UAE Business Awards 2022

9 implementation of guiding principles, a large part of its efforts lies in the attraction and retaining of skilled and gifted people through its recruitment drives, drawing new talent into the industry by showing the next generation of professional drivers where the future of the industry leads. At present, this future is looking brighter than ever due to the latest technologies and developments being implemented across the board. With state-of-the-art service that has been developed at the very top of DTC’s managerial team by Mansoor himself, as well as with input from Abdulla Ibrahim Al Meer – the Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Development – it hopes to help the government achieve its strategic plan milestones in the future with its efforts. Nominally, this has forged a large part of it forming its own strategy. This strategy, in short, is in aid of creating an exemplary fleet of vehicles that will always get a client where they need to go within the city with what creature comforts they expect as standard on hand. It has been on a journey towards making this a reality for DTC, a journey that is still ongoing. After all, in a market like automotive transport, where developments are constant and change is just another part of everyday life, it had to ensure that it could adapt effectively in order to keep up like it wants to. To this end, a client can always expect their feedback, feelings, and opinions to be taken with the utmost seriousness, as it always values being able to improve and develop its driving services, cars, and logistical handling in order to make itself better fit what the modern market needs. Its corporate reputation is one of the most important things to DTC, with its excellence and innovation forming the backbone of this. After all, it is thanks to the brilliance and ingenuity of its work that it has achieved the high level of status it currently enjoys in the region of Dubai, with a commitment to a holistic taxi service thoroughly ingrained in every element of its work. The complete nature of its services, therefore, allow it to remain thoroughly competitive, whilst its dedication to sustainability ensure it can tread as lightly as possible in a world where it is ever-more important to demonstrate one’s corporate environmental responsibility. Therefore, its team-playing leadership and positive staff all look forward to serving many more clients long into the future, excited to see where it can take its clients – and its industry – next. Company: Dubai Taxi Corporation Contact: Hisham Airan Website: Its staff are each devoted to the client’s comfort, too, and with the freedom to use their own professional judgement to decide the best routes, each of them operates their vehicle with smooth driving skills and a customer-first attitude Innovation Award for Transportation Technology Solutions 2022