MEA Business Awards 2022

17 Best Information Capture Solutions Provider - MEA units from big names such as Avision, Canon, and Fujitsu, objective sources report that Kodak Alaris delivers superior image quality and color dropout capabilities. Keypoint Intelligence found that Kodak Alaris is the only manufacturer to score 90% accuracy in every image quality category test, including color drop out and barcode reading. The files were also 50% smaller than the competition and uploaded over 70% faster than the competitive average, with an accuracy rate of 96% vs. the competitive average of 78%. These are numbers that should capture the attention of any business. With its focus on the future, it’s clear that Kodak Alaris is continually striving to reach new heights. The success they have achieved over the last two decades reflects their commitment to customers and their tenacity in designing new solutions capable of serving any business need. Looking ahead, as documents and data come into businesses from multiple sources and in multiple formats, Kodak Alaris will continue to help organizations make sense of their data and thrive in the new digital economy. Company: Kodak Alaris Name: Elias Mouchantaf Web Address: