MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 43 Established 3 years ago, Chuan Restaurant offers visitors an authentic experience of Chinese Fine Dining. The restaurant specialises in Seafood and authentic Chinese cuisine – making it one to watch on the market in Dubai. Here we find out the secret behind its success. eing a restaurant based in Dubai, fine dining is an absolute must. This is not an issue for Chuan Restaurant, as the team is one of a kind. Catering to a country that is so culturally diverse means that the cooks and chefs have to constantly be on top of their game, and the team at Chuan truly is. Compared to most Chinese food venues, Chuan is not just a restaurant. The private rooms on offer can cater to exclusive parties for birthdays and various celebrations, with the main restaurant specialising in individual table service. What helps Chuan to stand out from the crowd is the ability of staff to pre-empt the customer. Customers will be asked for their drink orders, hand towels, or refills, before they realise they need it. The service is second to none, and the staff’s mission is to never leave a client waiting. If you ever visit Chuan, you will be amazed at how the eatery has immersed itself into the culture of Dubai. The staff refer to themselves as a homegrown brand – meaning that they developed their venue in Dubai and that the restaurant is not a chain or concept imported from overseas. It is this originality and commitment to the culture of Dubai that sets it apart from other venues. There are many ways that Chuan, as the standout Chinese restaurant in Dubai, keeps itself ahead of the curve. Technology is transforming the hospitality industry in many ways, and venues like Chuan must consistently adapt. The widespread use of the internet has made it easier for guests to book tables and services directly through the restaurant’s website and third-party hospitality sites. Chuan offers a personalised experience. Many guests are used to receiving a personal experience nowadays thanks to the advances in data and technology. It allows venues to provide personalised experiences and recommendations to guests. That can be by changing the menu around at certain times. Overall, technology is changing how guests interact with restaurants and shaping the future of the hospitality industry. The team at Chuan are wise to this and ensures that the experience is always memorable for customers. Ultimately, Chuan is the best restaurant in Dubai offering traditional and authentic fine-dining Chinese cuisine. Many of the competitors are international restaurants that do not have the same level of specialisation that Chuan has – and it is that which helps them to stand apart from the rest. Contact: Bebe Huang Company: CHUAN CHINESE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Web Address: B Best Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant - Dubai