MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 56 Best Mining Industry Support Provider - Mali Sahel Aviation Service (Sahel Aviation) has dedicated itself to navigating significant challenges to best serve their clients. Following the company’s success in the MEA Business Awards, we spoke to Director General Concepte Agossou to find out more about their achievements and work. hile we awarded Sahel Aviation Service for its work in the mining industry sphere, its work in the humanitarian sphere is perhaps the most revealing when it comes to defining the importance of the company’s work. After all, there are many challenges to navigating the aviation industry, let alone in working in a market that requires expertise, future thinking, and agility. But this is where Sahel Aviation has made its mark, and where it continues to impress through exacting standards, as Ms Concepte explains. “Sahel Aviation Service is a Malian based Air Service provided predominantly providing key turn solution of the Humanitarian, Resource and Military Aviation Sectors. Our core values are safe, reliable air and support service delivery with a focus on customer satisfaction to acceptable prices. Our standards are maintained by setting ourselves SMART quality objectives with a rigorous quality assurance system ensuring that deviations from set standards are identified and addressed. We also strive for our workforce buy-in in order to ensure we have a broad acceptance of these objectives thus having a dedicated employee staff taking pride in their team’s achievement.” It perhaps goes without saying that the aviation industry is one of the most highly regulated industries on the global market, with new regulations and changes seemingly always on the horizon. This has often dissuaded new companies from entering the industry, but for Sahel Aviation Service, the regulation heavy climate acts as a pacesetter, determining ways in which excellency can be showcased, while offering an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. “We focus on scrutinising industry events in which new developments are presented. We also take to focus on facility auditing, alongside the participation in various associations such as IATA, Flight Safety Foundation, and participating in UN HAS promoted conferences.” Yet, the aviation industry in Mali is currently fraught with political uncertainty, leading to economic considerations that look set to cause significant ongoing storms. Throughout all of this, however, Sahel Aviation Service continues to focus on safe and reliable service. With all of this in mind, the future of the company is one of continued growth and development, as Ms Concepte takes a moment to conclude. “We are planning for further certification through international associations and organizations such as OGP/AMG, IATA/ IOSA based on our company business continuity planning.” Company: Sahel Aviation Service Name: Ms Concepte Agossou, Director General Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: ACI 300 logement immeubles cibakim, Badalabougou Est, Bamako, Mali Telephone: +223 91 83 98 91 W Nov22721