African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 45 “Packaging at its best!” – This is the statement any visitor to QuaLabels Manufacturers Plc’s (QuaLabels) website will be greeted with. And, quite frankly, it isn’t at all far from the truth. With a wide reach that spans a variety of popular companies, QuaLabels demonstrates time and time again that it’s able to fashion stylish, timeless packaging that’s sure to draw the eyes of consumers on an international scale. uaLabels exemplifies what it means to adapt to a product, whilst still delivering on the promise of bright, colourful labelling that’s nothing short of flawless. With a venture that started in 2016, QuaLabels has since devoted itself to evolving both itself and its customers’ brands through the power of packaging, and has consistently upkept its commitment to those who helped it get a foot in the door. It’s a packaging and printing company that recognises the diversity of the products that its clients are looking to market, and is able to devise the perfect solution to any of their packaging needs. Be it confectionaries, alcoholic beverage bottles, or detergent packaging, QuaLabels has every tool at its disposal to craft worldclass labels. Then, combined with its prowess in packaging, it manages to continuously deliver fantastic results that demonstrate unapologetic excellence. That being said, QuaLabels is still an incredibly humble company that highly values the networks that it’s established throughout its lifetime. From Coca-Cola to Heineken, it’s had the unique opportunity to partner with a myriad of world-renowned brands, each eager to see how QuaLabels will once again blow them away with its talent. The printing and labelling craft is one that takes an immense amount of precision to master, and yet QuaLabels has tirelessly worked towards being the leading, worldwide provider for all types of packaging services. Comprised of a team of highly passionate individuals, it comes as no surprise to learn that QuaLabels’ mission is “… to be the most trusted and reliable partner, with outstanding customer service and on-time delivery at the most competitive price…”. And, as demonstrated by its most recent award, QuaLabels has succeeded in taking huge steps towards fully realising this goal. It has a love for the industry that’s simply unrivalled within the sector, and it’s all thanks to the brilliance and excellence that’s constantly on display throughout this exceptional collective. However, QuaLabels’ success wouldn’t have been possible without the undeniable importance that it places upon its quality policy. Above all else, QuaLabels is committed to ensuring that each and every product is packaged and labeled to pristine conditions, regardless of the contents. If it’s handling food, it will ensure that every item of packaging is suitable depending on its purpose, with flexible primary and secondary packaging standing as a testament to its devotion to meeting expectations and legal requirements. All in all, QuaLabels represents what it means to be an ethical packaging and labelling company that truly understands what its clients are looking for. It has an unwavering sense of determination to prove that it’s a company worth trusting, demonstrating again and again that its packaging solutions are the only ones required if a client is looking for brilliance every time. No company within the region has mastered the art of printing and packaging quite like QuaLabels, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to expand its client base as a result of its industry prowess. We’re pleased to present QuaLabels with the title of Leading Packaging & Printing Services Provider 2023 - Central Ethiopia. Its perfectionist mindset has allowed it to deliver fabulous results to its clients, no matter the size or shape of a product, all whilst adhering to a kind and compassionate nature. QuaLabels is well on its way towards achieving further greatness, and we’ll be eagerly watching from the sidelines. Contact: Brook Worku Company: QuaLabels Manufacturers Plc Web Address: Q Leading Packaging & Printing Services Provider 2023 - Central Ethiopia