MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 39 The UAE is a hub of innovation – that’s been made abundantly clear over the last decade. It continues to grow and thrive and create. One of the stalwarts in this space is Specialty Structures USA, which aims to reinvent and shift paradigms in the design/build space. Following its recognition, we spoke to Design Director Maqsood Ahmed to find out more. he design/build space has certainly created a reputation for constant momentum and innovation. That seems true regardless of location. There’s no one in the industry that is aiming to ‘remain the same’ – after all, remaining the same leads to stagnation, and stagnation is the death of creativity. But creativity is in Specialty Structures USA’ blood, designed from the outset to challenge ideas and move the industry ever forward, as Maqsood explains. “We help innovative projects get built. We specialize in blending art with science. Started as a research group in 1996 at State University of New York to test new ideas for ambitious architects, the group was successful in transforming ideas into innovative projects around the world. Projects with challenging Artistic shapes come across industry leaders – both designers and contractors. Our team collaborates with project teams and help transform ideas from inception to construction. “Innovation is the key to solutions we provide. If there are no solutions available for an architectural idea, we go into research and development mode to find a solution – sometimes, the solution is the use of unexplored materials, & sometimes, the solution lies in blending art with science. There are many un-explored technologies even today.” In many ways, the company couldn’t have established themselves in a better region. Clients in the UAE are open to pushing the boundaries of art and design, with a preference for artistry over pure function. “When it comes to projects with amazing looks and challenging construction methodologies, clients in UAE are very receptive and not afraid of trying new ideas in their projects. Insurance firms in the area are used to supporting challenging projects. Fabricators and installers in the country accept challenging construction and high-speed deadlines which almost do not happen in the developed world. UAE is a hub for cutting edge construction technologies. Working amongst the world leaders in design and construction community is challenging and gratifying,” Maqsood adds in agreement. Let’s talk for a moment on Specialty Structures USA’ team. Perhaps a touch unusually, the company instituted a hands-on approach from the outset, with all members of the team being a worker on-site. There’s no dictating from distance offices here, but a face to face, all hands-on-deck ethos that has quickly come to distinguish the company in the industry. “Everyone in our team is a worker on site – from the owner to the installer. We encourage hands-on experience to understand & excel in the skills – from design to installation. Our team knows how to produce buildable solutions in 3D graphics & also how to translate the 3D model to the fabricators & installers on site. We gather the team from different countries based on the project location & specialty required. We depend on our team very much. However, we do keep an eye for talent in design and installation with expertise in working on special projects.” So, what does the future hold for Speciality Structure? How is it aiming the expand its operations and build on the reputation it has already worked hard to achieve? Maqsood’s goal is two-fold. “There are many small but innovative Architects who cannot afford big name multimillion dollar specialty design-build firms to support their ideas. We look forward to help such designers in making their dream ideas get built. We specialize in getting innovative projects get built. “We look forward to market new technologies we have explored & tested for theme parks, resorts & entertainment industry. We hope to collaborate with new partners in the Mid-east, North America & Australian markets. On-going projects such as Zayed Museum in Abu Dhabi will be an iconic project reference for which we are doing construction engineering.” Company: Specialty Structures USA Name: Maqsood Ahmed, Design Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Al Shumooq Business center, Umm Al quaim, UAE / Amherst – New York - USA Telephone: 1-716-444-2017 / 971-50-3247053 T Design & Build Innovators of the Year - UAE Clymb- Abu Dhabi, Glass Installation