African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 27 When marketing a product or business, effective branding and packaging is beyond crucial - it can mean the difference between a business succeeding and struggling. In 2006, Brandgurus came to be, all in the hopes that its boutique branding, packaging, and design services could reinvent a multitude of business’s market presence. We venture into how Brandgurus has navigated its way through the past seventeen years in order to bring prosperity to a plethora of clients throughout Southern Africa. ince 2006, Brandgurus has been delivering bespoke branding services to a wide variety of clients. Be it branding, packaging, or design, this admirable agency provides high quality, personalised services tailored towards the individual needs of a client’s business. It places immense focus on the memorability of a business’s branding, and seeks to develop designs that don’t just stand out, but remain with consumers for an extended period of time. As the name suggests, Brandgurus is an expert in its profession. Time and time again, it’s demonstrated an unrivalled understanding of visual communication that has manifested through the branding and packaging that it’s designed. Whether a client’s looking for a slight refresh in their branding, or are seeking a complete overhaul, Brandgurus will adhere to the brief in order to create something truly showstopping. Now a successful agency, Brandgurus has had the rare opportunity to work alongside both large and small businesses alike. Despite the range of sizes, however, the result is always the same – growth and well deserved recognition. This is only made possible through Brandgurus’ avid dedication to honing and improving its craft on a continuous basis. It puts its all into ensuring that it’s on top of its game at all times, allowing it to adapt to, and overcome, challenges in order to deliver fabulous results to its clients. Brandgurus believes in a foundation of collaboration. After all, its services are completely bespoke, and are therefore suited to the needs of any brand, regardless of their nature. It researches each industry carefully, taking note of the emerging trends and popular forms of branding and packaging within them. Once the team has garnered a full understanding of a client’s industry, it proceeds to formulate a way to outperform the status quo in every way possible. The result is a business branding that’s both eye catching and ahead of the curve. Africa is currently ranked among the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. One would think that this has elevated income levels, but this is unfortunately not the case. As a result, there are challenges within the economic environment that directly impact the design industry as a whole. Though most would view this as a roadblock in many instances, Brandgurus saw the opportunity to overcome these trials and applied its expertise in order to create something truly special. It’s thanks to these unique experiences that Brandgurus has found itself in an advantageous position for both itself and its clients – it’s able to adapt and adjust on the fly depending on brand and packaging requirements. Businesses vary, and no two are the same, but Brandgurus has mastered the art of ensuring each client receives an end result that’s easily discernible from similar projects that may have been completed in the past. Brandgurus is an expert at creating distinct branding and packaging designs, with this essential quality shining through every completed project. Brandgurus is special in every aspect. It applies a hands-on approach towards each and every project, and will never once replicate a design simply because it works. It has an eye for detail that’s yet to be matched within the region, allowing it to constantly innovate and expand upon its expertise. Brandgurus’ strong knowledge of a variety of fields makes it an all-encompassing branding and packaging design agency that’s undeniably invaluable to Southern Africa’s leading and smallest businesses alike. Brandgurus stands as an example of what a branding and packaging design agent can do with talent, flair, and an unapologetically creative mindset. It’s constantly crafting the branding and packaging designs of tomorrow, and none of it would be possible without its dedication to its clients and the quality results that they receive following a project’s conclusion. Every successful design becomes a sales agent for the studio, which just stands as a testament to how skilled this agency really is. Contact: Gabriella Alberoni Company: Brandgurus Web Address: S Most Innovative Branding & Packaging Design Agency 2023