African Excellence Awards 2023

15 is important to maintain a strong sense of the company culture, even as the business grows. This is why it clearly articulates the company’s values and mission, and regularly communicates and reinforces them throughout the entirety of the organisation. It encourages employees to align their work with the company values, and actively contribute to achieving the shared purpose of Beautez. Beautez usually hires its staff fresh from university, and trains them from scratch. It is pleased to have discovered many talented, and amazing employees this way, who might otherwise have been overlooked due to their age and inexperience. By giving them an opportunity, and mentoring them correctly, Beautez has realised it can defy the normal hiring procedures in an ever-competitive market. With a USP focused on providing exceptional customer service, Beautez feels that it often goes above and beyond what its competitors are offering. It also provides a service imbued with social responsibilities, which it holds in the highest of regards. It demonstrates its commitment and worth through various initiatives International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023 including the provision of accessible healthcare services to underserved communities, and the support of health education programs. It also engages in philanthropic efforts to promote disease prevention and wellness. It feels that by actively addressing social needs, and contributing to the well-being of the communities it serves, its reputation has only grown stronger, and its relationships with different stakeholders have improved. Beautez Group has recently been announced as the International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023 in the African Excellence Awards. A huge well done to Beautez, whose innovative and collaborative approach to public health is making a substantial and much needed difference to the people who need it the very most. Company: Beautez Group Pty Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Khotso Nonyana