UAE Business Awards 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 11 Mar22249 Best Construction Expert Witness Firm 2022 Headquartered in England’s capital, LC Consult has gone global, finding itself in Bordeaux, France, the EMEA region, the Far East, and Australia. The international firm aids clients with all their dispute resolution needs, utilising expert knowledge that has been developed across two decades of experience. Whilst LC Consult is based in London, it truly embodies Northern spirit. It offers its expertise to companies, groups, and individuals, providing expert witness services, claims and dispute resolution, and project advisory services. Indeed, it serves as little surprise that LC Consult has propelled to success, taking a leading role within the industry. Through a seamless combination of industry knowledge and a devotion to customer care, it has built itself a solid reputation for excellence. The firm takes an approach that is structured around the client. After all, each client is unique, and it is imperative that their needs and requirements are prioritised. Henceforth, LC Consult creates bespoke solutions, utilising effective communication in order to develop a comprehensive, tailored plan. This approach can be seen across each of the company’s services and infuses each project – big or small. Furthermore, it draws from an abundance of experience to produce results. For example, it has cultivated a vast amount of experience in advising clients for claim preparations and defence, which has enabled LC Consult to ensure that the highest standards of technical methodologies and report writing are adhered to. Bolstered further by a stringent set of core values, the company’s approach truly abides by client-centricity. It guarantees quality, focusing largely upon customer satisfaction. Moreover, it falls back upon Northern values, with such principles including honesty, a hard-working mentality, integrity, and a welcoming approach to all. In essence, LC Consult takes pride in its ability to provide a wholly transparent and effective service to its clients. As such, these values dictate how the company operates and, subsequently, how it navigates challenges, customer service, and internal communications. Led by Lance Crane, an award winning, and accredited, construction expert witness, the company benefits from a wealth of expertise. Boasting over 19 years of experience in the construction and financial industries, Lance has cut his teeth acting as an independent expert witness on several major projects – including providing expert testimony to Queen’s counsel. Additionally, Lance has played a roll in numerous global projects within the commercial, residential, oil and gas, infrastructure, land reclamation, marine, rail, and aviation sectors, with this work leading him throughout the UK, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, the Far East, and Australia. As a chartered construction professional, a fully accredited expert witness via the Academy of Experts, and RICS, it is safe to say that LC Consult is led by the best of the best. Therefore, LC Consult has earned the title of Best Construction Expert Witness Firm 2022. Through its willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for clients and its ability to create effective and highquality results, the firm has simply pushed itself ahead of its competition. Contact: Lance Crane Company: LC Consult Web Address: Through a seamless combination of industry knowledge and a devotion to customer care, it has built itself a solid reputation for excellence.