African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 37 May23702 With a proven track record spanning over 30 countries, Hodari Africa aims to achieve excellence, sustainability, and social responsibility, propelling it as an industry pioneer. We take a look at the team’s unique strategies and future aspirations as they continue to shape the future of project management in Africa. Hodari Africa, an agile project management firm with a continental reach, has emerged as a prominent player in African project delivery. With offices strategically positioned throughout the continent, its accomplished team boasts a noteworthy track record of successful project execution across more than 30 African countries. An expansive network of seasoned professional partners equips Hodari Africa to navigate the distinctive challenges inherent to African project delivery adeptly. Its clientele predominantly comprises listed property funds and private developers concentrating their efforts on African ventures. Beyond conventional project management services, Hodari Africa offers a comprehensive array of solutions. In addition to the team’s project management expertise, they specialise in construction, design, and development management. This expansive approach enables them to provide end-toend project oversight, covering every facet of the project lifecycle. The company’s central mission prioritises managing the inherent risks of executing projects across diverse African markets. The team’s remarkable ability to comprehend the complexities of each market they operate within positions them to deliver top-tier facilities tailored to precise client specifications. Hodari Africa’s core values are manifested in its day-to-day operations. Its commitment to transcending the ordinary underscores dedication to solving unforeseen challenges. A distinctive project management strategy, characterised by the active involvement of Project Directors (PDs) who shoulder ultimate responsibility and ownership, allows Hodari Africa to focus resources precisely where and when needed. This approach yields a level of efficiency that is unmatched in delivering projects to clients. Recent projects illuminate Hodari Africa’s impact on the industry and the broader African economy. Mauritius truly stands out after completing the GRIT Head Office space in Grand Baie. This development secured a Five-Star Green rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa, positioning it as a pioneer in sustainability within the Mauritian context. This accomplishment presented challenges and fostered skill development and enhanced knowledge for Hodari’s team and collaborators. Presently, Hodari Africa oversees the project management of Eneo, a sprawling mixed-use development in Tatu City, Nairobi. Spanning an impressive 27,000 square meters, this project demands substantial staffing for effective delivery. Hodari Africa has assembled a team of local project managers to ensure its success, working closely with its regional director in Kenya. Beyond project completion, this strategy promotes skills growth, knowledge transfer, and job creation, thereby expanding the local economy. Hodari Africa’s mission statement, deeply aligned with the economic dynamics of Africa, reflects its street-smart approach to project management. As Africa’s economic, political, and cultural landscapes remain in flux, Hodari Africa’s agility and resourcefulness enable it to adapt and thrive. In a corporate landscape marked by evolving regulations and legislation, Hodari Africa’s proactive stance sets it apart. Embracing local consultants specialising in regulatory affairs empowers it to stay current and compliant. This engagement facilitates a dynamic relationship with regulatory bodies, ensuring ongoing adherence to evolving standards. Hodari Africa’s internal culture mirrors that of demanding excellence. Regular catchup sessions, one-on-one meetings, and a robust mentoring programme contribute to an empowered and interconnected team. Leveraging technology, it streamlines processes and facilitates continuous learning while fostering a sense of belonging among remote team members. The essence of Hodari Africa’s distinctiveness lies in its people-centric approach. Its relentless dedication to solving complex challenges drives its success, as its mission statement encapsulates. Sustainability and social responsibility are integral to Hodari Africa’s ethos. By promoting green building practices and obtaining EDGE certifications, it champions environmental conservation while differentiating itself in the market. Hodari Africa’s aspirations focus on redefining industry norms as it looks to the future. Plans encompass expanding its territorial knowledge base, increasing its African footprint, and growing in established regions. Notable projects in Nigeria and Kenya highlight its dynamic presence. In conclusion, Hodari Africa’s journey to becoming named as the Agile Consultancy of the Year 2023 in South Africa is marked by adaptability, excellence, and innovation. As it continues to spearhead change in the project management landscape, its indomitable spirit ensures its enduring impact on its industry and the broader African economy. Contact Details Company: Hodari Africa Name: Mikayla Benkenstein Email: [email protected] Web Address: Agile Consultancy of the Year 2023 - South Africa