MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Best Oil Marketing Company - Tanzania Established in 1993, Mansoor Industries Ltd (MOIL) is one of the top ten oil marketing companies in Tanzania, with business locations also in Kenya and Uganda. The company is on a mission to become the leading wholesaler, retailer, and marketer of petroleum products in the region and is committed to ensuring its clients receive the best service possible. In light of MOIL’s success within the MEA Business Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what makes it the outstanding company it is. Operating a state-of-the-art oil terminal in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mansoor Industries Ltd also has a dedicated fleet of over 120 modern trucks which transport fuel in and around East and Central Africa. The company currently runs 14 retail fuelling stations across Tanzania and four retail fuelling stations in Uganda, all of which are open 24 hours a day and are certain to provide the best fuel in the market, at the best price. MOIL prides itself on employing the very best staff in the industry to manage its operations; individuals who take pride in everything they do and constantly strive to provide the highest standard of service, while guaranteeing quality products, prompt delivery, and one-to-one support as and when needed. Providing fuel is just one of the services the team offer, with each station being a one-stop shop offering convenience stores, car washes, tyre repairs, ATMs, and more. Operating in the industry of oil marketing makes MOIL a crucial contributor to the growing economy of Tanzania. With its tagline being “Fuelling Regional Growth”, the company plays its part in Tanzania’s economic development through wealth and creation of jobs, and its team play an essential role in improving the availability of its products. MOIL sells necessity, not luxury, because, while hospitality or retail businesses may find themselves struggling and having to close down, petrol stations will continue to thrive even in a receding economy as people will always drive. MOIL’s services are provided to customers all over Tanzania, and it has major contracts with government entities, construction industries, and multiple retail stations countrywide, in addition to supplying fuel to some of the biggest transporters in Tanzania. As a result, MOIL is an enabler of the transformation of communities and cities, keeping industries moving thanks to the supply of fuel needed to commute or move goods. In particular, MOIL expects to continue benefiting from its base in Tanzania due to the region’s projected growth in number of vehicles on the road, positive macroeconomic forecast, and political stability. With this growing affluent consumer market, MOIL will still strive to not only satisfy their needs, but exceed them. MOIL’s people are indeed passionate about providing the very best for customers, but they also love to do all they can to support the community, for example, sponsoring events such as the Tanzania drill for Street Child World Cup (SCWC), a competition which enables children from across the world to take part in football tournaments. This included spending no less then Sh60 to send the SCWC team to Moscow as well as covering other expenses while in Russia. MOIL has been involved in sponsoring SCWC three times, viewing it as important to support vulnerable children to bring them joy and ensure they get to take part in activities such as sports. Its people thrive on assisting with various community events and see it as an opportunity to urge fellow Tanzanians to help in their communities wherever they can. Meanwhile, outside of work, MOIL even has its own motorsport/rally team, who were the champions of the 2019 Uganda National Rally, and the 2021 African Rally Championship. This is in addition to claiming a significant victory earlier this month following an extraordinary race in the seasonopening event in Mbarara Rally. To find out more about MOIL’s racing efforts, check out its Instagram page, @moilrallyteam. Looking ahead in terms of the business, MOIL is keen to grow its team. Being one of the largest petroleum companies in Tanzania, it is always looking to bring the best and brightest minds on board. At MOIL, individuals have the opportunity to work with some of the best in their field while taking on new challenges, along with development and progression opportunities. Also on the cards for MOIL in the future is continued expansion of the business into other parts of East and Central Africa, with its most recently opened stations being in Songea, and Kigamboni Ferry. This is as the company continues on its domination of the African content while unfalteringly providing the most cost-efficient and superior services to as many customers as possible. Company: Mansoor Industries Ltd Contact: Yasin Nasser Email: [email protected] Website: