MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 58 Best SME Management Consultancy - UAE Management consultancy is a booming industry – after all, operating in the modern world of business is so incredibly challenging. Every opportunity to excel and develop should be capitalised on. The Cornerstone Advisory has become one of the de facto leaders in this space for providing exceptional, results driven solutions. We spoke with Managing Director Zuleka Kaysan to find out more. “We’re an advisory firm dedicated to helping leaders build their businesses for the future.” Many business owners and managers often find themselves in positions that challenge their leadership. After all, we’re seemingly experiencing more uncertainty, development, and innovation across a plethora of industries that are almost impossible to predict or, where relevant, mitigate. For those wanting to remain at the cutting edge of their market, there’s absolutely a need to bring in outside, expert help. Zuleka originally established The Cornerstone Advisory to help business leaders to feel more confident in their every action. “Seeing the volume of leaders with great ideas that faltered within a couple of years, and the inertia of larger companies to disrupt their business models, gave me the push to set up The Cornerstone Advisory. Our clients are SMEs in the technology and services spaces. They are leaders looking to shift the status quo, disrupt their industries and acknowledge their teams are at the heart of their success. Our mission is to help leaders build their businesses for the future and deliver impact through their people. We do this by looking at the business as a whole - cultivating the right cultures to deliver results and creating the right structures to enable those results.” It perhaps goes without saying, but the key to success in management consultancy – putting aside the obvious need for expertise – lies with an ability to know the client, their needs, their business, their industry, and their weaknesses. “Our goal is always to provide the best client service every time. We have engineered our teams and processes to revisit how we work during and after each project to ensure we implement key learnings for the next project. There’s always room for growth. “And this is also why we implement a ‘practice what you preach’ philosophy. Ideas, lessons learned, and industry knowledge are shared frequently, assessed for viability and implemented rapidly. We help our clients build innovation hubs; we have the same within The Cornerstone Advisory,” Zuleka adds. Being client-centric is only part of the company’s success, as Zuleka continues. “What sets us apart from our competitors is our intimate knowledge of the UAE and the wider region and our commitment to providing customised solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. We have a strong track record of success in assisting our clients in growing and scaling their businesses. More specifically, it’s what we deliver. We anchor operations to customer experience, eliminating noise and excess costs. The entire business is then focused on achieving enhanced customer experience, which elevates the performance metrics that matter – profit, customer retention, and growth. “And secondly, how we deliver. We’re a hands-on advisory. We don’t just deliver ideas; we embed them into how businesses operate. This creates a degree of self-sufficiency, so leaders can steadfastly rely on their internal resources for the expertise and future innovations. The Cornerstone Advisory has a strong culture of excellence and innovation, and we always look for ways to maintain and develop it. We believe that this is one of the critical factors in our success.” Following the company’s success in the awards programme, The Cornerstone Advisory has a strong 2023 ahead, defined by innovation in the technology solutions sphere to deliver better control and confidence to clients and business leaders. “The future looks bright for The Cornerstone Advisory. We have built a strong foundation and are wellpositioned to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. We will continue to invest in our people and our capabilities, so that we can better serve our clients and help them navigate the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape. We are also committed to giving back to the community and will continue to support initiatives that make a positive impact on society. “We are incredibly excited about 2023. Behind the scenes, we have been working on a technology solution to give business leaders more control and confidence when it comes to business performance and culture. In real time, people are able to see what is holding them back from growth and how they can get there. We’ve also launched the Performance and Culture Accelerator for leaders who want to get ahead and have early access to this. This helps them connect business results with employee culture in a data-driven and objective way, yielding the same brilliant results,” Zuleka concludes. Company: The Cornerstone Advisory Name: Zuleka Kaysan, Managing Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Downtown Dubai, UAE Nov22701