UAE Business Awards 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 10 Most Innovative Headhunters 2022 Recruitment agencies can be incredibly beneficial to both employers and jobseekers – they provide information, advice, and access to suitable talents or jobs. Scancruit is a shining example of what a recruitment agency should be. Indeed, the company boasts a positive reputation due to the entirely bespoke nature of its effective services. cancruit is a Scandinavian company that has successfully delved into markets around the globe. Indeed, the company has expanded into United Arab Emirates, Spain and the United States, maintaining thriving teams of full-time staff in each. Boasting a range of services, Scancruit specialises in recruitment, helping its clients with recruiting candidates and relocating services worldwide. In addition, the company assists those looking for new job opportunities by connecting them with a business that perfectly fits their needs, skills, and qualifications. Consequently, the company works based upon its stringent core values, with its main philosophy being ‘we value people.’ This underpins everything the company does – from client interactions to the way it conducts its team. Simply, Scancruit truly believes that the right people make the difference between success and failure. Therefore, it ensures that it places people first, no matter whether they’re a client, an employee, or a potential recruit. Throughout both the recruitment and project process, Scancruit endeavours to create a seamless and efficient approach that results in an excellent companyclient relationship. Henceforth, Scancruit has built a team that is intrinsic to the company’s success. In essence, they are deeply important to the company. They thrive upon communication, transparency, and hard work. They understand how to get the best results for their clients, playing an active role in the selection of candidates for client’s positions – in turn, it publicises the available offer and guarantees that it gets the most exposure possible. Through personal interviews, profile analysis, and verification, Scancruit guarantees that it will find the best candidate for the role. From there, the team assists greatly with getting the candidate integrated into their new life, wherever the role requires relocation. Within the UAE, this is hugely beneficial, as the area is attractive to jobseekers and many companies are growing and hiring new talents after the pandemic. The job market in the UAE is incredibly vibrant and fast-paced, which results in thousands of people competing for a single position. Hence, it is vital that you stand out in order to get recognised. Scancruit has taken this on board, citing that its most important task is to find the best possible applicant for each available position, as it hopes to create success for its clients – whether it is a recruiter or a jobseeker. However, as the industry is booming, it is also imperative for Scancruit to stand out from the competition. Thereby its approach is wholly bespoke, deviating greatly from the ‘one size fits all’ solution that the wider industry attempts to push onto recruits. At Scancruit, there are a plethora of recruitment services available – no matter what position and industry the recruiter is looking for a candidate in, it can be sure that it will find the right solution with Scancruit by its side. Further, this is bolstered by its network of professionals that possess years of industry experience. 2022 is set to be an exciting year for Scancruit. It has numerous plans in the pipeline, ranging from its expansion into American markets to simply improving its position in the marketing world. However, the company’s primary goal is to continue offering a premium service to its clients, helping companies around the world to find the right talents and candidates to find their dream role. Contact: Louise Hjorth Email: [email protected] Company: Scancruit Web Address: S