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UAE Business Awards 2022 What makes a perfect cup of coffee? Specialty Batch Coffee LLC has the answers. Since 2011, the company has been providing a range of coffee-related services across the United Arab Emirates, including café consultancy, equipment supplies, and even producing a wide range of specialty-grade coffees. Best Specialty Coffee Supplier - Middle East Petrodive Group: Best Independent Diving Company - Dubai

MEA Markets wants to use these awards to celebrate the best firms, teams and individuals, who have shown determination throughout the last year. We look to reward those who have not let anything stop them from providing the best products and services in one of the fastest growing business regions in the world. When looking at the UAE Business Awards, our web visitors, subscribers, social media followers and wider circulation look to MEA Markets to determine some of the major factors that helps to drive business. Because of this, we can say it is a trusted and respected avenue for those involved in or doing business with those within this affluent region. From engineering and manufacturing to textiles and telecommunications, the UAE Business Awards accepts nominations from all industries found in the area and looks to highlight those companies who drive innovation and competition within their sector, ensuring that the most deserving businesses get to stand in the spotlight. Sofi Bajor, Editor MEA Markets are proud to present the return of the UAE Business Awards for the seventh consecutive year. With these awards we look to honour the enterprises and individuals that innovate and inspire growth and development within UAE. These businesses and individuals are the ones who have helped establish the Middle East as a global knowledge base and a principal destination for new initiatives. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

5. Specialty Batch Coffee LLC: Best Specialty Coffee Supplier - Middle East 6. Petrodive Group: Best Independent Diving Company - Dubai 8. Dubai Taxi Corporation: Innovation Award for Transportation Technology Solutions 2022 10. Scancruit: Most Innovative Headhunters 2022 11. LC Consult: Best Construction Expert Witness Firm 2022 12. Scravel: Best Educational Travel Company 2022 13. Royal Metis Consultancy: Start-Up CEO of the Year 2022: Fady Tawfik & Excellence Award for SPA & Well-being Consulting Services 2022 14. Repair Pro: Best Facility Management Company 2022 15. Coffee Architecture: Most Authentic Neighbourhood Cafe - Abu Dhabi 16. Meinl Management Consulting: Best Holistic Digital Transformation Experts - Dubai 17. AlShaheen Specialized Maintenance & Cleaning Services: Most Innovative Facility Management Solutions Provider 2022 18. Fiafia Kids Amusement Arcade L.L.C / Fiafia Play Area & Café Ltd: Best Children’s Indoor Play Area - Dubai 19. Elegance Auto Maintenance: Best German Automotive Repair & Maintenance Company 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Contents 20. Espectro General Trading: Best Prefabricated Porta- Cabin Manufacturer & Supplier 2022 21. Smart Citizens DMCC: Best AI-Powered Smart Home Solutions Provider 2022 22. SESC Group: MEP Consultancy of the Year 2022 23. Mumsbuzzar LLC: Best Female Entrepreneur Promotional Marketplace – UAE & Customized Artisan Product Marketplace of the Year 2022 24. GEMS FirstPoint School: Most CommunityFocused School 2022 25. TCApr: Best Luxury Boutique PR Agency 2022 26. Emirates Glass: Architectural Glass Processors of the Year - Middle East 27. ARANER: Best Sustainable Cooling Plant Developer - Middle East 28. IQ Fulfillment: Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022 - MENA 29. Brainy n Bright : Best Global STEM Institution 2022 30. Gamma Engineering FZ LLC: Best Film Equipment Rental Company - Middle East 31. WRAP IT Cargo Packaging: Most Trusted Relocations Company 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 32. Autostrad Rent A Car : Best Car Rental Company 2022 33. Italtouch Trading Llc: Best Truffle Products Sourcing Company - GCC 34. Explorer Tours: Best Safari Experiences Company - Dubai

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5 Best Specialty Coffee Supplier - Middle East What makes a perfect cup of coffee? Specialty Batch Coffee LLC has the answers. Since 2011, the company has been providing a range of coffeerelated services across the United Arab Emirates, including café consultancy, equipment supplies, and even producing a wide range of specialty-grade coffees. Backed by over 20 years of combined experience, Specialty Batch Coffee’s 2011 launch was almost a guaranteed success. Based in Dubai, the company was founded upon a desire and need to raise café and coffee standards in the UAE; consequently, laying down the foundations for ‘specialty coffee’ within the region. In their early years, the company focused on developing educational programs and began teaching home coffee enthusiasts, independent coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as regional coffee roasting companies. It wasn’t until 2013 that Specialty Batch Coffee began roasting operations and equipment sales. Today, the company is widely regarded as a premium one-stop-shop for all things “coffee”. Having grown a sales network and service center for many international coffee equipment brands and providing ongoing supply and technical support for over 250 cafes and restaurants across the UAE the Company can confidentially claim to be one of the regions pioneers in the world of specialty coffee. Specialty Batch Coffee have an impressive list of over 16 seasonal single origin coffees that are roasted to order and available to retail and wholesale clients across the United Arab Emirates. With specialty coffee at the heart of the business, the company is devoted to providing all their patrons with what they refer to as, An Exceptional Coffee Experience. Benefitting from a strong reputation and a wealth of coffee knowledge, Specialty Batch Coffee is well equipped to deal with the A to Z of clients coffee needs. They wholeheartedly understand that every customer is unique, with their own propositions and ideas, and therefore they tailor their services accordingly. Be it aiding the improvement of an existing equipment setup or acting as supplier of a consistent coffee roast & support program; Specialty Batch Coffee takes a client-centric approach, taking the time to clearly understand the clients’ exact requirements and expectations. Interestingly, their approach has never been to ‘sell’ more than a client would need, rather to work within realistic budgets and ensure a more diligent aftersales service and support is implemented. Such an approach has sustained the Company throughout turbulent periods – including the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, thiswould not have been possible without the diverse team of experts in the field. Despite the fact that they come from all corners of the globe, with different cultures, languages and religion, they all share the same goal and passion – to make coffee better. With communication as key, being effective and efficient is mandatory to ensure faster turnarounds and great customer service. Clearly there are high expectations for the team, which is why the Company undertakes a stringent recruitment process. For Specialty Batch Coffee, personality is the main priority when it comes to recruitment, closely followed by communication skills, and then core skills, passion and talent. This approach is driven by the owner, Ryan Godinho, who is a strong believer in developing the skills of someonewho is selfmotivated. As he states, ‘It’s easier to teach and train someone is a short timeframe when there is an inherent willingness and eagerness to learn. However, personality and character take a lifetime to develop.’ The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world and influenced numerous industries, including the market for coffee and cafes. The company’s research shows that 70% of avid coffee drinkers in the U.A.E have invested in a more ‘professional’ coffee setup at home within the last two years alone. In turn, this trend bolstered the Company’s home-brewer coffee sales by 300%. It also aided in the roll-out of semi-professional training programs and the expansion of the Company’s line of home barista equipment. In addition, the pandemic played an interesting role in the wider industry’s recovery, causing a wave of local money being invested in the cafe and restaurant business. Covid-19 brought about career-changing aspects for many people. This, coupled with lowered shop rentals and second-hand or lower equipment costs, created a rise in café openings and café investments. Despite the pandemic, Specialty Batch Coffee has seen continued success and growth, even moving into a brand new roasting facility which is more than double in size than its previous location and in a prestigious port-side location, while continuing to maintain a modest yet consistent % sales increase year on year since 2018. The Company strongly believes that 2022 will not slow down. Since moving into their new facility earlier in the year, they have substantially expanded their scope of operations. Their technical division at the new venue has a state-of-the-art service workshop and the service team have even cranked up their emergency response times to under 2 hours UAE-wide. They also see their weekly average production at over 1 metric ton of roasted specialty coffee, while also maintaining the highest levels of consistency and quality control that they have been known for since 2013. By the years’ second quarter, they will launch their new training facility; a new and revolutionary line of semi-professional equipment whilst they plan to also procure some rare and exceptional coffees from quality-producing farms to offer exclusively to their growing list of clients. Contact: Ryan Godinho Company: Specialty Batch Coffee LLC Web Address: Feb22396

UAE Business Awards 2022 Best Independent Diving Company - Dubai Stemming out of Dubai, Petrodive Group has certainly earned its position as a leading diving company. With decades of experience under its wing, the company has consistently aided international maritime, oil, and gas corporations with onshore and offshore services to a highstandard. Indeed, the company has devised an effective method that has ensured its longevity and success – a method that has infused its future with an array of exciting plans that will be coming to fruition over the next year. With over 20 years of relevant experience in subsea management, Petrodive Group operates as an independent diving company that specialises in the maritime and the international oil and gas industries. Moreover, whilst the company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, it primarily operates in West Africa and the Caribbean. No matter where the company undertakes a project, it endeavours to provide a professional, safe, and high-quality service. Henceforth, Petrodive is proudly a Contractor member of the IMCA, participating in the work of the Diving Division in the Europe and Africa section, and complies with the guidelines set by Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and the international Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). The past ten years has seen Petrodive conduct over 100,000 dives, and since January 2021, the company has amassed 3079 diving hours. Indeed, its experience is unmatched, with much of its expertise stemming from its founder, Stéphane Trote. Joining the French Navy, Stéphane discovered a passion for diving, and upon leaving in 1991, he began his career as a diver. Jumping forward to 2009, Stéphane takes over the TPSMI group, managing the original offices in Gabon and the Congo, and opening it’s Dubai headquarters in 2013. In 2019, the TPSMI Group became the Petrodive Group, continuing its ground-breaking work for the maritime, gas, and oil industries. From construction to inspection, to repair and decommissioning, Petrodive offers a vast range of services to its clients. Working both onshore and offshore, the company’s mission is to provide a support network that bolster’s the clients’ business – Petrodive’s motto is, ‘We dive, You thrive.’ This phrase not only acts as an excellent marketing tactic – it’s a rhyme that consists of four monosyllabic words and is therefore memorable – but it also wholly encompasses what the company does and how it chooses to conduct itself. Petrodive is committed to conducting its operations in compliance with the existing standards and regulations in the domains of quality, health and safety, and environmental preservation. Furthermore, the company prides itself on being flexible to its clients’ needs, tailoring its services to their requirements and goals. In essence, Petrodive takes an almost entirely clientcentric approach to business as it believes that the client should come first. However, the company also prioritises its team, working to keep them happy, involved, and most importantly, safe. 88% of the company’s staff are recruited from local areas – an element that remains a core part of the company’s recruitment policy. In addition, Petrodive maintains over 150 divers who are constantly in rotation in order to ensure the highest standards of inspection, repair and maintenance. The company has built its team upon three core pillars – safety, quality of service, and motivation. Of course, safety, particularly in this sector, is greatly important. Diving is a risky career path and its imperative for Petrodive to implement safety features and responses that can be enacted quickly in the event of an emergency. Hence, Petrodive makes it a priority to ensure the safety of each of its staff members, particularly its divers. The industry itself is monitored through numerous regulations and guidelines that have been designed to make diving as safe as possible. Dubai is home to some of the world’s best diving suppliers on the market, which may well be due to the UAE’s extensive history in the pearl diving industry. Additionally, Dubai is a global business hub and gateway to growth market. Petrodive benefit greatly from this location as it primarily operates largely between Africa and South America, and Dubai is home to both a seaport and airport, making logistics significantly easier for the company. As the industry is booming in the city, Petrodive has had to create something unique – something that makes it gleam amongst the competition, attracting clients From construction to inspection, to repair and decommissioning, Petrodive offers a vast range of services to its clients. Working both onshore and offshore, the company’s mission is to provide a support network that bolster’s the clients’ business – Petrodive’s motto is, ‘We dive, You thrive.’ PETROD IVE

7 Best Independent Diving Company - Dubai from across the globe. It sets itself apart due to its devotion to remaining affordable whilst providing a premium service. Placing an emphasis on efficiency, both operational and within safe practices, the company has created a business that thrives within its field. Moreover, due to its attentive nature, it has built a portfolio filled with prestigious companies. The upcoming year is flooded with opportunities, projects, and plans. Offering a new range of diving equipment, the company has created an innovative saturation system that allows for its divers and customers to work at a greater depth for days or weeks at a time. This is optimal for the company as it will allow for a greater economy of work and enable it to go to inaccessible locations. Yet this isn’t all the company has in mind. Petrodive is working on a range of projects, including the expansion of data-driven operations support, which will produce realtime reports of its operations. Contact: Stéphane Trote Company: Petrodive Group Web Address:

UAE Business Awards 2022 As a competitive, future-focused, and positive taxi service that operates as a subsidiary of Dubai’s governing bodies, Dubai Taxi Corporation has made itself a trusted element of the region’s transport system. Critically, its efforts lie in serving each client as the unique individual they are, putting great effort and thinking into going above and beyond for their individual needs. Paying attention to the type of car, the route, the quality of service, and the individual needs a customer might wish for during a ride, DTC has made itself a favourite amongst visitors and locals alike. As a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport authority, Dubai Taxi Corporation – or DTC – has spent the years it has been in operation proving its dedication to exemplary client service. In line with the values and principles of its parent organisation, it ensures that clients from all walks of life can find a service that suits them out of the list it offers, all of which prioritise customer service, customer care, and creature comforts in order to make it one of the best in the business. Nominally, DTC’s development and growth has been spurred on by this, as it has made itself a business that is emboldened by trust, respect, and diligence, each of its principles forging the processes that allow its drivers to transport clients safely, cheaply, and quickly. With a long-term, future-oriented focus, it aims to provide its customers with optimum satisfaction at every turn. With is consistent new ideas, innovations, and improvements, its services boast an attitude of always pushing forward for bigger and for better, never resting on its laurels and always looking to make itself a front-runner in leading the trends of its industry. Indeed, it has been successful in doing so by making itself a jewel in the crown of the city’s transport industry. Each of its peers and each of its clients tend to say the same thing of it; that it is reliable, dedicated, and ambitious. They can see the commitment to the success of everyone it comes across in how hard it works to always be charting more productive courses, bringing aboard more staff, updating its fleet, and learning new routes when necessary to either get to a destination quicker or above obstruction. This smart, flexible, and vastly intelligent way of working has allowed it to become a law-compliant and governmentally backed travel company. Although it is financially and administratively independent – giving it the freedom it needs to continue making all the correct moves to grow and improve without additionally bureaucracy – DTC doesn’t forget its roots, taking leaning and knowledge from its parent company as inspiration. Its staff are each devoted to the client’s comfort, too, and with the freedom to use their own professional judgement to decide the best routes, each of them operates their vehicle with smooth driving skills and a customer-first attitude. Thus, since its beginnings in 2006, it has been elevated not just itself, but the travel industry in the macro scale. After all, it believes this to be part of its civic duty, with CEO Mansoor Rahma Alfalasi striving to lead from the front at every turn; this kind of forthright and transparent leadership has certainly resulted in a healthy internal structure within the company, wherein everyone believes in the overall mission of DTC. Additionally, the zeal with which it approaches his business means that DTC can truly reflect its mission to be ‘pioneers in safe, reliable, and smart transport services’. With hard work and tenacity, it believes that anything is possible, and it strives to reflect the principles that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself hold dear. Therefore, when it comes to the development and F Innovation Award for Transportation Technology Solutions 2022

9 implementation of guiding principles, a large part of its efforts lies in the attraction and retaining of skilled and gifted people through its recruitment drives, drawing new talent into the industry by showing the next generation of professional drivers where the future of the industry leads. At present, this future is looking brighter than ever due to the latest technologies and developments being implemented across the board. With state-of-the-art service that has been developed at the very top of DTC’s managerial team by Mansoor himself, as well as with input from Abdulla Ibrahim Al Meer – the Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Development – it hopes to help the government achieve its strategic plan milestones in the future with its efforts. Nominally, this has forged a large part of it forming its own strategy. This strategy, in short, is in aid of creating an exemplary fleet of vehicles that will always get a client where they need to go within the city with what creature comforts they expect as standard on hand. It has been on a journey towards making this a reality for DTC, a journey that is still ongoing. After all, in a market like automotive transport, where developments are constant and change is just another part of everyday life, it had to ensure that it could adapt effectively in order to keep up like it wants to. To this end, a client can always expect their feedback, feelings, and opinions to be taken with the utmost seriousness, as it always values being able to improve and develop its driving services, cars, and logistical handling in order to make itself better fit what the modern market needs. Its corporate reputation is one of the most important things to DTC, with its excellence and innovation forming the backbone of this. After all, it is thanks to the brilliance and ingenuity of its work that it has achieved the high level of status it currently enjoys in the region of Dubai, with a commitment to a holistic taxi service thoroughly ingrained in every element of its work. The complete nature of its services, therefore, allow it to remain thoroughly competitive, whilst its dedication to sustainability ensure it can tread as lightly as possible in a world where it is ever-more important to demonstrate one’s corporate environmental responsibility. Therefore, its team-playing leadership and positive staff all look forward to serving many more clients long into the future, excited to see where it can take its clients – and its industry – next. Company: Dubai Taxi Corporation Contact: Hisham Airan Website: Its staff are each devoted to the client’s comfort, too, and with the freedom to use their own professional judgement to decide the best routes, each of them operates their vehicle with smooth driving skills and a customer-first attitude Innovation Award for Transportation Technology Solutions 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 10 Most Innovative Headhunters 2022 Recruitment agencies can be incredibly beneficial to both employers and jobseekers – they provide information, advice, and access to suitable talents or jobs. Scancruit is a shining example of what a recruitment agency should be. Indeed, the company boasts a positive reputation due to the entirely bespoke nature of its effective services. cancruit is a Scandinavian company that has successfully delved into markets around the globe. Indeed, the company has expanded into United Arab Emirates, Spain and the United States, maintaining thriving teams of full-time staff in each. Boasting a range of services, Scancruit specialises in recruitment, helping its clients with recruiting candidates and relocating services worldwide. In addition, the company assists those looking for new job opportunities by connecting them with a business that perfectly fits their needs, skills, and qualifications. Consequently, the company works based upon its stringent core values, with its main philosophy being ‘we value people.’ This underpins everything the company does – from client interactions to the way it conducts its team. Simply, Scancruit truly believes that the right people make the difference between success and failure. Therefore, it ensures that it places people first, no matter whether they’re a client, an employee, or a potential recruit. Throughout both the recruitment and project process, Scancruit endeavours to create a seamless and efficient approach that results in an excellent companyclient relationship. Henceforth, Scancruit has built a team that is intrinsic to the company’s success. In essence, they are deeply important to the company. They thrive upon communication, transparency, and hard work. They understand how to get the best results for their clients, playing an active role in the selection of candidates for client’s positions – in turn, it publicises the available offer and guarantees that it gets the most exposure possible. Through personal interviews, profile analysis, and verification, Scancruit guarantees that it will find the best candidate for the role. From there, the team assists greatly with getting the candidate integrated into their new life, wherever the role requires relocation. Within the UAE, this is hugely beneficial, as the area is attractive to jobseekers and many companies are growing and hiring new talents after the pandemic. The job market in the UAE is incredibly vibrant and fast-paced, which results in thousands of people competing for a single position. Hence, it is vital that you stand out in order to get recognised. Scancruit has taken this on board, citing that its most important task is to find the best possible applicant for each available position, as it hopes to create success for its clients – whether it is a recruiter or a jobseeker. However, as the industry is booming, it is also imperative for Scancruit to stand out from the competition. Thereby its approach is wholly bespoke, deviating greatly from the ‘one size fits all’ solution that the wider industry attempts to push onto recruits. At Scancruit, there are a plethora of recruitment services available – no matter what position and industry the recruiter is looking for a candidate in, it can be sure that it will find the right solution with Scancruit by its side. Further, this is bolstered by its network of professionals that possess years of industry experience. 2022 is set to be an exciting year for Scancruit. It has numerous plans in the pipeline, ranging from its expansion into American markets to simply improving its position in the marketing world. However, the company’s primary goal is to continue offering a premium service to its clients, helping companies around the world to find the right talents and candidates to find their dream role. Contact: Louise Hjorth Email: [email protected] Company: Scancruit Web Address: S

UAE Business Awards 2022 11 Mar22249 Best Construction Expert Witness Firm 2022 Headquartered in England’s capital, LC Consult has gone global, finding itself in Bordeaux, France, the EMEA region, the Far East, and Australia. The international firm aids clients with all their dispute resolution needs, utilising expert knowledge that has been developed across two decades of experience. Whilst LC Consult is based in London, it truly embodies Northern spirit. It offers its expertise to companies, groups, and individuals, providing expert witness services, claims and dispute resolution, and project advisory services. Indeed, it serves as little surprise that LC Consult has propelled to success, taking a leading role within the industry. Through a seamless combination of industry knowledge and a devotion to customer care, it has built itself a solid reputation for excellence. The firm takes an approach that is structured around the client. After all, each client is unique, and it is imperative that their needs and requirements are prioritised. Henceforth, LC Consult creates bespoke solutions, utilising effective communication in order to develop a comprehensive, tailored plan. This approach can be seen across each of the company’s services and infuses each project – big or small. Furthermore, it draws from an abundance of experience to produce results. For example, it has cultivated a vast amount of experience in advising clients for claim preparations and defence, which has enabled LC Consult to ensure that the highest standards of technical methodologies and report writing are adhered to. Bolstered further by a stringent set of core values, the company’s approach truly abides by client-centricity. It guarantees quality, focusing largely upon customer satisfaction. Moreover, it falls back upon Northern values, with such principles including honesty, a hard-working mentality, integrity, and a welcoming approach to all. In essence, LC Consult takes pride in its ability to provide a wholly transparent and effective service to its clients. As such, these values dictate how the company operates and, subsequently, how it navigates challenges, customer service, and internal communications. Led by Lance Crane, an award winning, and accredited, construction expert witness, the company benefits from a wealth of expertise. Boasting over 19 years of experience in the construction and financial industries, Lance has cut his teeth acting as an independent expert witness on several major projects – including providing expert testimony to Queen’s counsel. Additionally, Lance has played a roll in numerous global projects within the commercial, residential, oil and gas, infrastructure, land reclamation, marine, rail, and aviation sectors, with this work leading him throughout the UK, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, the Far East, and Australia. As a chartered construction professional, a fully accredited expert witness via the Academy of Experts, and RICS, it is safe to say that LC Consult is led by the best of the best. Therefore, LC Consult has earned the title of Best Construction Expert Witness Firm 2022. Through its willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for clients and its ability to create effective and highquality results, the firm has simply pushed itself ahead of its competition. Contact: Lance Crane Company: LC Consult Web Address: Through a seamless combination of industry knowledge and a devotion to customer care, it has built itself a solid reputation for excellence.

UAE Business Awards 2022 12 Best Educational Travel Company 2022 Education beyond classrooms is the need of the hour. A student is able to absorb so many experiences from the outside world which leave an impact on one’s memory. This is where we come in play, Scravel also dearly known to many schools and universities as school travel is the only organisation in the UAE to focus on educational and recreational student tours. We create lasting impression through our trips within the UAE and Worldwide. Our goal is to successfully become the first choice of every school for their field trips. We believe our trips help students see, hear, and experience things first-hand on every trip apart from awakening a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and self-esteem, noting that students typically return with an increased awareness of working co-operatively and a greater understanding and tolerance of people from different cultures. Scravel is constantly on the go in simplifying the process of organising trips. From advising options, to planning and till the execution of the trip, Scravel is your one stop source for all your school trip requirements. “The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.” As quoted by The Dalai Lama, Scravel is on a constant process of self-improvement. This has been possible with a team of experienced personnel working to creating impactful student experiences. Our good source of network within the edutainment trade has enabled us to provide not one but multiple solutions to school trip requirements. Our student trips range from educational visits within UAE to sites of historical importance such the Etihad Museum, Heritages sites in UAE to offering exciting and fun trips such as Ferrari World, Motion-gate Dubai, Kidzania and many more. Yet no matter which location you choose to visit, Scravel works to push the experience from “good enough” to exceptional. Our international trips have been acclaimed to expose students to culture, history, geography, technology and much more. Be it a space explorer tour to NASAUnited States of America to tasting the finest chocolate in Switzerland, Scravel offers the best because we believe our students deserve nothing less. Contact: John Puthen Company: Scravel Web Address:

UAE Business Awards 2022 13 Feb22578 Start-Up CEO of the Year 2022: Fady Tawfik & Excellence Award for SPA & Well-being Consulting Services 2022 Based in Dubai, Royal Metis Consultancy is a firm that has aided numerous clients in achieving their business goals. Indeed, with a steady foundation of experience and an established background in the industry, the consultancy is set for an excellent future. aking its name from the Ancient Greek goddess, Metis, who was deemed to be the mother of wisdom and deep thought, Royal Metis Consultancy endeavours to infuse these elements into its operations. Indeed, it hopes to live up to this name, acting as a ‘wise council’ for its clients. Drawing from an abundance of expertise and knowledge, the consultancy caters to businesses from the moment they begin, providing effective solutions in order to push its clients to their full potential. In essence, it is deeply committed to supplying its clients with the required solutions that will aid them in learning, developing, and growing. Be it through creating concepts or conducting in depth market analyses, Royal Metis Consultancy strives to provide quality, designing bespoke solutions that align with the client’s desires. Moreover, the company offers three main service categories; Initiation, the start of any new business story, Materialisation, bringing well-formed business concepts into fruition and Evolution, growing operational businesses into their true potential. The aforementioned services depend upon the expertise of specialist consultants, who subsequently guide the client towards an effective brand positioning and strategic goals achievement. Such services are built around the company’s purpose, to act as the client’s wise council, and its stringent core values. Underpinning Royal Metis Consultancy’s operations are wisdom, knowledge, passion, and creativity – each one dictating how the company navigates customer best-interests and influencing the company’s directions. Consequently, this results in the company’s promise, ‘that being a seasoned professional or a first-time entrepreneur, will only be considered during your needs assessment as well as our strive towards assuring your business readiness to meet its true potential.’ This is further supported by the company’s team of professionals. Comprised of members from a range of diverse business disciplines, the teammaintains the common passion to share knowledge and a commitment towards its client’s business success. Simply, this is infused within the team’s DNA. It prioritises effective communication, transparency, and client-centricity above all else, believing that these should stand as the fundamentals behind an effective and efficient team. Furthermore, the company defines its staff as both ambitious professionals by nature, meaning that they are driven by the passion to share knowledge, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs by choice, meaning that they should be compelled to support any business endeavour. Of course, the company’s CEO, Fady Tawfik, also falls within these definitions. An established innovator and entrepreneur, Fady has cut his teeth working on numerous major projects and working within leading roles in large corporations. Boasting an impressive CV, Fady has utilised this time to cultivate a wealth of commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge, which has only been bolstered by his natural instinct for business and marketing. And to add more credibility to his name, he completed his MBA by December 2021 with its main graduation project as “Entrepreneurship in the GCC”, with hopes that it can act as a lighthouse for any future entrepreneurs and help them overcome the challenges set in their path towards success. This has proven to be an exceptional benefit for Royal Metis Consultancy, as it has enhanced the development of its services, and has dictated the manner in which the team operates. Throughout 2021, the company expanded its reach to cover some European countries as well as establishing its name as a powerhouse for consultancy services in the GCC region. Namely, Kuwait, KSA and Bahrain. The Company has also expanded its reach into new domains, such as Fashion, Music, F&B, Speciality Coffee, Jewellery and even Pets Grooming. Every concept is brought to life in its own uniqueness and most importantly, the company leveraged its core values and tailored its methodologies to serve more customers, seeking its advice and guidance throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. Henceforth, in 2022 and 2023, Royal Metis Consultancy is on a mission to continue these trends. It hopes to continue leading the way for the industry, building its way up to greater and more prestigious accomplishments and titles, all the while continuing to aid clients. Contact: Fady Tawfik Company: Royal Metis Consultancy Web Address: T Royal Metis Consultancy

UAE Business Awards 2022 14 Based out of Dubai, in under a year Repair Pro has become a shining star in the UAE’s home maintenance industry. From the instillation of fragile lighting systems to air conditioning maintenance, Repair Pro supplies quality in abundance, leaving happy customers across the Emirates. Indeed, with Repair Pro, you can be sure that you will receive quality. In light of its recent success in the UAE Business Awards, we spoke with Co-Founder Daniel Saison to find out more. EA Markets: To start, how would you describe Repair Pro – why did you create the company? Daniel Saison: “Repair Pro started because of the growing need for a good and trusted maintenance company. Our clients are faithful and kind who have supported us during the new journey that Repair Pro has started. We provide A/C, plumbing, electrical, water tank cleaning, pest control, painting, carpentry, masonry, swimming pool cleaning, disinfection (including for COVID-19)”. MEAM:When you first start working on a new project or with a new client, what techniques do you employ to ensure that the outcome will be an overall success? DS: The Operation Team schedules an appropriate date and time with the client for an assessment for which the team goes. Next, they fill the annexure and accordingly the operation team prepares the quotation which is then sent to the client for approval, once approved we will schedule it. Our clients are satisfied as the teams are very professional and explain the whole process to the client and after completion, pictures before and after are sent to the client. MEAM: Please tell us a bit more about the UAE currently, with specific regards to the region in which you are based. What are the challenges and opportunities of being based there? DS: UAE is an amazing market place for this industry, high rise building and major villas keep on appearing, there is a clear space and need for quality work in Dubai. Covid had obviously an impact on our segment of business, however, we did react very fast, and quickly organized the vaccine, the masks and the gloves for our staffs. This contributed to the trust our clients are permanently giving us. Also, it almost goes without saying - More heat, more use of the AC, more chances to get the AC out of order. As well we are installing amazing price vs quality smart thermostats from the brand SHS, which contributes to our growth. MEAM:What makes Repair Pro unique? DS: Our unique selling point is the knowledge of the technicians, they are extremely skilled, as well as the operation department that coordinates the entire process, also the rules/processes set by the company in terms of hygiene to be followed by the technicians on site. MEAM: Tell us about the culture within your company and the things you do to maintain and develop it. What do you look for when attracting new staff and how do these traits help them integrate into your company? DS: Maybe because everyone is treated like family that no one wishes to leave, various gatherings we have, events we hold and how transparent we are with each other. The management believes that if the company grows it is because of the technicians, therefore, the management has been implementing these events a few times a year alongside bonuses. MEA:What does the future hold for Repair Pro? DS: A successful one that stays true to why it was formed, continuing serving the people with sincerity, opening up to our mistakes, taking responsibility, and fixing it is what we will continue to do. Contact: Andrea Martis and Daniel Saison Company: Repair Pro Web Address: M Best Facility Management Company 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 15 Jan22365 Brewing a feeling of community, closeness, and warmth with every cup, Coffee Architecture is a café in Abu Dhabi that has made itself a linchpin of its local area. In short, its hot drinks, pastries, and overall space has been made to be an expression of the art of hospitality, one that people from all walks of life can come in and enjoy. Thus, it has created a small haven within the bustling city, a place where local art is displayed on the walls and served by its talented baristas in equal measure. A friendly, welcoming, and carefully curated café in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Coffee Architecture prides itself on its passion, energy, and coffee above all else. It looks forward to clients walking through its doors to be greeted by a warm environment which its staff work hard to maintain, offering a variety of foods and drinks served with a smile. Coffee Architecture, in all ways that matter, embodies the true spirit of Abu Dhabi, and it is this reputation that sets it head and shoulder above its peers; additionally, this reputation is something its café venue has made possible through the excellence of the architectural elements visible in its hospitality services. Coffee Architecture, as might be surmised by its name, is a place that blends the art forms of structural design and coffee making. Turning coffee into a medium of self-expression with all the rigour of spatial design, its outstanding staff each put their best foot forward when serving customers, showing in each latte and americano the effort that goes into each drop, all served in a space of beauty and minimalism. Nominally, it allows customers to see coffee as a science, cultural element, and art form, using architectural concepts from detailing to experience, synergy, and light to deliver the utmost excellence in every cup. Nooran Al Bannay, the founder and CEO, is the inspiration behind this ethos. Right from the ideation stage through to completion of the café, she wished to imbue the space with the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and open-mindedness in mind, creating a meeting spot where people from all walks of life could gather. Today, Coffee Architecture attracts coffee lovers, café critics, those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, young professionals, and friends or family looking to catch up, making itself one of the best Emarati Artisan Cafés in the region. Company: Coffee Architecture Contact: Nooran Al Bannay Website: Most Authentic Neighbourhood Cafe - Abu Dhabi

UAE Business Awards 2022 16 Best Holistic Digital Transformation Experts - Dubai As the world quickly strides towards the digitisation of numerous industries, it is imperative for companies to remain up to date with current innovations and technologies. There are numerous businesses that claim to aid this process. However, Meinl Management Consulting is one of the few that offers an entirely holistic and bespoke approach. ounded by Iris Meinl, Meinl Management Consulting benefits from an extensive background in international Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 projects – the very things that Meinl Management Consulting focuses upon. Indeed, the consultancy acts as a guide for companies as they begin to delve into their digital future. Henceforth, Meinl Management Consulting boasts an extensive range of services, each of which having been designed to optimise its clients’ digital profiles. It offers consulting, business coaching, project management, software testing, and much more. The company works with a diverse range of clients, often opting to tailor its services towards the client’s needs and requirements, as it wholly understands that no two clients are the same. Therefore, it has a stringent and fool-proof process that it undertakes when acquiring a new project or client. Spanning across three steps, it is clear that Meinl Management Consulting prioritises getting to know the client and gaining a full picture as to what they are trying to accomplish. Meinl Management Consulting’s process begins with discussing the goals of the new client and trying to understand their needs, from there it moves on to analysing the client’s situation, culminating in the development of a strategy that will push the client to reach their goals in an efficient and pleasant way. Much of this approach stems from Iris Meinl’s vested interest in AI and digital transformation that began to manifest in the early 2000s. Her successful career began in 2006 after graduating from a Computer Science degree, which resulted in Iris becoming one of the first women to partake in Germany’s fourth industrial revolution in 2008. Over the past 12 years, she has assisted prestigious manufacturing businesses in digitising their product development processes, primarily through the introduction of technologies such as CAx, Digital Twin, IoT, PLM, and ERP. Here she garnered a plethora of knowledge surrounding multiple industries, including automotive, energy, and manufacturing. Subsequently, 2019 saw the birth of Meinl Managing Consulting in Dubai. Dubai offered the perfect backdrop for such a company, as its vibrant industries provide a significant demand for digital transformation services. Meinl Management Consulting notes that it, ‘sees a lot of potential for the UAE in Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0.’ Then adding, ‘We believe in the incredible leaders of the UAE and their passion about Innovation and a sustainable Digital Future for everyone. We are willing to be part of that effort to allow this vision to become reality.’ In addition, Dubai maintains excellent traffic conditions, which ensures that Meinl Management Consulting has a multitude of options when meeting clients – it has the ability to provide both online and face-to-face advice. Of course, in such a thriving industry, it is imperative for Meinl Management Consulting to set itself apart from its competition. Meinl Management Consulting, unlike much of the industry, provides a significantly more holistic approach to digital transformation. It believes that success in this area demands more than just technological advancement. Furthermore, this is simply its passion. It truly provides a service that is infused with enthusiasm and a devotion to clientcentricity. Each client receives a personalised solution that is served up with a side of support, sustainability, and, most importantly, success. 2022 is set to be a busy year for the consultancy, as it has numerous plans in the pipeline. Its primary goal is to focus upon start-ups based within the UAE, where it hopes to act as a coach and mentor in order to aid such businesses towards digitisation. Jumping into 2023, Meinl Management Consulting is planning an extension of its virtual internship program for young, Muslim, female students who are interested in Digital Transformation. Additionally, it is working on the introduction of a multitude of online-courses surrounding different Digital Transformation topics, including “Digital Transformation Manager”, “Project Management for Industry 4.0” or “Software Testing for ERP-Systems.” Contact: Iris Meinl Company: Meinl Management Consulting Web Address: F Mar22013

UAE Business Awards 2022 17 Feb22572 Most Innovative Facility Management Solutions Provider 2022 From residences to government branches, AlShaheen Specialized Maintenance & Cleaning Services endeavours to provide a high-quality, unbeatable service. Through utilising cutting-edge technology, the company has created a plethora of innovative and, often times, bespoke facility management and cleaning solutions. ounded in 2015, AlShaheen Specialized Maintenance & Cleaning Services (also known as ALSHAHEEN) was developed in order to bring an innovative take on comprehensive facility management solutions to a wider audience across the UAE. Through its team’s extensive background in engineering and technology, ALSHAHEEN came to understand that many organisations were relying on antiquated technologies to maintain quality standards within their facilities. Henceforth, the company’s first goal was to establish a service that would revolutionise specialised cleaning solutions and, in turn, contribute to the betterment of facilities management. Through utilising a combination of smart technology and eco-friendly innovations, ALSHAHEEN has established a platform in which clients can expect to receive a higher standard of quality in total facilities management services. Indeed, due to the company’s background it is equipped to provide bespoke solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient to a range of clients. Consequently, ALSHAHEEN has cultivated a diverse clientele over the years, working across a range of sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential, throughout the UAE. Much of this has stemmed from ALSHAHEEN’s devotion to its core values and overarching vision. In essence, at the epicentre of ALSHAHEEN lies a simple equation, one that it states ‘embodies [its] commitment to always exceed the expectations of its clients and provide a transparent process that achieves the highest level of results, every single time.’ The company has worked exceptionally hard in order to generate such outcomes, yet it has consistently met this mission statement, holding it dear to the heart of its operations. One key element to the company’s success is that it is constantly searching for ways to improve – most recently, ALSHAHEEN has been focusing upon sustainability and performance, resulting in superior quality and consistency. A further contributor to the company’s abundance of exceptional work, is its diverse range of qualifications. Each member of the firm maintains the relevant qualifications and more, truly representing the overall devotion to offering a superior standard. Moreover, the company has received certifications and memberships from EVHA (European Ventilation Hygiene Association), NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association), and OHSAS 18001. ALSHAHEEN meets international regulations, and regularly invests in both state-of-the-art commercial equipment and the training of its expert team. As such, ALSHAHEEN has had the opportunity to work with numerous household names, ranging from hotels to government organisations. Its portfolio is not only unique but also diverse, including Al Reem Hospital, Danat Al Emarat Hospita, Eleneo Elenco Emirates Group, and the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. Simply, this company is chosen by the best of the best and has developed a level of prestige. However, it has also cut its teeth working for the average person, providing them with the same level of quality as it gives to such industry titans. ALSHAHEEN has garnered numerous of positive reviews, earning a 5-star rating on Google, with one customer describing it as, ‘Very professional services, I highly recommend dealing with them. The best in the market.’ Contact: Falastine Saleh- [email protected] Company: AlShaheen Specialized Maintenance & Cleaning Services Web Address: BREATHE THE DIFFERENCE F Through utilising a combination of smart technology and ecofriendly innovations, ALSHAHEEN has established a platform in which clients can expect to receive a higher standard of quality in total facilities management services