MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 63 Best Lahm Baajin Specialist Restaurant - Lebanon Lahm Baajin is a traditional Lebanese minced meat pie – and there are few places in the world that serve it better than Furn Beaino. Following the restaurant’s well-deserved success in the programme, we took a closer look to find out more. stablished in 1975 – the same year that war broke out in the country - Toni Beaino opened a small bakery in Jounieh. He was eager to launch his own business, “to make something for himself”, to create something that put good in the world. Today, the business is located in inner Sarba, following decades of growth and on the back of attaining a loyal and ardent customer base. This, of course, is the result of Toni’s refusal to jeopardise the quality of his offerings, always aiming to deliver the best food for the best, most fair, price. Since 1975, Toni’s lahm baajin has been a mainstay, as well as the manakish, which feature a variety of unique toppings. Ultimately, Toni’s initial and ongoing drive to great something great through Furn Beaino has resulted in incredible growth and expansion. A central kitchen in Zouk Mikael in 2017 was opened, followed by a second delivery centre in 2019 in Bauchrieh, which serves those living across Beirut, Metn, and Keserwan. This geographical expansion also bought about an expansion to the menu, with the restaurant also offering wraps, salads, pizza, appetizers, and a variety of desserts to accompany the mainstays. Let’s talk for a moment on some of the more intricate details. Adding further testament to the restaurant’s mission to follow the highest of standards is its attainment of both ISO 22000:2005 certification, and its more recent counterpart, ISO 22000:2018. This goes hand in hand with its central mission: to serve customers with fresh, flavourful, and premium fast casual food. A spokesperson for the restaurant continued to discuss this thread, explaining Furn Beaino’s values, mission and goals. “Our core values are to focus on creating an indelible eating experience reflective of our passion for good food, consistency, food safety, and quality. Since 1975, we’ve never budged on our commitment to be at the top of our game in every category, from taste to quality control. We recognise our employees as being our most valuable asset and our customers as the organic fuel for the growth of our business.” It’s easy to see how the restaurant has become a mainstay in Lebanon, associated as it is with good, honest, hardworking values that drive for better working standards and delicious food. With these pieces in place Furn Beaino is sure to continue to grow and expand and excel at everything it does. Company Name: Furn Beaino Website: Email: [email protected] E Dec22462