African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Based in Douala, Cameroon, Phoenix Advisory is a tax and legal services advisory firm which was founded by former staffers of the largest international organisations in the industry. The company is dedicated to using its exceptional knowledge of local business, legal, and tax regulations to serve a variety of clients, including large companies, multinational corporations, SMEs, family-owned businesses, and start-ups. hoenix Advisory offers a wide range of services, covering topics such as business credits and incentives, corporate and international tax, corporate legal, employment law, indirect tax, intellectual property, tax litigation, mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance, transfer pricing, global mobility, payroll services, foreign exchange regulation, and more. The company deals with clients in many industries, including manufacturing, energy, mining and extraction, banking and finance, insurance, technology, real estate, media, and others. Committed to helping its clients, Phoenix Advisory goes above and beyond to advise businesses at the project inception stage to mitigate risks as well as address their existing issues, significantly reducing their tax and legal exposure. In this, the firm works hard to build long-lasting relationships with its clients, which are beneficial to both parties. Recently, Phoenix Advisory has worked on a number of important projects. For example, it was involved in the Electricity Transmission and Reform Project of XAF 190,949,082,700 (291,100,000 euros). The project was funded by World Bank and involved both the Republic of Cameroon and TRANSRAIL LIGHTING, a company based in India. TRANSRAIL LIGHTING was entitled to construct the necessary electricity transmission equipment to improve the country’s electrical supply. Phoenix Advisory provided the Indian entity with tax and legal advice regarding the execution of the project. The project provided an obvious benefit to the whole nation and both companies. The firm was grateful for the opportunity to further master the specificity of public procurement, especially when funded by World Bank. Phoenix Advisory provides its clients with consistent best-in-class services and tailored solutions to suit their needs. Its unique selling point is not in what it does, but rather in how it does it. The company is equipped with local expertise, providing services which are held to international standards. It has an impressive mastery of both English and French, which is an excellent advantage in terms of relations with clients. Phoenix Advisory is proud to be a collaborating firm of Andersen Global as well as a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon, the European Association of Attorneys and the Africa Business Community (AFSIC). As a member of Andersen Global, the firm operates based on a shared culture with the other members of the association, which involves striving to serve as an objective advocate for clients. Therefore, the firm works to provide the highest standard of service to all companies, regardless of their location, offering only advice and solutions that support their best interests. To this end, Phoenix Advisory has two key mission statements: “quality in everything we do” and “tax and legal engineering for the growth of our clients”. As the continent of Africa attracts more and more investors, the company is committed to securing clients’ investments through sustainable tax and legal support. Phoenix Advisory is equipped with a high-calibre, ambitious, and knowledgeable team who work hard to deliver the best standard of service to its clients. To facilitate this, the firm encourages its P Best Tax & Legal Services Advisory Firm 2023 - Cameroon