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The African Excellence Awards are an essential guide to the key sectors driving growth throughout the continent, rewarding those outstanding companies and individuals whose entrepreneurship has strengthened Africa’s position as the next global economic powerhouse. While historically regarded as the world’s poorest region, in recent years there has been a boom across Africa’s largest economies – including Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya – which has spread throughout the continent and generated increased revenue for most of its countries. This paired with expansion into new markets and the abundance of natural resources the continent possesses have led many experts to believe that Africa is poised to become a major player in global business over the next couple of decades. Whilst each country within this diverse and developing region has its own unique business landscape that sets it apart from other parts of Africa, there are some prevailing market trends that run through the continent as a whole. Agriculture is the clear leader for Africa’s overall economy and significantly outpaces all other sectors in both revenue and employment figures, boasting a 15% share of the GDP and over 60% of Africa’s 460 million-strong workforce. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor For the past five years the African Excellence Awards have recognised the very best of African Industry, and MEA Markets is excited to announce that this respected programme will be returning for its sixth edition in 2023! AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. The Gardener: Best South African Gardening Publication 2023 6. Winemaker For A Day: Best Wine Tourist Experience 2023 8. Palma Companhia De Seguros, Sa: Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider 2023 - Mozambique 10. Adhoc: Most Innovative Advertising & Communications Agency 2023 - Casablanca 12. ACCP AUTHENTIC LDA: Best Influencer Marketing Company 2023 - Angola 14. Beautez Group Pty Ltd: International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023 16. Tutto Gelato: Best Ice Cream Parlour 2023 - Addis Ababa 18. SGI Global Capital: Securities Brokerage of the Year 2023 - West Africa 20. JP Textile Ethiopia: Best Textile Manufacturer 2023 - Ethiopia 22. Phoenix Advisory: Best Tax & Legal Services Advisory Firm 2023 - Cameroon 24. Eden Heights Realty: Best High- End Property nManagement Estate Agency 2023 - Nairobi 25. Elite Fire Protection: Best Fire Protection Solutions Provider 2023 - Southern Africa & MEA Business Excellence Award 2023 26. Nuvo Consulting: Built Environment Consultants of the Year 2023 - Sub-Saharan Africa 27. Brandgurus: Most Innovative Branding & Packaging Design Agency 2023 28. Sewtreat: Best On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Manufacturer 2023 29. Emotions Destination Management: Most Trusted International Tourism & Hospitality Service Provider 2023 30. 4Ever Lda: Best Corporate Translation & Interpretation Services Provider 2023 - Mozambique 31. Image Travel Limited: Best Bespoke Specialist Destination Management Company 2023 - Kenya 32. Edge Research Services: Most Innovative Data Collection Company 2023 33. The Ravenall Institute: Most Innovative Transformation Company 2023 - South Africa 34. Grit Realty (Pty) Ltd: Most Innovative Boutique Real Estate Company 2023 - Gauteng 35. ZRW MECHANIKA CC: Best Energy Innovation Company 2023 - Southern Africa 36. Bukoola Chemical Industries: Best Agriculture Chemicals Company 2023 – Uganda 37. Hodari Africa: Agile Consultancy of the Year 2023 - South Africa 38. NIGSA ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED: Most Reliable Energy Sector Engineering Company 2023 - West Africa & Excellence Award in QHSE Management 2023 39. Spitfire Inbound: Best Marketing & Sales Automation Company 2023 - EMEA 40. Fleet and Fuel Management Services PTY LTD: Best Vehicle Tracking & Camera Solutions Provider 2023 - South Africa 41. Corporate Image Holdings Ltd: Best Communications & Corporate Affairs Consultancy 2023 - South Africa 42. Dice Advisory Services: Most Innovative Management Consulting Service 2023 - Southern Africa 43. Equator – The Belt Factory: Belts Manufacturer of the Year 2023 - South Africa 44. Esom Green Power Technology: Most Innovative Solar Design & Installation Specialists 2023 - Benin 45. QuaLabels Manufacturers Plc: Leading Packaging & Printing Services Provider 2023 - Central Ethiopia 46. Cruise Vacations: Best Luxury Cruise Agency 2023 - Southern Africa 47. Marchiche Global Solutions: Best International HR Consultancy 2023 - North Africa 48. Link Spec Technologies Limited: Most Valuable IT Company 2023 49. Best ETPs Database 2023 - EMEA 50. Game Changer Marketing: Marketing Agency of the Year - Nairobi 51. Shk Consulting: Brand Strategy Consultant of the Year 2023 (Kenya): Shreya Karia

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best South African Gardening Publication 2023 With over 20 years of experience delivering gold-standard gardening and DIY content, The Gardener is a monthly publication that provides readers with practical stories that inform and inspire. We take a closer look to find out more as it is recognised in the African Excellence Awards 2023. Taking care of your garden positively impacts the environment and wildlife, but it is equally good for those caring for it. Research continues to show how going outside and spending time in nature is associated with better physical, social, and mental health. Gardening is a fantastic hobby that allows you to spend time outdoors, move your body, and focus on a task that helps you stay present and grounded in the moment. This is a great way to take a break from your thoughts and connect with the natural world. Whether you are thinking of adding colour to your garden, looking for the best herbs for cooking and healing, tricks to be more efficient, the best products in the market, and more, Lonehill Media’s publication The Gardener is the perfect magazine to have at hand to help you through your journey of caring for your outdoor space. It is also available as Die Tuinier in Afrikaans. Those that give gardening a go soon realise how it provides valuable skills that benefit your day-to-day life. It teaches patience and discipline while helping you feel accomplished as you see your plants grow and flowers blossom over time. A little guidance goes a long way which is why it is great to join communities or access trustworthy resources. The Gardener brings its reader practical tips, step-by-step guides, inspiration, and knowledge that you can trust as its contributors are experts in their field and gardeners themselves. They stay on top of the horticultural trends, both local and international, to provide you with content that is current, entertaining, and helpful. Lonehill Media prides itself in its authenticity by publishing carefully thought-out content that meets its clients’ needs. The Gardener shares original ideas guided by strong values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty alongside its intimate knowledge of the green industry. Readers access information they can trust and rely on, which becomes an essential tool for all their gardening projects. As the digital world takes the lead, The Gardener has adjusted to these changes by sharing its expertise on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as on its digital magazine and print. With 21K followers on Instagram and 50K subscribers on YouTube, Tanya has been able to create a community of garden lovers where The Gardener’s content is greatly received. Through its YouTube account, gardenTUBE, she puts together a range of DIY and gardening videos that people can watch and follow along. It is perfect for those that are visual learners who now use social media as their go-to platform to seek help or inspiration for their projects. By letting go of the old ways of being and adapting to the changes that present themselves, The Gardener is now able to reach more people than ever before. Its audience is expanding and changing as its content is now tailored to a range of individuals with diverse ways of digesting information. From long and short-form articles, engaging Instagram and Facebook captions, and interactive videos, its informative and engaging content provides thousands of individuals with top gardening tips. The Gardener has been working on a project that will expand its audience even further, as Lonehill Media is now filming the first season of The Gardener and Friends. Tanya shares, “The Gardener and Friends welcomes much-needed diversity to the television space: Xolani ‘Xo’ Mkhize takes to the screens turning thumbs green with his gardening tips, and Phindile Ndaba talks about all things indoors – choosing the right house plant, saving that dying orchid to routine care tips.” Both presenters have spent two years learning in preparation for the programme, and they are so excited to finally be in the recording stages to share with the public all the knowledge they have gathered in the best way possible. There is a social responsibility that The Gardener feels it has as it provides its readers with tools to help the upkeep of their garden. Its engaging and helpful content ensures that thousands of people approach their green space with the knowledge to help it thrive. From food security, mental health, environmental awareness, and physical health, the positive impact of gardening has been proven, documented, and reported. As you tend the outside space of your home, you are not only creating a beautiful space to relax and unwind, your body and mind will thank you too. The Gardener is a key part of your journey and will help you easily navigate the world of gardening. We are delighted to share that The Gardener has now received the title of Best South African Gardening Publication 2023. Its ability to adapt to the changes within its industry and dedication to providing its audience with inspirational, practical, and knowledgeable content is evident throughout its platforms. If you are looking for an updated guide to gardening, The Gardener provides you with “A publication for new gardeners as well as the most experienced ‘green fingers’.”

5 Best South African Gardening Publication 2023 all you need and more. Transform your life, home, and garden with its excellent variety of content. Contact: Tanya Visser Company: The Gardener Web Address:

African Excellence Awards 2023 Winemaker for a Day is a unique wine blending experience that happens in the Franschhoek Village, in South Africa. The town is regarded as South Africa’s food and wine capital, with the workshop taking place in the delightful Café du Vin, one of the oldest buildings in the heart of the Franschhoek Village. ranschhoek is a town located on the Western Cape of South Africa, where centuries old vineyards nestle peacefully amid the distinctive and ornate Cape Dutch architecture. The stunning town has been home to Winemaker for a Day’s wine blending workshop since 2006, when it started at La Vigne Wine Estate. In 2019 it moved to one of the oldest buildings in town, the appropriately named Café du Vin. This is now where you will find one of the finest wine blending experiences on offer to date. Winemaker for a Day offers a 2-hour workshop for its guests to learn the noble art of wine blending. This includes understanding why and how wines are blended; a process in which wines from different regions/varieties are blended together to create a superior quality wine to those used in the blend by themselves. The tradition of wine blending has a long and esteemed history, with almost all wines available on the market today being blends of one kind or another. On your wine blending course at the Café du Vin, you will also learn to cork, capsule, and label your bottle with a design that’s exclusive to you. The experience also includes a special Winemaker for a Day apron to take away with you, along with, most importantly, your own personally blended bottle of wine to take home or enjoy with dinner at the restaurant. The workshop experience really is something fun and unique, and counts as an absolute must-do for anyone visiting Franschhoek with more than the slightest interest in wine. Winemaker for a Day is presented by talented sommeliers, winemakers, or wine educators. It also takes place in a town that has been recognised as one of Time Magazine’s ‘50 World Greatest Places 2022’ to visit. The business is a sister company to Café du Vin, which is one of the oldest restaurants in the Franschhoek region, and one of only a pair of restaurants in the entirety of South Africa that holds a Wine Spectator award for its world-class wine list. The company particularly values its people, which it thinks are the most integral ingredient of all. They continued to work throughout the challenging period shadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, excluding the Governmental enforced closures. This meant that both Winemaker for a Day, and the restaurant Café du Vin held on to its staff, and its local customers. The mission statement for Winemaker for a Day is summed up in the phrase it stands by, “Giving people a great experience.” It feels this aligns perfectly with the current climate in Africa. Wine tourism is big business, and as South Africa is the ninth-largest wine producing market globally it is unsurprising to discover that in 2019 the wine tourist industry contributed R7.2 billion to the South African GDF, and supported 36 000 job opportunities. Wine tourism is one of the fastest growing parts of international tourism, and Winemaker for a Day steadfastly believes that South Africa will only continue strengthening its position as one of the best wine travel destinations in the world. “Wine Blending, the process in which wines from different grape varieties are blended to create a wine which is better than the sum of the wines in the blend, has a long tradition. In fact, most wines on the market are blends.” The internal culture at the company Winemaker for a Day is very much focused on its value system that recognises it’s all about the people. It proudly celebrates the high levels of trust that exist between its people, and the communication-based leadership agenda it encourages, which creates a strong team of what it calls ‘cathedral builders’. As one might expect, this extends further still, encompassing the company’s approach to hiring new staff. It endeavours to recruit people who will fit in with its team-based culture, and the competitive market forces driving it. Standing by the ‘it’s all about the people’ mentality has allowed Winemaker for a Day to attract and retain a plethora of excellent local talent to the business. Winemaker for a Day has a fantastic, informative website (https:// where you can book onto one of its popular workshops. You can also enjoy living vicariously through the wine blending pictures it shares on its Instagram account (https:// The unique selling points it promotes are enjoyment through participation in an interactive wine experience, a market leading position on the national stage, a high level of customer service, and a unique atmosphere to work and participate in. It is delighted to be the provider of an interactive wine experience for guests, in the centre of one of the most popular wine travel destinations in the world. The experience is created, finely honed, and delivered by wine professionals who possess excellent knowledge they can’t wait to share. Winemaker for a Day comes highly recommended by previous participants. For example, Mike reported back on his experience, “What a fun way to spend a few hours. Not only did we make some superb blends, we also learnt so much about the origins and different characteristics of various wines. We will definitely be back!” Likewise, Nilo was overjoyed with her hands on wine blending workshop. She comments, “My husband surprised me with this experience for my birthday. I had no idea what I was in for but hands down it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had; we had a blast creating our own wines!” Looking to the future, Winemaker for a Day fully intends to build its reputation as a South African brand further still, by offering its expert wine blending experiences in other parts of the country. As the recently announced winner of Best Wine Tourist Experience 2023, in the African Excellence Awards, it will surely be delighting the tastebuds of many future eager new wine makers, and is whetting our appetites just thinking about it. Company: Winemaker For A Day Web Address: Contact Name: Ricardo Roux, MD and Wine Director F Best Wine Tourist Experience 2023

7 Best Wine Tourist Experience 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider 2023 - Mozambique Headquartered at Avenida Mao-Tsé-Tung in Maputo City, Palma Companhia de Seguros SA., also known as Palma Seguros, is a fully licenced financial service provider incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mozambique. As a recently established business on the insurance market, the company believes that its mission, vision, and values will help it reach its goals. Through its extensive range of insurance products related to vehicles, property, travel, and more, Palma Seguros aims to provide clients with financial protection and peace of mind. By offering affordable prices, its goal is to ensure that more people in Mozambique are able to access insurance and protect their assets. In Africa, businesses and individuals face a multitude of risks due to economic, political, and social factors. Insurance plays a vital role in managing these risks. By providing security and peace of mind through its offerings, Palma Seguros enhances the ability of African businesses to survive through unforeseen events or disasters. This contributes towards the continuity of economic activities and job creation. It also supports the overall economic health of the region. Palma Seguros understands that every business has unique challenges to face. For this reason, it strives to provide flexible and personalised solutions so that it can help its clients in any situation. In addition, to cater to a wide variety of businesses, the firm provides a range of products and services that cover a large number of industries. Operating within a dynamic and competitive market, Palma Seguros stands out from other insurance companies because of its innovative products as well as its impressive ability to swiftly and effectively respond to the ever-evolving needs of its clients. Thanks to its strong commitment to keeping ahead of industry advancements, Palma Seguros provides clients with cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their modern challenges. The company’s forwardthinking approach enables it to anticipate any emerging risks and create proactive strategies in order to safeguard clients’ interests. This is crucial in the context of Africa’s emerging markets. By addressing specific challenges for businesses, the company contributes towards the continent’s overall economic progress. Every decision Palma Seguros makes is driven by its commitment to the success of its clients. By leveraging its innovative abilities, Palma Seguros is able to design custom solutions to address their unique needs. In this, it maintains an unparalleled level of agility, swiftly adapting to new circumstances by adopting the latest technological advancements or adjusting its offerings to match changes in demands. The company’s rapid responses enable it to provide clients with support when they need it most. Internally, Palma Seguros is equipped with processes that are designed to maximise efficiency without compromising quality, enabling the company to respond promptly to enquiries, claims, and requests. This fosters an unmatched level of customer satisfaction. In addition, Palma Seguros is committed to delivering excellence on all levels in order to exceed its clients’ expectations. The culture of its team is deeply rooted in this commitment to quality. The firm believes that a strong company culture is the cornerstone of delivering the exceptional standard of service it is known for. As it grows, Palma Seguros works hard to maintain an inclusive and collaborative work environment to ensure that ideas are welcome from all levels of the organisation. To foster this sense of teamwork, it organises regular team building activities, workshops, and company-wide events. This strengthens interpersonal relationships whilst reinforcing the team’s shared sense of purpose and values. Furthermore, to ensure that its staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients, Palma Seguros provides them with plenty of opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. The firm invests in training programmes that cover not only technical knowledge but also key skills such as communication, problem solving, and understanding clients’ needs. In this, every team member is empowered to deliver personalised proactive solutions, reinforcing the client-centric nature of the company’s culture. In hiring new talent, Palma Seguros is driven by the goal of building a highperforming team that aligns with its culture as well as its core values of innovation, sensitivity, authenticity, professionalism, and reliability. It seeks individuals who meet this requirement and possess key skill sets that will contribute towards the company’s growth and standard of service. The candidate selection process at Palma Seguros consists of multiple stages, including interviews, assessments, and reference checks. This ensures that it can make properly informed hiring decisions and choose the most suitable person for the job. In order to attract top candidates seeking long-term prospects, Palma Seguros offers competitive compensation packages and showcases its commitment to personal growth and career advancement. Leveraging a diverse range of recruitment channels, the company aims to reach a wide pool of potential candidates who are from a variety of backgrounds. This increases its chances of finding the best talent to fill its vacancies. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it delivers, Palma Seguros has been awarded Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider, Mozambique, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the firm on this impressive achievement and look forward to seeing how its future unfolds. In the coming year and beyond, Palma Seguros plans to launch a countrywide travel insurance product, introduce enhanced motor insurance frills to its

9 Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider 2023 - Mozambique offerings, expand its portfolio of tailored insurance solutions, and further enhance its digital capabilities to improve the overall experience of its customers. “The future of our firm is characterised by a continued trajectory of innovation, expansion, and an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients,” comments Amarildo Saete, Sales and Marketing Manager at Palma Seguros. Contact: Amarildo Saete Company: Palma Companhia De Seguros, Sa Web Address:

African Excellence Awards 2023 As the most dynamic digitalisation continent, Africa hosts an abundance of potential for businesses and companies to flourish. However, trying to navigate such levels of development can feel like a monumental task without the correct experts backing you. In response to these challenges, Adhoc came to be – an agency that guides all manner of businesses in their digital business transformation. Join us as we explore how. stablished in 2011 as an integrated agency within its media company, La Nouvelle Tribune, Adhoc has since been delivering comprehensive digital transformation services to a wide variety of clients. Its inception began as the cyberspace was just starting to find its feet, granting Adhoc with the unique opportunity to grow alongside this budding medium. It’s spent the past twelve years mastering its craft – something that truly shines through the work that it carries out. By combining its ability to understand its clients’ strategic challenges with its concrete foundations and prowess in matching the rapid pace of the digital sphere’s evolution, Adhoc manages to deliver unwavering support throughout the entire digitalisation process. However, this isn’t Adhoc’s only distinctive feature. Not only is it capable of providing comprehensive support at every turn, but it offers an unparalleled level of media transparency. It’s no secret that, as the online space has developed, media investments on online platforms have become unarguably imperative for conversion and impact. In response, Adhoc ensures that it adherers to a strictly transparent model for investments. As a result, clients are able to venture alongside Adhoc with absolute trust that their best interests are in mind at all times. This honest nature is clearly represeted through Adhoc’s core values. It prioritises intellectual honesty and transparency above all else, and recognises that only through these virtues can clients full place their faith in a company. As such, Adhoc crafts the foundations for the relationships that it forms with its clients around these values, all to ensure a collaborative effort that’s both professional and enjoyable. Adhoc embraces the needs of its clients without question, applying its efficient and flexible nature in order to benefit its client relationships in the best ways possible. Although the COVID-19 Pandemic may have served as a daunting roadblock for a multitude of companies, Adhoc was fortunate enough to utilise the boom in online usage in order to craft new and effective means to develop its services. With more and more consumers and companies alike being introduced to the capabilities of the digital sphere, there came a myriad of clients looking to completely digitise their processes. Adhoc has an unmatched prowess in digital transformation that’s enabled it to guide a vast array of companies throughout their digital switch. Though this influx of online transformations has resulted in an assortment of challenges for those who aren’t as adept with the platforms to which they’re migrating, Adhoc has strengthened its resolve and improved upon its already sound services. Ranging from logistics and maintaining online catalogue troubles, to digital communication and profit-focused investments worries, clients have a dire need for somebody who understands the industry inside and out. Thankfully, through extensive research and a wealth of expertise, Adhoc has acted as this guiding light, and continues to support its partners through each trial or tribulation. As a result, Adhoc has played a crucial role in, not only assisting digital transformation on a monumental scale, but creating value in Morocco and across Africa. These regions have unique market characteristics that could potentially expose them to an array of excess difficulties, which is why Adhoc has devoted itself so wholeheartedly to ensuring the smoothest transition possible. It seeks to support growth, all whilst increasing digital investments – a quality that exemplifies the passion that it holds for increasing the value of its regions. At its core, Adhoc has equipped itself with the tools to help its clients excel through its own digital expertise. Its work strongly aligns with Africa’s constant development within the digital sphere, and it’s this rapid acceleration that has granted Adhoc with the chance to prove again and again that it’s beyond capable of adapting to emerging trends and changes. As a result, it has a more resound understanding of how to help its clients grow at exponential rates. As a family founded company, Adhoc is in a unique position in terms of growth and development within its internal culture. It hosts an incredible sense of togetherness through its work environment, which encourages staff members to flourish and thrive alongside the company. Every individual places a crucial role in the success of the agency, regardless of the challenges that they may face. This all culminates in an inviting atmosphere that fosters nothing but brilliance. Staff are selected based on their values, allowing Adhoc to retain a throughline of excellence, all whilst uplifting its core values through the people it surrounds itself with. Transparency and flexibility is at the heart of everything Adhoc does. As a means to operate effectively within its field of expertise, these qualities are essential, and Adhoc promotes them on a daily basis. There isn’t a task it isn’t ready to tackle as a result of its steadfast beliefs, resulting in services that are both invaluable and filled to the brim with expertise. Adhoc has raised the bar when it comes to digitisation agencies, putting it leagues ahead of the competition. We’re sure that, as the cyber sphere continues to thrive, so too will Adhoc as a collective. We’re delighted to feature Adhoc in this awards supplement. Its unwavering dedication to honing its craft and granting support to companies in need is truly admirable. No matter the challenges it faces, Adhoc overcomes them with unquestionable flair. No roadblock E Most Innovative Advertising & Communications Agency 2023 - Casablanca

11 is going to stop this collective from spreading its greatness to its clients in the years to come. Contact: Yata Zouhair Company: Adhoc Web Address: Most Innovative Advertising & Communications Agency 2023 - Casablanca

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Influencer Marketing Company 2023 - Angola Based in Luanda, Angola, Authentic AO is an influencer marketing company that produces engaging digital and in-person content that always aligns with the client’s values and taps into their audience’s desires. The firm also provides services involving reputation management, press relations, event production, brand activation, and digital content dissemination. Its ultimate goal is to personalise the field of influencer marketing across Angola. Founded in 2019, Authentic AO supports young entrepreneurs and influencers, working to produce creative and high-quality content that adds value to their businesses. Its mission is to bring personal and corporate brands closer together and to provide differential and impactful marketing strategies for the promotion of society’s most important products and services. Being authentic is being real; it is having charisma, knowing who to be, and knowing how to be that person. Authenticity is the difference between being asked “who are you?” and being told “thanks for being here!”. To be seen as authentic, it is essential to know how to create a personal brand that makes you unforgettable to your audience. By working with Authentic AO, you can become more genuine, more real, and ultimately more authentic when it comes to your public personality, the events you host, and other key parts of being in the public eye. The company understands how important it is to build a strong image, whether it be personal or corporate. Through its public relations and personal brand management services, Authentic AO works with executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who have the potential to make history. Managing talent is its specialty; it dreams, creates strategies, and sets goals to drive its clients to success. In this, it works to add value to their brands so that they can serve as a communication vehicle for various products and services. To this end, Authentic AO defines creative and rigorous communication strategies in order to generate and enhance visibility for brands and products, leveraging social media to build reputation and notoriety with measurable and effective returns. In this, the company utilises differentiating and humanising techniques, seeks collaboration opportunities, and delivers innovative proposals. Authentic AO’s main three customers are Unitel, Angola’s largest mobile operator, Standard Bank, an international financial institution, and Fidelidade, a Portuguese insurance company that operates in Angola. Each of Authentic AO’s clients are unique and different, with varying positions, profiles, and values. For this reason, the company digs deep to gain a clear understanding of what they represent and how they want to be seen. From this, it creates a tailored plan as to how their goals can be achieved. Authentic AO sets itself apart from others in its industry by maintaining a high level of quality in its delivery, transparency, and commitment to what it does. The company works tirelessly to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of its customers. It is always ready to overcome any difficulty or challenge by creating innovative solutions and facilitating quick resolution. Additionally, its greatest assets are its vision, creative capacity, and the humanisation of its team in dealing with people as people.

13 Best Influencer Marketing Company 2023 - Angola At Authentic AO, all employees are fully committed to completing all of their assigned tasks to a high standard in order to contribute towards the company’s achievement of its mission. To further enhance its services, the firm aims to motivate and encourage constant creativity amongst its team. To facilitate this, it organises plenty of team building activities designed to foster collaboration, teamwork, and the sharing of ideas. This also creates an inclusive culture and enables staff to feel a sense of belonging at work. Authentic AO is a brand, and it wants its team to feel like a part of its bigger picture. Many of Authentic AO’s employees approach the company of their own accord or are hired on recommendation. Due to its positive culture, the company has a high rate of talent retention, with many staff members staying in their roles for more than two years. Authentic AO is committed to fulfilling its promises to employees, whether it be financial or social, as well as monitoring and championing their personal growth and development. Importantly, Authentic AO is committed to maintaining its social conscience regarding projects that contribute towards the development of the country it operates within. In 2023, Authentic AO is focusing on its social responsibility to help the National Police of Angola to provide civic education to the population despite the problems they encounter as they work to promote security and public order. Next year, the company will choose another area of social responsibility to support. As a result of its continued excellence, Authentic AO has been awarded Best Influencer Marketing Company, Angola, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. In the coming year, Authentic AO aims to continue to consolidate its activity in the market and reach the various goals it has set for itself. It also has imminent plans to expand its team, which will make it a workforce of 20 employees. Authentic AO works tirelessly to achieve its vision for the future. It is always looking for new opportunities to showcase its capacity for innovation and its ability to deliver on its promises, always adding value to customers. We congratulate Authentic AO on its success in the African Excellence Awards 2023 and look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold in the years to come. Contact: Lay Van Dúnem Company: ACCP AUTHENTIC LDA Web Address:

African Excellence Awards 2023 The Beautez Group provides an extensive range of pharmaceutical, beauty, and cosmeceutical products and services. It focuses on major medical conditions from a pharmaceutical level, and provides a huge spectrum of supplements such as pre-natal vitamins and weight loss management products. eautez provides a wide range of skincare solutions, nail care, make-up, fragrances, deodorants, toiletries, and other healthcare essentials. It also accelerates its business model beyond the major global beauty sectors to provide services that concentrate on bringing pharmaceutical expertise to common medical conditions, supplying medical grade supplements in areas such as weight loss products. It is also a provider of high quality prenatal vitamins, vital for expectant mothers. Its specialised approach to beauty and healthcare is something of a fascinating concept, distinguishing the practice as one of the most modern healthcare pharmacies and beauty stores in the entire Kingdom of Lesotho. The values that the Beautez company prioritises in its day-to-day business operations are integrity, innovation, customer care, and collaboration. It prioritises integrity through valuing honesty, good ethics and transparency in its work, and ensuring that its actions always line up with the values it upholds. This means it adheres to a moral high ground when it comes to ethical standards, which it thinks is evident in its interactions with customers, employees, and stakeholders. Integrity also forms the very backbone of its decisionmaking processes. With innovation, Beautez strives to be at the very forefront of the healthcare industry in its region. It encourages creative thinking, and fosters a culture that prizes experimentation, whilst also investing in research and development. This value is evident in Beautez’s commitment to continuous improvement, its regular introduction of new products and services, and its exploration of emerging technologies. Beautez’s excellent customer care is clear from the customer-centric approach it takes to business. It prioritises delivering value and exceptional experiences to customers, and concentrates on being able to fully understand their needs, preferences, and feedback. It strives to exceed expectations, which it thinks is notable through its top-notch customer services, personalised marketing strategies, and the way it uses customer insights to enhance products and services. Beautez has also pinpointed collaboration as being of great importance to its business values. This is because it greatly values teamwork, cooperation, and open communication. It fosters an inclusive work environment where its employees feel at home to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise. It also seeks to foster collaboration further through the use of cross-functional company projects, team-building activities, and the use of collaborative tools and platforms. Beautez’s importance as an employer in the Lesotho region cannot be understated. It is growing the industry further with the launch of several new retail pharmacy stores, thus positively contributing towards the combat of unemployment in the region. It also brings a valuable awareness of fully-fledged, professionally run healthcare services to the public. This chimes perfectly with the company mission to provide compassionate, patient-centred health care of the very highest quality. Beautez promotes wellness, and empowers individuals, whilst improving the health and well-being of the entire communities it serves. It is dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences, fostering a culture of excellence, and advocating for equitable access to comprehensive and innovative healthcare services. Beautez believes that it is through collaboration, education, and commitment to continuous improvement that it can stand alongside its patients as a trusted partner on their journey towards optimal health and a better quality of life. It knows that the African nation, who make up 16% of the world population, carries 23% of the global disease burden. As much as it possibly can, Beautez wants to be a positive force in remedying this predicament. To do this, it encourages teamwork amongst health care professionals and departments. Open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making is absolutely vital when it comes to promoting better comprehensive patient care. Beautez provides continuous learning and professional development to its people, emphasizing the importance of professional growth for all staff members. There are opportunities for training, education, and skills development on offer, to ensure all employees stay up to date with best practice, and the latest medical advancements. Because it is a patient-centred works environment, the needs, preferences, and values of its patients are always prioritised. This means that all staff at Beautez are encouraged to be empathetic, compassionate, and deliver personal care in a committed manner that respects patient autonomy and dignity. The company sets high standards for quality and excellence in all aspects of care, adheres to clinical guidelines, and employs evidence-based practices. It both recognizes and rewards exceptional performance and outcomes, helping to foster a culture of excellence. The strong clinical and ethical framework Beautez operates from ensures its ethical conduct and integrity is always at the forefront of everything it does. It constantly adheres to professional codes of ethics, patient confidentiality, and displays transparency in its decision-making processes. All staff are subject to comprehensive orientation and training, provided through onboarding programmes that allow new employees to immerse themselves in the company’s values, policies, and procedures. Ongoing training is in place to further enhance their skills, and develop their knowledge. Beautez feels that it B International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023

15 is important to maintain a strong sense of the company culture, even as the business grows. This is why it clearly articulates the company’s values and mission, and regularly communicates and reinforces them throughout the entirety of the organisation. It encourages employees to align their work with the company values, and actively contribute to achieving the shared purpose of Beautez. Beautez usually hires its staff fresh from university, and trains them from scratch. It is pleased to have discovered many talented, and amazing employees this way, who might otherwise have been overlooked due to their age and inexperience. By giving them an opportunity, and mentoring them correctly, Beautez has realised it can defy the normal hiring procedures in an ever-competitive market. With a USP focused on providing exceptional customer service, Beautez feels that it often goes above and beyond what its competitors are offering. It also provides a service imbued with social responsibilities, which it holds in the highest of regards. It demonstrates its commitment and worth through various initiatives International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023 including the provision of accessible healthcare services to underserved communities, and the support of health education programs. It also engages in philanthropic efforts to promote disease prevention and wellness. It feels that by actively addressing social needs, and contributing to the well-being of the communities it serves, its reputation has only grown stronger, and its relationships with different stakeholders have improved. Beautez Group has recently been announced as the International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023 in the African Excellence Awards. A huge well done to Beautez, whose innovative and collaborative approach to public health is making a substantial and much needed difference to the people who need it the very most. Company: Beautez Group Pty Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Khotso Nonyana

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Ice Cream Parlour 2023 - Addis Ababa If there’s one style of dessert that’s incredibly sought after by almost every individual, it’s traditional Italian gelato. Its popularity is unanimous among all ages, and yet it isn’t the easiest delicacy to get a hold of. Luckily, Tutto Gelato has managed to replicate the brilliance first coined by the Italians, and has put its own spin on this world-renowned sweet treat. Below, we explore how it’s created a name for itself as Addis Ababa’s go-to parlour for all things gelato. For the past eight years, Tutto Gelato has been combining natural ingredients with the desire to bring smiles to the faces of its patrons. The result is an ice cream parlour that’s now renowned throughout Ethiopia for its brilliance. Its wide selection of highly creative flavours and jovial atmosphere has allowed Tutto Gelato to spread the taste of traditional Italian gelato throughout the region in new and exciting ways. And, thanks to its vast array of establishments, Tutto Gelato is able to deliver on its promise of irrepressible smiles time and time again. Tutto Gelato embodies the very meaning of togetherness. Through its wide selection of imaginative flavours, it’s capable of offering a choice for anyone, no matter their taste or preference. At its heart, Tutto Gelato is focused on sharing its love and enthusiasm for this delectable dessert, and does so with a smile. Every customer is made to feel as though they’re an extended member of the Tutto Gelato family, resulting in an enjoyable experience in more ways than one. Taste is important, but the smile that patrons leave with is just as significant to the friendly team behind this quaint gelato parlour. Comprised of a team of three, Tutto Gelato manages to uphold an unrivalled sense of quality throughout its services. Whether this shines through the gelato itself, or through the individual interactions that it has with its customers, Tutto Gelato consistently provides a welcoming experience. No matter who you are, you deserve to indulge in the divine taste of ice cream, and Tutto Gelato is at the forefront of delivering delight to each patron above all else. Its love for its work and its customers is showcased throughout the parlour, in both setting an atmosphere, guaranteeing an experience unlike any other. With such a devoted team gently guiding Tutto Gelato forward, it comes as no surprise to learn that each individual is incredibly thankful for the position that the business is in today. It remains humble, despite its success, which is an undeniably invaluable quality that makes Tutto Gelato so special. Its thought process isn’t centered around the money that it’s making, but more so the memories that it’s able to play a part in creating. The team at Tutto Gelato recognises that it holds the ability to bring people together from all walks of life, and cherishes this aspect of the business dearly. Tutto Gelato has grown so much in such a short amount of time, and it’s all a result of its unerring devotion to capturing both a sought-after taste and experience. It’s masterfully managed to unify the everpopular traditional Italian delicacy with people who unapologetically love ice cream, all whilst approaching the process in a heartfelt and endearing way. It seems there really isn’t anything that this humble parlour won’t do in order to grant patrons with the chance to enjoy an age-old recipe that’s consistently stood the test of time. Of course, gelato is the showstopper of this enigmatic establishment. But just how does Tutto Gelato constantly replicate, and improve upon, such a world-renowned taste? Well, Tutto Gelato approaches ice cream slightly differently to other ice cream parlours of a similar nature – it has a commitment towards authentic artisanal tastes that manifest through the myriad of flavours it produces. As a result, each serving of gelato is as tantalising as the next, filled to the brim with a rich, creamy indulgence that’s impossible to not enjoy. As expected of a gelato business that’s dedicated to excellence, Tutto Gelato holds itself to an incredibly high standard when it comes to its products’ makeup. It retains a steadfast belief that brilliant flavours are only made possible through 100% natural ingredients, and goes out of its way to source only the best of the best. This, partnered with a resolve to keep its products free from preservatives, artificial colourings, or hydrogenised fats, encapsulates everything that Tutto Gelato stands for. Brilliant flavours, forged from only the most natural ingredients and processes. No doubt, this all-natural makeup will shine through a customer’s first mouthful of gelato. The lack of preservatives serves to concoct a taste unlike any other, and will leave patrons wondering how such a fantastic flavour can come from such a simple dessert. The answer is obvious – it’s all a byproduct of Tutto Gelato’s love for the field. It takes immense pleasure in providing a multitude of gelato flavours to people of all ages throughout Ethiopia, and has consistently raised the bar when it comes to what customers should expect from an ice cream parlour. “A scoop of gelato won’t change the world, but how we make it might!”. This ethos, provided by Tutto Gelato itself, represents everything that the business as worked hard to create. It’s making a difference in ways that other ice cream parlours simply aren’t, which doesn’t just manifest in the gelato it serves to its customers. When entering a Tutto Gelato establishment, you aren’t just coming for the ice cream – you’re coming for the love, smiles, and togetherness that Tutto Gelato truly believes in. Tutto Gelato demonstrates what it means to grow a business in the best way possible. Despite its young age, it’s managed to make its mark on the region, and with such a devout devotion to quality, it’s abundantly clear how this came to be. Now an awardwinning establishment, Tutto Gelato exemplifies what gelato should be – 100% natural, with a knack for encouraging countless smiles across generations. We’re beyond proud to award Tutto Gelato with the title of Best Ice Cream Parlour 2023 - Addis Ababa. No gelato parlour is more deserving of the love and praise that it’s receiving, and we simply can’t wait to see how it’ll continue to grow. Contact: Seifegabriel Seyoum Awoke Company: Tutto Gelato Web Address: tuttogelatoaddis