MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 51 Dec22083 Specialty Batch Coffee is a Dubai-based wholesale business founded in 2011, with the aim to raise café and coffee standards across the United Arab Emirates. The business prides itself on being the ultimate solution for all things coffee, with a high standard of quality, consistency, and expertise. Specialty Batch Coffee provides an unrivalled service not only through their roasted coffee supply programs but also through a wide range of services that include staff training, equipment supplies and maintenance, and café consultancy. At the centre of the company is their expertly roasted speciality coffee. Their portfolio includes over 16 single origin coffees, roasted to order for wholesale and retail clients throughout the United Arab Emirates. Their clients range from small independent coffee houses to larger brands across the country, along with a few established clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. The company supports their clients with staff recruitment procedures, coffee training, and high-end coffee bar equipment. Being a prominent supplier of premium coffee equipment and employing a highly skilled team of technicians to support all their clients with the everimportant after-sales maintenance has no doubt been a differentiating factor between them and their competitors. Over the last decade, through their commitment to coffee excellence, their business has grown to support the operations of nearly 500 restaurants and coffee bars, efficiently and proactively across the country. Their equipment distribution and sales portfolio has evolved to include some of the world’s most respected brands when it comes specialty coffee equipment and tools. With staff recruitment being one of their value-added services, the company assists clients through a diligent series of candidate testing and shortlisting to find appropriate candidates that fit within their client’s budget and vision. Over the years they have mastered the art of customer retention. Their dedication to consistency is all aspects of their operations has been implemented by a meticulous team of hard-working individuals and overseen by a passionate and driven leader who does not shy away from fulfilling many skilled tasks within the business. With a combined 40 years’ experience amongst the team, Specialty Batch Coffee is undoubtably a staple figure in the coffee scene for their dedication and contribution to the industry. As with any industry, there will always be new competing businesses that enter the market and this may be seen as a challenge faced by most companies. However, with strong ethics, passion, an incredible track-record, and an unmatched skillset, they remain a strong brand, unfazed and respected by the coffee community and their ever-growing list of customers. The company takes pride in their personal approach to the wholesale beverage segment, something that tends to be lacking from many B2B businesses of similar size and capabilities. Their vision for the future is to continue growing in the most sustainable manner possible. As they grow, they emphasize the ongoing need to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is constantly in place to efficiently support the needs and operations of their clients. Contact: Ryan Godinho Company: Specialty Batch Coffee Web Address: Most Comprehensive Coffee Supplier - Middle East