African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 50 “Operating in Africa, Game Changer is aware of the most prominent needs of the continent’s people. Primarily, there is a rapidly increasing need for sustainable job opportunities for youth, more awareness for products that enhance people’s lives, and opportunities for SMEs and MSMEs to access corporate budgets in order to achieve the growth they need to be here tomorrow. Positioned at the intersection of these three necessary factors, Game Changer offers well paid jobs to young people, changes lives by spotlighting useful products and services through our various marketing campaigns, and helps a multitude of small businesses tap into Blue Chip Companies’ budgets. This means that we are working to grow the continent’s creative economy, provide decent jobs, unlock opportunities for SMEs, and decrease poverty, whilst we amplify the amazing products and services in our care. Game Changer can be relied upon to always do our best even as we strive to maintain operations in an extremely challenging environment. “As such, we are quite excited to receive the news that as a result of our continued efforts to set the standard in experiential marketing, Game Changer (Marketing) Company Ltd. has been awarded Marketing Agency of the Year, Nairobi, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. We are so proud of our team for this exceptional achievement and look forward to seeing what we will go on to accomplish in the years to come,” remarked Patricia Mbatia. “We are always delighted to win awards and we would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to those who have collaborated with us to deliver work that is worthy of recognition.” Contact: Patricia Mbatia Company: Game Changer Marketing Company Ltd Web Address: https:// Marketing Agency of the Year - Nairobi Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Game Changer (Marketing) Company Ltd. is an award-winning experiential marketing agency that works across the East African region to deliver effective and unique marketing campaigns. The organization operates at its fullest potential by inviting its people to work in a culture that allows them to do their best work. With close to 10 years of experience and success, the agency has a track record of helping clients reach sustainable goals in product launches, publicity, customer experience, promotion, retail sales, and digital amplification. The Game Changer Marketing team takes pride in their ability to make client brands impossible to ignore; delivering everything from branded environments and event activations to cutting-edge promotions and innovative marketing campaigns. The vibrant agency’s expertise ranges from creating immersive brand experiences, custom branding, mind-blowing displays, to delivering epic launches, market activations, and events that defy the ordinary. This involves an offering of simplified logistics, delightful customer service and an engaged team that is driven by excellence. Game Changer has been rewriting the rules of consumer engagement, creating campaigns that are specially rooted in interactivity whose purpose is to spark the interest of intended target audiences, build relationships with them and ultimately drive business transactions. The immersive experiences are designed to surprise and delight, encouraging consumers to engage and connect with the brand at hand, turning them into buyers and believers. Thanks to the track record for incredible campaigns, delivered by a team unafraid to tackle challenges, Game Changer has had the opportunity to work with some seriously cool brands – we’re talking CocaCola, Diageo, TotalEnergies, Mastercard Foundation, Beiersdorf, GSK, Monster Energy and more! It’s like we’ve got a backstage pass to all the coolest brand parties in town Game Changer’s rockstar team of creative designers, project managers, MCs, production crews, tech professionals, and skilled craftsmen have been the key to the agency’s success thus far. In recruitment, the agency handpicks team members who have a mentality for excellence, a creative mindset, a can-do attitude, and a natural flare for customer care. The company then provides them with plenty of hands-on training opportunities to hone their talents for continued growth in expertise. “Our mission is to reimagine how brands connect with humans. We believe that in a world where there is an app for everything, technology alone can’t help our clients create the human connections they need to drive their businesses to their maximum potential. Game Changer brings the magical human touch, so brands can build trust with their customers and spark a lasting relationship based on brand love,” explains Patricia Mbatia, The Chief at Game Changer (Marketing) Company Ltd. “To make an impact, you always need an agency that is willing to rise above the average and the flex their creativity beyond the ordinary. Because boring marketing is invisible and does not win the race for consumer attention. We are an experiential marketing agency that exists to reimagine what a brand experience can be. We win by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible so that the brands in our care stand out. We essentially help brands throw sensational surprise parties for their fans, freeing our clients from the creative maze and logistics labyrinth of project management so they can focus on product quality, efficacy and availability. We have so much fun doing our work and take pride in the impact we have,” expounds Patricia. May23446