African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Influencer Marketing Company 2023 - Angola Based in Luanda, Angola, Authentic AO is an influencer marketing company that produces engaging digital and in-person content that always aligns with the client’s values and taps into their audience’s desires. The firm also provides services involving reputation management, press relations, event production, brand activation, and digital content dissemination. Its ultimate goal is to personalise the field of influencer marketing across Angola. Founded in 2019, Authentic AO supports young entrepreneurs and influencers, working to produce creative and high-quality content that adds value to their businesses. Its mission is to bring personal and corporate brands closer together and to provide differential and impactful marketing strategies for the promotion of society’s most important products and services. Being authentic is being real; it is having charisma, knowing who to be, and knowing how to be that person. Authenticity is the difference between being asked “who are you?” and being told “thanks for being here!”. To be seen as authentic, it is essential to know how to create a personal brand that makes you unforgettable to your audience. By working with Authentic AO, you can become more genuine, more real, and ultimately more authentic when it comes to your public personality, the events you host, and other key parts of being in the public eye. The company understands how important it is to build a strong image, whether it be personal or corporate. Through its public relations and personal brand management services, Authentic AO works with executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who have the potential to make history. Managing talent is its specialty; it dreams, creates strategies, and sets goals to drive its clients to success. In this, it works to add value to their brands so that they can serve as a communication vehicle for various products and services. To this end, Authentic AO defines creative and rigorous communication strategies in order to generate and enhance visibility for brands and products, leveraging social media to build reputation and notoriety with measurable and effective returns. In this, the company utilises differentiating and humanising techniques, seeks collaboration opportunities, and delivers innovative proposals. Authentic AO’s main three customers are Unitel, Angola’s largest mobile operator, Standard Bank, an international financial institution, and Fidelidade, a Portuguese insurance company that operates in Angola. Each of Authentic AO’s clients are unique and different, with varying positions, profiles, and values. For this reason, the company digs deep to gain a clear understanding of what they represent and how they want to be seen. From this, it creates a tailored plan as to how their goals can be achieved. Authentic AO sets itself apart from others in its industry by maintaining a high level of quality in its delivery, transparency, and commitment to what it does. The company works tirelessly to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of its customers. It is always ready to overcome any difficulty or challenge by creating innovative solutions and facilitating quick resolution. Additionally, its greatest assets are its vision, creative capacity, and the humanisation of its team in dealing with people as people.