the boundaries, there are three key traits that it searches for – a healthy dose of confidence, deep thinkers, and the ability to troubleshoot. An added bonus is if the prospective employee is able to work and push themselves without extra guidance from the management team, as the extra effort is appreciated. This is incredibly important as the company is operating within an industry that has grown exponentially over the recent years. T Social Media Experts of the Year - UAE

21 On the whole, the MEA region is on an upswing, however, the UAE consultancy industry in particular is experiencing a boom. During the course of the past couple of years, the UAE has presented itself as a frontrunner in a plethora of ways – the Hope Mars Mission successfully landed on Mars in July, Dubai hosted the 2020 World Expo, and it was the first country to introduce a 4.5 day working week for federal government. Additionally, the working week has been shaped to align with global markets. Each of these changes has benefitted market-i and the consultancy industry greatly. Of course, the social media landscape continues to expand and shift, and looks to continue to do so moving forward – what may have been a crucial platform to have a presence has potentially shifted to another, and vice versa. It’s important to keep up to date, otherwise you could be left behind. That’s where market-i has become a standout establishment – offering peace of mind through its expert solutions and implementations that truly guarantee results. Looking to the future, market-I has numerous plans that will come to fruition throughout 2023. Focusing predominantly on growth, the company is setting its sights on expansion, and will be beginning to look for new offices. In turn, this will enable the company to delve into new markets and expand its reach. Ultimately, however, marketi’s goal is simple – it hopes to continue aiding businesses with an abundance of detailed market research. Contact: Nisha Chandy Kumar Company: market-i Web Address: Social Media Experts of the Year - UAE