UAE Business Awards 2022

UAE Business Awards 2022 22 MEP Consultancy of the Year 2022 SESC has worked on some of the world’s most exclusive projects. Working for multinational corporations, social media titans, and Dubai’s best-known attractions, the company has amassed a diverse portfolio that showcases an impressive range of work. Established in 2013, over the past nine years, SESC has grown exponentially. Indeed, the company has built its way up to becoming one of the leaders within the global industry, partnering with some of the world’s biggest organisations to deliver some of their most technically challenging and recognisable projects. Consequently, the consultancy has undertaken internationally renowned projects that have been valued at over US $50 billion. Today, SESC remains a privately owned business that has grown organically across a multitude of disciplines and locals. Working across a plethora of sectors – including hospitality, defence, aerospace, and more – the company has certainly cultivated an impressive portfolio. Stating that it creates ‘icons not buildings,’ it is clear to see why the company has left its mark on numerous projects. Simply, it harbours an unbeatable attitude towards commissioning and consultancy services. SESC has worked with the likes of Msheireb Properties, helping developing its LEED platinum Mega Project Msheireb Downtown Doha, developing a new city extension in the Qatari capital Doha, taking on the role of commissioning consultants. SESC is also notable for its work with the likes of Expo 2020, One & Only Resorts and Dubai Properties, – working on perhaps some of the UAE’s most recognisable structures. With such iconic clients throughout its portfolio, it has been imperative for SESC to formulate an approach that truly prioritises clients requirements and keeps all focus on the quality of the assents handed over across all their projects. After all, when millions or even billions of dollars are being spent, it is vital that the work is carried out to the client’s satisfaction. SESC has numerous steps in place that ensure customer satisfaction. Utilising client workshops and regular meetings throughout the project, the consultancy allows for effective and transparent communication to take place. Moreover, the team behind SESC greatly contributes to the company’s success. The consultancy possesses a strong internal culture that thrives upon equality, diversity, and individuality. Subsequently, the company has created a strong and vibrant workforce that serves as the life blood of what it does, and they drive the company’s progress and success forward. Furthermore, the team maintains a shared goal, which is supported by a deep-rooted focus on values and ethics. In return, SESC strives to find ways to realise the potential in every project, every person, and every space. As such, this serves as a great benefit within an industry that is constantly subjected to changing regulations and legislation. The UAE, however, is the perfect place for SESC Project Management to blossom. The bustling landscape and international connectivity stemming from the area is ideal for providing global reach, which is something the consultancy benefits from on a regular basis. Additionally, the company is currently working on expanding into Saudi Arabia. However, as the industry is booming, its important that SESC stands out. Therefore, it’s focus is firmly on delivering added value across all stages of its projects, and, unlike its competitors, it makes sure that, where necessary, its team steps outside of the traditional model and put the project first. Much of 2022 will see the company reigniting the global relationships it formed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. SESC projects were up and running across the globe, from the Far-East to North America prior to the turmoil caused by Covid-19, however as with most projects around the world the majority of these were put on hold as a consequence of the pandemic, fortunately the majority of these projects are due to come back online in the second quarter of 2022 and SESC are gearing up to make sure they hit the ground running. Further, the company will be honing in its focus upon its expansion into Saudi Arabia and contributing to the kingdoms Vision 2030 ambitions, which it is working to facilitate through the opening of an office in Riyadh. Contact: Josh Fail-Brown Web Address: Mar22018