MEA Business Awards 2022

19 Most Comprehensive Film Equipment & Rental Company - Dubai make Action Filmz Productions unique in turn. “Each person or company that walks through our doors, we ensure he is looked after just like our own. It is definitely our modus operandi that makes us unique in our industry. Our unique selling points would definitely be our updated and latest inventory that is marked up by extensive research and on the recommendations of our industry experts which makes us mostly the first ones to own it within the region. Secondly, we take each project as our own, and that for sure makes all the difference in the way the client is being serviced. We always try and go out of our way with each project and that for sure is when all heads are aligned with the end goal. Having a one-stop shop always plays a very important role as the client ends up getting everything under one roof and that has always been our mission. “We measure and take every small step needed to achieve our vision. For starters, with constant research and keeping ourselves updated on the latest technology and gear, we ensure we bring it to this part of the region and we try and be the first ones to introduce the latest gears to the market here. Secondly, we take part in trade shows across the world to understand the newest technology and what is in the current demand across different parts of the world which is introduced by different suppliers across the globe and analyse to find what may work best for our conditions and the industry trends matching the standards of the Middle East,” Crispin adds. Over recent years the UAE has made itself known in the industry for becoming a central hub for the future of filmmaking, with numerous opportunities opening up for those that want to capitalize on this newly invigorated market. Here, Crispin takes a moment to discuss the locality in helping to reinforce the company’s considerable reputation. “The market especially in UAE is booming because of the many filming opportunities considering the ease of shooting, high-end production houses, professional crew, and state-of-the-art equipment rental houses with massive gears like specialized cranes like U-Crane Arm, Super Techno 30, Techno Crane 22, Service Vision 45 Crane and the latest cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. As a rental house, we also hire a lot of freelancers considering the job opportunities ranging from Feature Films to commercials of any scale and we also do ship equipment for projects to different parts of the world, for instance, we had shipped equipment to Tunisia for over more than 6 months for a large-scale project. “Dubai has always been a hub for change and the beauty of this region is that the change is adapted quite quickly by everyone which is one of the many successes of this part of the world. Over the last 12 months, the broadcast media in the Middle East is just booming with OTT consumption accelerating and to cater to that industry is a different ballpoint game. We as an equipment rental house have adapted to this boom extremely well as for us it’s catering to the production needs on a massive scale. Constant purchases of equipment, juggling multiple projects, and in the end, getting the yields of a successful project is a good feeling altogether.” The Action Filmz Productions team is defined by this drive to utilize the market conditions to create a distinguished brand image that is swiftly becoming known across the UAE. Each and every team member across the company is passionate, driven, and hardworking. That goes an incredibly long way in helping to establish the company, as Crispin explains. “We are quite a creative working cultured company that generally breathes and speaks the language of film. We all share the same passion and dedication to the industry. In terms of the decision-making process, as mentioned earlier, we do go through a lot of research and analytics in understanding what equipment would work for this part of the world and we have a headstrong purchase team that ensures the equipment is brought into the country ahead of time. We also do value the feedback given by the industry experts who are all spread across the globe and are in constant touch with them, and having healthy discussions about technology also helps in our decisionmaking process.” When we come to the future of the company, Crispin details his three-year plan for Action Filmz Productions. “We are looking to complete the construction of our newest premises in Al Quoz which is bound to change the whole industry with the biggest studios and facilities that not only benefit us but will benefit the industry as our aim is to give back to the industry that made us all connect. We aim in building more branches across the globe; starting with a branch in Saudi Arabia. The aim of our expansion would definitely be to give more work opportunities to many more freelancers.” Company: ACTION FILMZ PRODUCTIONS LLC Name: CRISPIN DOMINIC, Founder and CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: AL FAHAD WAREHOUSE, 3C, 6C, 8C, 31A,22B BEHIND TIMES SQUARE SHOPPING MALL, AL QUOZ 1, DUBAI, UAE Telephone: +971 50 4955852