MEA Business Awards 2022

13 Fastest Growing Business Setup Company of the Year - UAE The business setup sector is one which has seen incredible changes over the years, both in terms of regulation and in terms of the level of service clients expect. By offering an approach which is naturally comprehensive, and by ensuring that staff are aware of any changes in legislation, clients know that A&A Associate is the core to a smooth operation. The team have become known for their stunning adaptability, which has earned them considerable favour from many at the forefront of what industry can offer. An example of this is the 9% Corporate Tax that is currently being implemented. Many see this as a sign of downturn for the business setup industry, but the A&A Associate team would happily argue that this will still mean that the UAE is offering one of the lowest rates in the world. This adaptability can be seen in the team’s performance tracking CRM system, which encourages everyone involved in the business to work together to deliver the best possible service. With a clear record of who has done what, people can be rewarded with direct reference to their performance. It’s an environment where anyone can thrive if they put in the work, and those who put in the work can also find the most reward. The growth of A&A Associate reflects a progressive mind, and thanks to strong and innovative leadership, the firm is currently able to update their own style and technology in order to offer impressive assistance to their clients. The growth of the firm has been steady over the years, but there is an aggressive approach in mind which will see the team cross the 400 mark of clients handled every month. This growth will not simply depend on word of mouth and positive reviews, but on establishing the brand of A&A Associates as the go-to choice when setting up a business. When it comes to establishing a new organisation, it cannot be overstated how important it is to turn to a team who know what they are talking about. When it comes to making sure that every point is covered, and no stone is left unturned, your first port of call should be A&A Associate. With a reputation that is second to none in the UAE, we cannot wait to see what this firm does to grow and expand over the coming months and years. Company: A&A Associate LLC Name: Mohammed Firoz Khan Email: [email protected] Web Address: