MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 50 Best Cycling Tours - Tanzania When visiting a gorgeous country such as Tanzania, you don’t want to rush through it all. Far more important is the ability to travel at your own pace, stopping where you want and having the chance to really connect with the natural beauty of it all. The team at Oclaa Adventures offer all this and more, in an experience which has earned success in the MEA Business Awards 2022. We dig a little closer to find out more. The art of a good adventure is hard to master, but there is very little that the team at Oclaa Adventures are more passionate about. What they offer their customers is genuine bike safari, that allows you to see this beautiful country from a perspective you’ve never seen before. Imagine having the chance to pause and stop where you like, to feel the dust on your feet and face, to breathe the air as it was meant to be breathed. With just two wheels and a saddle, you can gain a view on this incredible part of the world that is unlike any other. People choose Oclaa Adventures because they know that they will be able to experience a safari that is truly unique, tailored specifically to their wants. For the team at Oclaa Adventures, choosing the bike as your mode of transport is the perfect option. Not only is it sustainable for both people and the environment, it offer peace of mind unlike anything else. To cycle through the rugged glory of Tanzania is unlike anything else you might find on the market. Being run by a team of cyclists at heart, you can be sure of a great experience! The team offer a host of different options to suit the varied needs of their clients from single day safaris through to week long trips that take you and your group through the heart of Tanzania’s most iconic sights. No two people are the same, but there is something to suit every need and fitness level when you turn to the team at Oclaa Adventures. Needless to say, this incredible variety has long since proven to be the key to the team’s continued success. As well as offering holiday spectacle unlike anything, Oclaa Adventure also effortlessly gives back to the communities that they showcase. The team are committed to contributing to the improvement of health, education, career development, and advocate for conservation of our precious natural resources. A holiday with this incredible team means opening the door to better education, better wildlife conservation and village development projects unlike any other throughout the Kilimanjaro region. Everyone wins, which allows you to travel with purpose. For a biking adventure that truly celebrates what it means to visit Tanzania, you should definitely turn to the team at Oclaa Adventures. Their carefully calculated approach means that your visit has as positive an impact as possible at all times. To see the world from a new point of view, it’s worth leaving the car behind and connecting more deeply through two wheels and a saddle..! Company: Oclaa Adventures Tanzania Dec22106