UAE Business Awards 2022

TCApr was founded nearly a decade ago and launched as part of Dubai-based Travel Connections Arabia DMCC. TCApr was established as a solution when TCA Hotels and Resorts, the group’s GCC luxury sales representation division, saw a need to support their clients with PR to raise awareness for the brands in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. CApr was founded to provide PR services to brands with no exposure or presence in the Gulf, targeting Arab travellers through content-rich editorials and press trip opportunities. Overall, the company’s goal was to provide a comprehensive hospitality experience – hotelier and travel expertise brought together through a team of consultants with years of experience and industry know-how that turns the firm from one agency into an extension of its clients’ team. At TCApr, the company has their eyes and ears on the ground to better its business, clients, and customers connected to both. Director of PR Kate Mullen expands on this, saying, “We’re a family, and while several companies may claim that this is certainly true for our small team – we’re just 12 members covering nine different nationalities. In addition, the average service length is four-point-six years, which for the UAE is good, and means we have strong bonds with one another, both professionally and personally.” TCApr has been renowned within the industry for the variety of services it provides, seemingly representing a range of travelrelated brands that include Majestic Hotel & Spa, Barcelona, Geneva Tourism, the Dolder Grand, Zurich, Constance Hotels & Resorts in the Indian Ocean, Melia Desert Palm, a member of Melia Collection in Dubai and Royal Caribbean Arabia, as well as a range of project clients, to name a few. “We use traditional PR methods to bridge the communication gap between media and clients; however, we also look to build partnerships with like-for-like brands, allowing a more direct approach to consumers. For example, organising press trips for media and influencers to experience our client portfolio is a number one priority. We do this in partnership with airlines, ground handling services, tourism authorities, and destination management consultants to ensure that they get an all-round experience, just like a tourist would,” explains Kate. TCApr begins with an in-depth immersion session to fully get to know the individual, the brand, and the establishment to represent the clients better. In doing so, TCApr can gather solutions and ideas and figure out ways to offer their service to Arab travellers. Moreover, it provides excellent counsel on how to gain a better appeal for Arab travellers by adding minor amendments to their offering – a detail that may seem small but is greatly appreciated in the eyes of its customers. Kate expands on its aforementioned offerings, affirming, “We focus specifically on luxury travel and the ancillary industries that support travel. When it comes to our retained portfolio, we don’t deviate from that, making it our USP. So the media know that when it comes to travel, they can come to us, and with the support of our sales team, we can provide a portfolio of luxury properties across five continents.” Recently, the region and several businesses have had to undergo several changes for the company and the UAE. However, due to new legislation and business support from the government, conducting business within the UAE has never been easier. “With the UAE having had such early adoption of vaccines and having taken such huge precautions at the start of the pandemic, travellers from here have been ready to get out and get back to normal in a safer way – much quicker than other nations. So while we are almost all back to normal with minimal restrictions in place, save for the wearing of face masks inside,” Kate adds. However, for now, TCApr is focusing on the company’s growth, expanding in terms of client portfolio and team members. While the last few years have been challenging for businesses within the luxury travel industry, TCApr is seeing an increased demand for better communications. Therefore, clients can better understand the need for good crisis interaction – something that needs to be consistent in how they communicate with their audiences. This is something the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly highlighted for several businesses and something that TCApr is ready to take advantage of. Kate finishes this segment with her final comments, affirming, “We’re aiming to grow our portfolio by around 40% by the end of Q2, particularly in the area of destination management. Having worked with several tourism boards and authorities, we appreciate the many facets that go into building the profile of a destination, especially for the luxury travel segment. Through our relationships, we think we’re in the ideal position to exploit that specific segment.” Established as the Best Luxury Boutique PR Agency of 2022, the new year of travelling is filled with exciting moments and unparalleled offerings thanks to TCApr and its team of devoted professionals. Company: TCApr Name: Kate Mullen Email: [email protected] Web Address: T Best Luxury Boutique PR Agency 2022