MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 53 When looking at how technology can influence industry, there’s no better case study than the team at Intelligent Devices and Systems. The team offer complementary technology engineering services to companies operating within the GCC, Africa and North America. In the MEA Business Awards 2022, the team achieved breathtaking success. We take a closer look at the firm to uncover precisely how. t the core of Intelligent Devices and Systems is a mindset which focuses on providing the best possible solution to clients, no matter what background it comes from. By focusing on what clients need, the team build a unique solution for their specific situation, drawing together resources and equipment, both hardware and software, from a host of different providers. Since opening their doors, Intelligent Devices and Systems has been proud to provide a comprehensive portfolio of industry specific solutions and services to Power Grids, Water, Oil, Gas, Smart Districts. Industries, utilities, and enterprise management. These solutions are focused on the challenges facing everything from monitoring and metering all the way through to asset management and analytics. With the team encompassing the entirety of how many businesses work, they are a major factor in the success of these companies. Engineering is at the very heart of how the team operates, making Intelligent Devices and Systems the perfect partner for the team’s technology requirements. Working in this industry for so many years has given the team a unique insight into the products of premier international manufacturers, as well as how well these products can be integrated into various projects. Often, the team at Intelligent Devices and Systems are uniquely qualified to work with the equipment of such international manufacturers, with training on these systems being a major selling point of the company. It’s little wonder that excellence drives many of the decisions made by the team at Intelligent Devices and Systems. They serve clients with the highest standards of care, thanks to understanding their objectives and goals. Where many simply respond to a brief, Intelligent Devices and Systems focuses on the business as a whole. As such, they can design solutions which consider the holistic, ensuring the best possible assistance at all times. The team are constantly reacting to the needs of customers and many businesses over the last few years have been pushing for Clean Energy, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation. To provide support to the standard people expect, the team have partnered with market and technology leaders in subject domains and invested heavily in getting staff trained, certified, and deputed them in various projects to put action behind the knowledge. As such Intelligent Devices and Systems is one of the few companies which has really thought about how to implement these factors into the heart of how they work. It’s clear that Intelligent Devices and Systems offers more than good service and leading products. It provides the perfect synergy between ideas and people. More often than not, you can see the team investing in individuals as opposed to technological innovation. That’s because by nurturing talent, the team can support people to reach new heights of success for a longer period of time. Now with people who can support clients across industry roles, it’s clear that Intelligent Devices and Systems stands apart from the crowd. Their future is more than assured. Company: Intelligent Devices and Systems Name: Kaveh Oyar Email: [email protected] and [email protected] Web Address: A Best MultiIndustry Technology Engineering Services Provider - UAE