African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 28 SewTreat is a company offering pioneering sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions throughout Africa. Its dependable residential and commercial modular plant design have made it a leader in cutting-edge design, value, and services. In addition, its comprehensive approach provides cost savings and addresses multiple other challenges. ewTreat is using innovative technologies to revolutionise water and wastewater treatment. These have been proven to work in the field, with expansive wastewater solutions able to adequately meet the challenges of the African market. In this way, SewTreat is able to successfully transform wastewater into clean, clear, and odourless treated water. “One of the factors contributing to SEWTREAT’s success in the wastewater treatment sector is its proprietary bacterial strain enhancing bacterial growth and always ensuring sufficient biomass for its developed easy-to-install modular units. This is one of the many reasons SewTreat can successfully transform wastewater into clean, clear, and odourless treated water.” When it comes to treating contaminated water courses and managing wastewater, SewTreat combines its state-of-the-art engineering with environmentally conscious principles. Its onsite treatment plants offer significant cost savings, ensuring a good return on customer investment, increased financial viability, and minimal environmental impact. The current aging infrastructure that exists for water and wastewater treatment in Africa is unreliable and costly to maintain. SewTreat promotes self-reliance through installation of its onsite treatment plants, ensuring availability and sustainability despite infrastructure challenges. Its plants offer substantial cost savings compared to municipal rates. By treating water and managing wastewater onsite, expenses associated with centralized systems are reduced or even eliminated. Lower water rates also reduce the operational costs, resulting in further long-term financial benefits for clients. SewTreat promotes onsite water recycling through rainwater harvesting and treated wastewater reuse. “SewTreat promotes onsite water reuse through the implementation of rainwater harvesting and the utilization of treated wastewater.” These methods reduce freshwater dependence for non-potable uses, maximize efficiency, and minimize water wastage. Onsite borehole treatment also allows for the utilisation of groundwater, saving money by reducing reliance on municipal services by over 70%. SewTreat provides ongoing water security for end users by guaranteeing a consistent and reliable source of treated water, further reducing the dependence on municipal supply, promoting resilience, and introduces self-sufficiency to water management. It ensures optimal water quality through monitoring conducted by onsite personnel and using automated systems. These systems track and assess water treatment ensuring the highest standards are consistently maintained. Onsite staff complete inspections, fix issues, and make sure SewTreat’s operations are meeting or exceeding regulatory standards. Providing peace of mind for clients, which is further supported through SewTreat’s comprehensive aftersales services, including operation of treatment plants, provision of consumables, and insurance on the system’s efficiency. By eliminating expenses related to maintenance and mitigating technical intricacies enables clients to direct their attention towards their primary undertakings. Recent projects SewTreat has taken on include the Pick n Pay Eastport Logistics Park. A business setting an inspiring example in sustainable water management through its innovative water treatment and reuse systems. The use of SewTreat’s water recycling technologies not only saves the logistics park millions of rands, but also conserves an impressive amount of water resources, making a positive impact on the environment and local community. A key feature of this project was the treatment and utilisation of rainwater for its cooling plant. Using SewTreat’s comprehensive rainwater harvesting system guaranteed Pick n Pay Eastport Logistics Park a sustainable source of water for its cooling plant, and brought huge economic benefits. The difference between using the municipal rate and using SewTreat has amounted to a saving of over R2,500,000 annually. Sew Treat has also been involved in the Merino Mall development in Ermelo, Mpumalanga. The project has showcased the company’s expertise in both borehole water treatment and wastewater treatment with the mall benefitting from a new borehole water treatment plant supplying it with an additional 18,000 litres of treated water. Furthermore, the waste water treatment plant from SewTreat, has enabled the mall to reuse all the treated wastewater for purposes such as toilet flushing, firewater, and irrigation. It now has access to 130,000 litres of treated wastewater, meaning the mall only needs to purchase 30% of their water from the council, saving them R1,400,000 per annum. SewTreat takes great pride in not only installing these plants but also operating and maintaining them, thus providing comprehensive, worryfree services to clients. SewTreat has now been selected as the winner of Best On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Manufacturer 2023 in the African Excellence Awards. Recognising how its sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions prioritise efficiency, affordability, and water reuse was a major factor in this decision. As was the company’s championing of community welfare, responsible management of water resources, and environmental safeguarding. Its amazing facilitation of clean water, whilst still upholding environmental and sustainable practices, means SewTreat is leading the way to a brighter future. Company: Sewtreat Web Address: Contact Name: Theunis Coetzer S Best On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Manufacturer 2023 Sewtreat