UAE Business Awards 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 13 Feb22578 Start-Up CEO of the Year 2022: Fady Tawfik & Excellence Award for SPA & Well-being Consulting Services 2022 Based in Dubai, Royal Metis Consultancy is a firm that has aided numerous clients in achieving their business goals. Indeed, with a steady foundation of experience and an established background in the industry, the consultancy is set for an excellent future. aking its name from the Ancient Greek goddess, Metis, who was deemed to be the mother of wisdom and deep thought, Royal Metis Consultancy endeavours to infuse these elements into its operations. Indeed, it hopes to live up to this name, acting as a ‘wise council’ for its clients. Drawing from an abundance of expertise and knowledge, the consultancy caters to businesses from the moment they begin, providing effective solutions in order to push its clients to their full potential. In essence, it is deeply committed to supplying its clients with the required solutions that will aid them in learning, developing, and growing. Be it through creating concepts or conducting in depth market analyses, Royal Metis Consultancy strives to provide quality, designing bespoke solutions that align with the client’s desires. Moreover, the company offers three main service categories; Initiation, the start of any new business story, Materialisation, bringing well-formed business concepts into fruition and Evolution, growing operational businesses into their true potential. The aforementioned services depend upon the expertise of specialist consultants, who subsequently guide the client towards an effective brand positioning and strategic goals achievement. Such services are built around the company’s purpose, to act as the client’s wise council, and its stringent core values. Underpinning Royal Metis Consultancy’s operations are wisdom, knowledge, passion, and creativity – each one dictating how the company navigates customer best-interests and influencing the company’s directions. Consequently, this results in the company’s promise, ‘that being a seasoned professional or a first-time entrepreneur, will only be considered during your needs assessment as well as our strive towards assuring your business readiness to meet its true potential.’ This is further supported by the company’s team of professionals. Comprised of members from a range of diverse business disciplines, the teammaintains the common passion to share knowledge and a commitment towards its client’s business success. Simply, this is infused within the team’s DNA. It prioritises effective communication, transparency, and client-centricity above all else, believing that these should stand as the fundamentals behind an effective and efficient team. Furthermore, the company defines its staff as both ambitious professionals by nature, meaning that they are driven by the passion to share knowledge, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs by choice, meaning that they should be compelled to support any business endeavour. Of course, the company’s CEO, Fady Tawfik, also falls within these definitions. An established innovator and entrepreneur, Fady has cut his teeth working on numerous major projects and working within leading roles in large corporations. Boasting an impressive CV, Fady has utilised this time to cultivate a wealth of commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge, which has only been bolstered by his natural instinct for business and marketing. And to add more credibility to his name, he completed his MBA by December 2021 with its main graduation project as “Entrepreneurship in the GCC”, with hopes that it can act as a lighthouse for any future entrepreneurs and help them overcome the challenges set in their path towards success. This has proven to be an exceptional benefit for Royal Metis Consultancy, as it has enhanced the development of its services, and has dictated the manner in which the team operates. Throughout 2021, the company expanded its reach to cover some European countries as well as establishing its name as a powerhouse for consultancy services in the GCC region. Namely, Kuwait, KSA and Bahrain. The Company has also expanded its reach into new domains, such as Fashion, Music, F&B, Speciality Coffee, Jewellery and even Pets Grooming. Every concept is brought to life in its own uniqueness and most importantly, the company leveraged its core values and tailored its methodologies to serve more customers, seeking its advice and guidance throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. Henceforth, in 2022 and 2023, Royal Metis Consultancy is on a mission to continue these trends. It hopes to continue leading the way for the industry, building its way up to greater and more prestigious accomplishments and titles, all the while continuing to aid clients. Contact: Fady Tawfik Company: Royal Metis Consultancy Web Address: T Royal Metis Consultancy