MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 29 Dec22061 Leading Regional Providers of Furnished Offices & Co-Working Space - UAE 3S Biz City Business Center is a business center that rents out both co working and private office spaces. It provides a fantastic fusion of the traditional, corporate setting and the vibrant new millennial atmosphere. It is designed so that clients have a choice to work quietly and privately in a serviced office or a more relaxed, casual approach to work option which is ‘Plug in and Play’ on a beanbag next to emerging entrepreneurs. It prides itself on being one of the most straight forward business centres in Dubai. 3S Biz City Business Center appeals to the fast-paced business professionals looking to find the perfect work spot. With the United Arab of Emirates being a desired region, it provides enticing opportunities for businesses of all sizes and Biz City Business Center have recognised the potential for this contemporary way of working. It has strategically positioned its business to provide flexibility and creativity to its clients and believes it has something to offer everyone. The company continuously seek new innovations that can improve its services and adopt the latest trends to provide clients with the best possible experience. Based in Dubai, it sets high standards to compete in the business center market and has incorporated a mix of tastefully decorated coworking spaces and furnished offices that include all services and amenities like internet, utilities, printing, tea, and coffee as part of a service package. As well as the fantastic facilities, Biz City is renowned for its excellent customer service. The company has dedicated one of its key pillars within the organisation to customer satisfaction and aim to meet this in all aspects of the business. Staying true to its core values; honesty, integrity and transparency, the company provides its team with the necessary training to give a uniformed, high-level standard of service. The team is encouraged to collaborate across all different levels and roles, and any input or recommendations made by the staff are well received. The staff employed at Biz City are all given incentives for success achieved within their roles and respect that their role will grow with the company, giving them an exciting sense of progression. When hiring staff, it looks for certain qualities like; capacity for initiative, willingness to go above and beyond, and openness to adjusting to changes. It believes that these are key attributes to fit in with the company and being adaptable to learn and progress alongside it is important. Challenges for the business include keeping up with the dynamic nature of client expectations. By engaging with industry peers and following well-defined operating procedures and protocols, it establishes a benchmark in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. When it comes to being one of the most sought-after places, UAE is at the top of the MEA market, and somewhere Biz City wishes to keep succeeding. Within the year ahead, Biz City has plans to expand its current offering into different locations across Dubai and continue to move with the fast-paced growth of business centres. Contact: Karishma Sharma Company: 3S Biz City Business Center Web Address: