MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 35 Jan23202 Most Trusted Business Development Service Provider - Dubai Becoming a trusted business is no small task. It requires years of dedication and a focus on meeting expectations at every beat and ever interaction. It also requires expertise – an expertise that distinguishes itself from any peers and competitors. Dynasty Business Adviser has certainly met these criteria. We spoke with Managing Director Serhii Horbatiuk to find out more. rom the outset, Serhii explains that the strength of Dynasty Business Adviser lies in its core mission, which sees it focused on long-term cooperation. This has helped it to navigate a highly competitive and ever-changing panindustry space, on top of the usual business-centred upheaval and challenges. For Serhii, the aim of the company is, ultimately, to provide steady and prosperous business for its clients. “To achieve that, we provide a full range of consulting services regarding the registration of a company in the UAE, obtaining all necessary permits, obtaining a license, assistance in finding an office, opening personal accounts, opening bank accounts for a company, and obtaining resident visas, partners, and employees. We endeavour to always meet the client’s needs and expectations with our flawless and high standard service and to maintain that our professional team keep the work standard high. We want to treat our clients as VIP, without thinking anything and until we finish the work. We love to assist them and handle everything to meet their expectations.” Needless to say, being a business development service provider means having an eye always set towards the future and keeping an eye on potential changes coming down the pipeline. This is certainly an attitude the business has adopted and has proven to be an effective tool in helping its clients to meet challenges head on and prepared. “Recently, there have been a lot of events that have influenced changes in legislation, respectively, in the legal and economic sectors. But we always monitor all events and study in detail their influence on the general situation in the world. And thus, we adapt to innovations in the world. Studying all the nuances of the legislation, we guarantee safety for our clients. We are not afraid of changes in our market, as we have been in this field for more than 8 years and we are open and ready to the new conditions and changes that are inevitable in the future,” Serhii adds. By delivering a service through a two-pronged approach – that is to say client-centricity and future thinking – Dynasty Business Adviser has created a strong reputation and culture (both internal and brand image) for delivering on all expectations. “VIP service and individual approach to client; We are experienced in registering companies for more than 8 years in the UAE. Fast company registration. We always bring our work to the end for example if client refuses to open an account in one bank, we apply to another bank with free of charge. We want to treat our clients as VIP, without thinking anything and until we finish the work. We love to assist them and handle everything to meet their expectations. “We support the corporate culture of our company. We try to make life better for everyone who comes to work with us. They will show creativity and initiative. Strives to be ahead of time. Be practical and not allow frivolous actions. Especially create a friendly and warm atmosphere at work. Be grateful and considerate of others and colleagues.” It should go without saying, then, that the future of the company is dedicating to building momentum and greater change. Here, Serhii offers more insight in his concluding comments. “First of all, we pay attention to the general erudition of the employee, his ability to communicate competently with clients, solve complex tasks and communicate appropriately with colleagues, partners and government departments. He should be promising and purposeful. In 2023, we plan to expand our opportunities to open companies in new free zones, open new areas of investment and real estate management. Expansion of our team by opening new departments.” Company: Dynasty Business Adviser Name: Serhii Horbatiuk, Managing Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Business Bay Tamani Arts, Office 715, Dubai UAE Telephone: 04-554-4076 F