African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 24 Best HighEnd Property Management Estate Agency 2023 - Nairobi Founded in 2009, Eden Heights Realty is now admired as one of the top real estate companies in Kenya. It offers a broad range of services including its estate agency for sales and rental properties, extensive property management, valuation services, and more. den Heights was founded in 2009, and is now one of the top real estate companies in Kenya. It is distinguished by its highly professional services and the personal touch it offers to clients. The company takes full advantage of both its theoretical and practical industry background and experiences by offering a full range of services. This includes its professional estate agency for sales and rentals, its complete property management encompassing homes and large complexes, and its extensive property valuations, available for a variety of assets. It also looks after interior building works, and conducts project management using exacting standards. Everything it does entails making good use of its strategies, and is always informed by the very latest industry research and trends. A spokesperson for Eden Heights Realty tells us, “Our personalized service / personal touch, attention to detail, and commitment to our brand, values, and clients have kept us going in the industry for almost 15 years.” The company’s mission is to clearly understand every detail of its clients’ requirements and, in turn, provide prospective renters and purchasers with a variety of properties to choose from, manage properties efficiently, and prepare accurate valuations, Introduce developers to financial institutions, manage housing projects And find clients their dream holiday homes. Its aim is to provide professional services to the highest standards in the shortest time possible with a friendly, warm, and personal touch! “Home is not just a place; it is more than space. It is the guarantee of security, comfort and freedom.” Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Eden Heights is truly a most unique real estate company. It combines hands-on experience and highly developed professional networks with a personal touch that is unique in the field. Team Eden has a passion for all things real estate and places a premium on client satisfaction over quick results. It is an EARB registered real estate company, that specialises in sales and rentals, property management, valuation and interior building works. As a cutting-edge real estate company, it operates with the intention of tailoring its services to create solutions that work ideally for each of its individual clients. It has a wide array of experience in the residential and commercial markets that allow it to achieve such goals. It uses innovative technology and systems to ensure all property is managed to the highest standards possible, always with the clients’ best interests at heart. Its responsibilities as property managers include liaising with developers, owners, tenants, service providers and employees. It also looks after the maintenance and repair of common areas, finance including the accounting and facilitation of annual audits, and collection of service charges, rent and water bills. Eden Heights takes care of the selection, vetting, and supervision of service providers, as well as property inspections, ensuring compliance with all relevant government bodies is adhered to. It can also facilitate the insurance of property and equipment, make sure all lease preparation is completed accurately, and conduct any staff management and training required for personnel on site. Some of the high-end properties Eden Heights looks after include 24-hour security services, electric fences and perimeter walls, alarm systems, CCTV, and even backup generators to keep everything in perfect working order at all times. Many of the houses are set in compounds, and also require full time gardening services to maintain their well-manicured lawns. Extensive parking is common, and some properties also feature swimming pools, gyms, and sauna rooms requiring management. Eden Heights Realty takes great pride in the building works it undertakes, be it a spa, an office, a restaurant, a residential or a commercial space. It has a professional in-house team of interior designers, architects, and artisans who deliver work that goes beyond all expectations. It never compromises on quality, ensuring paintwork, lighting, flooring, plumbing, electrical supplies, and installation of top of the range furniture is all completed to a very high standard. “Team Eden’s vision is to be purveyors, of all real estate-related services under one roof that are on par with international standards, targeting all market groups and partner with various organizations to provide superior services to meet the housing demands in East Africa.” Eden Heights Realty is still expanding steadily, creating job opportunities for several skilled and talented individuals. The organization is continuously supportive of and excited about collaborating with like-minded individuals who are keen on teamwork and collectively bring out the best in each other to be aligned with its visions/ goals professionally and in their personal lives. Eden Heights Realty has now been announced as the Best High-End Property Management Estate Agency 2023 – Nairobi, in the African Excellence Awards. The future looks bright for Eden Heights and its plans are to diversify into property development in various market sectors due to housing demands in Nairobi and across the country. Company: Eden Heights Realty Web Address: Contact Name: Evone Selvarajah E