MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Best Mexican Food Supplier - Middle East Señor Pepe’s Mexican Foods (Señor Pepe’s) has supplied authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food to the catering and hospitality industry since 1989. The company, based in Dubai, is the original maker and supplier of Mexican food in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Middle East. We take a look at the company and its founders to learn more about its spicy recipe for success. Think about popular cuisines around the world and it won’t be long before Mexican food gets a mention. Featured as one of the world’s top ten, Mexican food is a favourite of spice lovers everywhere. Often simple to prepare, the nutritious and tasty dishes bring a smile to every face. And who doesn’t love a mealtime where you get to build your own tacos or fajitas? For over 30 years, Señor Pepe’s Mexican Foods has been the go-to supplier of highquality speciality ingredients for restaurants, hotels, and catering companies in the UAE and surrounding states. General Manager, Ramy Mahdy tells us, “We work with owners and operators across a spectrum of environments, cuisines, and styles. Our food offering is extensive and affordable. We help businesses create authentic Mexican dishes and memorable experiences. Our aim is to have a positive impact on their reputation and their bottom line.” Among Señor Pepe’s clients are casual dining restaurants and fast food chains, family businesses, and five-star hotel groups. The company also supplies its premium branded foods to party and event caterers and the airline industry. With its vast experience in the sector and the largest selection of Mexican foods in the region, Señor Pepe’s is happy to provide help and guidance to its clients. Ramy says, “We act as a partner to our clients, helping them stay on top of operations and create fresh, flavourful menus. Mexican cuisine has become very popular in the Middle East and we’re here to help our clients delight their guests at affordable prices. We know that each client’s menu offering is the key to their business’s success. We’ve designed our range to help chefs create authentic dishes with products that offer quality, convenience, and consistency.” Whether you’re looking to deliver a light touch of Latin flavour or a full hit of Mexican spice, Señor Pepe’s has a list of delicious options that keep guests coming back for more. The management and staff at Señor Pepe’s live by the motto, ‘Your Success is Our Specialty’. Launched by co-founders Burt Alfieri (CEO of Global Foods) and Shu-Ching Alfieri, the management team now includes Ramy and family members, Hann Alfieri (branding and marketing) and Dante Alfieri (research and development). At a young age, Burt Alfieri learned the art of cooking from his Italian grandmother. Growing up in California near the Mexican border, he was no stranger to the delights of Mexican food culture. After working as a butcher, Burt followed his passion for food by becoming a chef in the US Coastguard and later a product importer for the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia. His experience and expertise later sparked a vision to provide local Mexican restaurants with the fresh products they needed to deliver top-quality dishes. A vision which has continued to grow in size and stature. Shu-Ching started work with the company on Señor Pepe’s tortilla factory line. A lifelong lover of cooking with expert knowledge of Chinese and Taiwanese food, Shu-Ching delights her family with her own culinary creations. Her role in the company is to oversee the operations and high-level HR functions to ensure quality, productivity, and efficiency. Ramy says, “Our role is to empower chefs to elevate the worth of their business. Our entire team shares this passion. And we love what we do. At Señor Pepe’s, we work hard every day to earn and keep the trust of our clients. Our management team are all experienced leaders in the industry who share a passion for Mexican cuisine. Good food brings people together and helps communities thrive. We help that happen.” Señor Pepe’s values include excellent service, providing an extensive selection of foods, ensuring a true and authentic taste, and a commitment to helping its clients’ businesses succeed. Having one reputable source of ingredients simplifies the ordering process and saves time for clients. Personalised service builds trust and ensures reliability. And the use of the finest ingredients guarantees quality and flavour. As part of its ‘Quality Forever’ promise, Señor Pepe’s foods are HACCP certified, ensuring quality and food safety. Ramy explains, “We are the only producer of Mexican foods in the Middle East to hold the HACCP certification across our entire food product line. We adhere to the strictest international regulations and recommendations for food safety and consumer safety. We’re also an ISO 22000:2018 certified facility.” Helping businesses create the kind of Mexican dishes their guests want to eat, Señor Pepe’s range of foods includes corn and flour tortillas, taco shells, and tortilla chips baked fresh daily. There’s also an extensive choice of Mexican-inspired favourites such as jalapeños, chillies, tomatillos, and beans to give that authentic touch as well as those distinctive Mexican flavours. And of course, no Mexican meal is complete without the addition of some fabulous herbs and spices. Señor Pepe’s range of spices and seasoning blends are all freshly ground in small batches to preserve maximum flavour. Ingredients such as dried minced onion, barbecue rubs, creole seasoning, pure ground Californian chilli pepper, Epazote (a wild Mexican sage), and ground oregano from Mexico elevate dishes to give a sensational flavour profile. If you’re scratching your head to come up with an idea for a Mexican dish, Señor Pepe’s features recipes for classic dishes such