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Q3 2023 Manica Bikes is a long-trusted supplier of bicycles, motorbikes, spare parts and accessories. It has a young and vibrant team who bring an unparalleled technical expertise to all service and/or maintenance requirements customers might have. The company is proud to serve a wide and varied range of clientele, and to promote the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique & Zambia

The MEA region, like the rest of the world, is unfortunately experiencing environmental challenges, including the devastating floods in Libya (page 4). Thus, the region is working hard to be kinder to the planet, including some of the extraordinary organisations we feature in this issue. In the fight against climate change, our award-winning companies deliver clean energy solutions in the form of ecofriendly power, green boiler technology, and solar water heating systems. Also playing its part in the journey towards a healthier planet is our cover feature, the exceptional Manica Bikes, a long-trusted supplier of bicycles, motorbikes, spare parts, and accessories. Recognised as our Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023 – Harare, Manica Bikes encourages people to have an active lifestyle, as well as to reduce the amount of pollution they contribute to our atmosphere. It doesn’t end there for the company’s positive impact, for it is also renowned for all its goodwill. It is a firm truly deserving of all the success it sees. We’re also excited to showcase more of our outstanding award winners, from an interior design firm to a marketing and communication consultancy, from a smart card solutions provider to a pharmaceutical technology creator, from an insurance broker to a global property management firm. We hope you find their success stories to be insightful and inspiring. For now, I wish you a wonderful final quarter ahead and look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q4 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Welcome to the Q3 issue of MEA Markets magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News: - Flooding in Libya is emblematic of climate change and conflict on vulnerable communities, warns the International Rescue Committee (IRC) - The African Energy Chamber (AEC) Urges African Union (AU) and the Africa Climate Summit to Prioritize Labeling Natural Gas and Nuclear as Green Energy/Renewable 7. Manica Bikes: Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023 - Harare 8. ID / VK Design LTD: Best Interior Design Company 2023 - Indian Ocean 10. Integrated Indigo Limited: Best Integrated Marketing & Communication Consultancy Firm 2023 - Nigeria 11. Steelstone Kenya Limited: Best Solar Water Heating Systems Provider 2023 - Kenya 12. Cardforte: Smart Card Solutions Driven by Quality, Speed, and Affordability 14. John Thompson - A division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd: John Thompson: Quality Above All 15. Troyka Group: Branded Equity Firm of the Year 2023 - Nigeria 16. Primed Medcentre: Best Pharmaceutical Technology Company 2023 18. National Committee on Corporate Governance: Excellence Award for Corporate Governance 2023 - Mauritius 19. ICK Insurance Brokers Ltd.: Personalised Insurance You Can Trust 20. C.I.M Lubri Fuel: South Africa’s Best Automotive and Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer 22. yourrentl LIMITED: Most Innovative Global Property Management Company 2023 23. Bomart Integrated Services: Best Clean Energy Business Development & Distribution Company 2023 - Nigeria 24. OTC Business Service, Dubai: Best Migration and Family Office Advisory 2023 26. Biomedic International: Biomedic International: Innovative Healthcare Solutions Contents

News Flooding in Libya is emblematic of climate change and conflict on vulnerable communities, warns the International Rescue Committee (IRC) The convergence of climate-related disasters, protracted crisis, and economic instability in Libya creates a lethal cocktail that leaves people and communities grappling with minimal preparedness, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to essential services. This triple burden of challenges makes it extraordinarily difficult for them to cope and recover. Elie Abouaoun, the IRC’s Libya Country Director, said: “Even before the devastating flooding, Libya was already grappling with the consequences of prolonged conflict and crisis, leaving approximately 800,000 people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The overwhelming amount of rain that fell, combined with ineffective early warning systems and preparedness measures and critical infrastructure in bad repair, deepened this humanitarian crisis. “Although Libya is middle of the pack among climate-vulnerable countries, Storm Daniel shows that the worsening impacts of climate change can perfectly target weak points to cause great damage. And it is often the most vulnerable people - at risk of their homes, livelihoods, and health - who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. With floods comes the risk of waterborne diseases, due to poor WASH conditions and the impact on health facilities. “Climate-vulnerable, conflict-affected communities often find themselves marginalized in global climate action efforts. They receive a disproportionately low share of funding and must navigate delivery approaches that are heavily reliant on governments and formal institutions, which are often absent in conflict zones. The dominant focus of climate action remains emissions mitigation, while critical aspects such as adaptation, anticipatory measures, and building resilience are underemphasized. With tools and the technology to predict disasters like Storm Daniel - and therefore plan and enact an early response - anticipatory action may have lessened the damage of the storm.” As we emerge from what is likely the hottest summer in recorded history, the upcoming United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) presents one of several crucial opportunities on the path to COP28. It is imperative that conflict-affected communities are brought to the forefront of climate action discussions. The IRC calls upon the global community to prioritize these communities, allocate adequate resources, and develop innovative strategies that can address their unique challenges. The IRC is committed to supporting vulnerable communities in Libya and around the world as they grapple with the interconnected challenges of conflict and climate change. We stand ready to collaborate with governments, organizations, and individuals to ensure that no one is left behind in the fight against climate change. The recent devastation caused by Storm Daniel in Libya has once again shed light on the dire situation faced by conflict-affected and climatevulnerable communities. Libya, a nation already grappling with the impacts of more than a decade of conflict, has been pushed to the brink by the intensifying consequences of climate change. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) underscores that climate change has amplified extreme weather events, making them more frequent, prolonged, and severe, thus exacerbating the plight of vulnerable populations.

News The African Energy Chamber (AEC) Urges African Union (AU) and the Africa Climate Summit to Prioritize Labeling Natural Gas and Nuclear as Green Energy/Renewable In line with the European Union’s 2022 announcement, the African Union should similarly designate natural gas and nuclear energy as environmentally friendly, thus creating a pathway for greater investment in these essential African resources. Representing the voice of the African energy sector, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) (http://www. has long-been a fierce advocate for the role oil and gas plays in Africa. While climate activists have dubbed these resources as ‘dirty’, oil and gas stand to significantly advance energy security across the continent, increasing access to electricity, fueling industrialization and opening up economic opportunities for millions continent-wide. The AEC calls on the African Union (AU) to align policies with demand, embracing gas and nuclear energy as green solutions, as the European Union (EU) has for its own continent. Last year, the EU made a decision, supported by the European parliament in July 2022, to label natural gas and nuclear energy as ‘green.’ The move essentially gave foreign investors and project developers the greenlight – excuse the pun – to fund and develop such projects. However, following the advent of the policy, it was clear that the EU’s recognition of gas as green was only directed at Europe, and that African gas resources were to remain ‘dirty.’ At a time when the international community continues to villainize African gas, the AEC calls on the AU to implement its own gas and nuclear-friendly policies. Currently, over 600 million people are without access to electricity in Africa while 900 million are without access to clean cooking solutions. At the same time, the continent has one of the youngest and fastest-growing populations. As demand for energy grows, Africa’s gas resources stand to fuel the economy. The continent’s proven gas resources are measured at 620 trillion cubic feet, most of which remain undeveloped. Lack of investment in the gas industry has largely restricted monetization, despite the potential of the resource to alleviate energy poverty. Domestic gas utilization is also still in its infancy stage, with the majority of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exported to European markets. While the AU has put in place policies such as the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), intra-African trade cannot be fully implemented if gas is not identified as a green energy source. To alleviate energy poverty and bolster industrialization, Africa requires substantial investments to be made in pipeline, power infrastructure, LNG terminals and applications. An AU-led ‘gas is green’ policy will galvanize financing for the continent’s gas projects while kickstarting the development of small- and large-scale LNG and power generation facilities. And the timing could not be more important. Sizeable oil and gas discoveries continue to be made across the continent. Namibia, for example, made five hydrocarbon finds in 2022 and 2023 while major projects have or are poised to come online in Senegal and Mauritania (Greater Tortue Ahmeyim); Mozambique (Coral Sul); Nigeria (Nigeria LNG); and many more countries. While the AfCFTA has essentially removed barriers to trade and market entry, unless supported by an AU-led ‘gas is green’ policy for Africa, the benefits of the continent’s resources as well as its trade structures will not be realized. This week, the AU’s Inter-Institutional Coordination Meeting for the Implementation and Domestication of the African Commodity Strategy will take place in Addis Ababa. The meeting, held under the theme, ‘Commodityled Industrialization for One African Market,’ falls under the flagship project of the AU’s Agenda 2063, ‘The African Commodity Strategy,’ which aims to develop Africa’s commodities as a driver of structural, social and economic transformation. Central to these commodities should be gas, the products of which have the potential to drastically change the socioeconomic landscape in Africa. For a continent that produces less than 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is unjust for the AU to sit by and allow this product to not be used while the same resource continues to drive development and improve the standard of living in Europe. “The AU should not villainize the very resources that offer the continent the chance to industrialize, electrify and grow, but rather, should provide the regulatory tools that enable the trade of gas-based products on a continental basis. Africa has abundant natural gas resources: a sustainable energy solution lying in arms reach of many countries continent-wide. Developing these resources is no longer simply an exciting or challenging investment opportunity, but rather, investing in gas and nuclear has become one of the only ways Africa will industrialize and make energy poverty history,” states Ayuk. Gas and nuclear energy can undeniably act as a pivotal lifeline for numerous African nations. By mirroring the policies of the EU, the AU could set the stage for a substantial influx of foreign investment, which, in turn, could serve as a catalyst for propelling commodity-driven and gas-centric industrialization efforts across the African continent. Africans deserve to have the same advantage as Europeans have. By implementing a ‘gas is green’ policy for Africa, the AU stands to usher in a new era of investment and development in Africa, while spearheading a just and inclusive energy transition.

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MEA / Q3 2023 7 Jun23186 Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique & Zambia Manica Bikes is a long-trusted supplier of bicycles, motorbikes, spare parts and accessories. It has a young and vibrant team who bring an unparalleled technical expertise to all service and/or maintenance requirements customers might have. The company is proud to serve a wide and varied range of clientele, and to promote the health benefits of an active lifestyle. anica Bikes has a client base that extends from individuals to private sector companies, government departments, non-governmental organisations, and UN agencies. It supplies bikes that are built to withstand some of the most challenging conditions, and are commonly used in developing countries for purposes as varied as transportation, healthcare delivery and rural development projects. Its bicycles are known for their durability, reliability and ability to carry heavy loads. The company values Professionalism, Efficiency and Teamwork (PET) amongst its staff. It defines professionalism as ensuring the highest standards of integrity, accountability and excellence are maintained at all times, and within all aspects of work done to serve communities in need. Manica Bikes defines efficiency as being able to maximise the impact of resources, even if they’re limited, and exhort all efforts to efficiently deliver bikes and any related programmes that empower individuals and communities served by the company. When it comes to teamwork, Manica Bikes interprets the word TEAM as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. It encourages any tasks or challenges to be tackled head on, as a team, and followed all the way through from beginning to the final victory celebrations. A recent project that Manica Bikes was involved in sheds light on exactly how the company operates for the greater good of the industry and indeed the economy of Africa as a whole. In the year 2022, the company took part in an international competitive bidding transaction which resulted in it winning a UNDP tender to supply 1,180 bicycles to the region of Cabo Delgado. It later found out that this province of Mozambique, which is known to be troubled by conflicts of a religious, political and ideological nature, actually had a lot of companies running scared. However, taking the view that its bicycles are more than just a mode of transport, in fact practically a lifeline for some people, Manica Bikes undertook to deliver on its promises. It knows full well that its bicycles will become a source of livelihood essentials, providing access to water, food, education and healthcare. This meant it was largely driven by compassion to get the bikes into the hands of the people that needed them so desperately. Another important aspect of how Manica Bikes is helping Africa is purely through the fact that bikes are green machines, and a major tool when it comes to fighting climate change. It knows how critical this is for Africa, as it is the biggest raw materials source in the world. The company has a mission to provide high quality and durable bikes that promote sustainability, adventure and a healthy lifestyle, which is why it endeavours to get its bikes to as many potential owners in need as it can. As Africa is currently still recovering from the supply disruptions that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the prolonged Russia-Ukraine conflict, there has been a reduction in growth of GDP for 2021-2022. Manica Bikes has retained a positive mental attitude throughout however, and has managed to unlock equivalent opportunities in these trying times by taking advantage of the regional trading blocs, particularly SADC, to allow it to maintain a presence and continue onwards with good business opportunities. Over the years, Manica Bikes has amassed a considerable amount of goodwill, a strong brand image, and an excellent reputation. This is coupled with its wonderfully durable, top-quality products. The company is also hard wired to give back to the community through its corporate responsibility programmes. For example, recently it has been engaging with primary school children to teach them the health benefits of cycling, safety, and basic maintenance skills. Looking forward, Manica bikes realises the potential for increased urbanisation equals growing demand for alternative transportation options, such as e-bikes. It is on board with promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, and welcomes the integration of smart technology into bikes for enhanced connectivity and safety features. This wonderful business has now been recognised as the Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023 – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique & Malawi in the African Excellence Awards. Well done to Manica Bikes, and all the absolutely amazing work it is doing for so many people, near and far. It deserves all the praise in the world! Company: Manica Bikes Web Address: Contact Name: Denias Kagande, CEO Contact Tel: +263 242 796 043 Contact Cell: +263 772 324 896 / 774 800 445 Email: [email protected] / [email protected] M Manica Bikes

MEA / Q3 2023 Best Interior Design Company 2023 - Indian Ocean Based in Floreal, Mauritius, ID / VK Design LTD is a modern interior design company that operates throughout many of the Indian Ocean regions. It has completed high-quality, aweinspiring work in places such as South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya, Maldives, India, and more. It uses a consultative and iterative design process, creating uniquely impressive solutions at every opportunity. The world of interior design is readily punctuated by easily recognisable styles. There’s the effortless cool of the light and airy So Cal style, the grown-up eclectic mix of lush textile layers and vintage finds that signals the Bohemian style, and the luxe, opulent glamour of the art deco design era. Mauritius might not have a typical school of interior design directly related to it, but it certainly has a vibe of its own, inviting feelings of warmth, relaxation, and an uplifting blend of exoticism. It occupies the envious position of being able to pull together a heady mix of Asian, African, and European influences in its architecture, which can often influence the choices when it comes to interior design too. ID / VK Design (ID VKD) believes that the secret of its success is being able to continuously adapt its skill sets, and create unique design solutions on every occasion. It is an open and collaborative company, which takes the approach of first ensuring it has a complete understanding of the proposed site, and the context of its client’s project. It will work in a way that’s entirely suitable and appropriate for them (the client), whilst also introducing its own uniquely creative element. It encourages challenges, and welcomes the chance to extol its ingenious solutions. It does this through ensuring open dialogues with clients, making sure it fully comprehends both their identity and personal visions. It’s focus is concentrated on the details, enabling it to develop designs that are pragmatic and flexible. As it says on its gorgeous, picture-packed website, “We listen, communicate and collaborate in order to create.” The aim at ID VKD is to spread a little bit of magic, and leave its own irrepressible mark both in Mauritius itself, and through its work overseas. It has worked with a huge range of businesses, who have trusted it to enhance their spaces with its phenomenal design skills. For example, Air Mauritius, Café Lux, Aspen Global, Capstone, La Pirogue Resorts, Silver Bank, and Southern Cross Hotels are just a few of the names ID VKD has delighted. “Our values reflect our commitment to crafting unique and responsive spaces. Spaces which inspire and celebrate communities.” The way projects proceed is divided into 4 very important stages. The first stage is all about getting to know the client and their space. This is the listening and collaborating stage, when dialogues with its client are the most important thing. Once it’s sure it has gathered enough intel to progress, the second stage can begin. This is the concept development and technical stage of the project. This is when ID VKD begins its consultive and iterative design process. Its studio acts as the hub for its creative workforce, uniting a team of qualified creative problem solvers to brainstorm, create, and bring the spaces to life. Once the concept is pinned down, attention is turned to the meticulous technical design. The third stage is construction, when the detailed focus paid to the design development really pays off. This is what helps ID VKD to create its pragmatic and flexible spaces during this phase. It works closely with contractors, and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) supply chains to successfully install and commission spaces. The final stage is the one everyone has been eagerly awaiting with bated breath, handover and walkthrough. The conclusion of the project means that ID VKD will perform a site visit to inspect all the works, and make note of any snags that require addressing. The completed space is a reflection of its commitment to craft unique and responsive spaces its users can enjoy and celebrate upon the hand over. “Our portfolio boasts a diverse selection of projects, including resorts, corporate offices, residential projects, as well as commercial centres across the Island of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, including South Africa and Kenya.” ID VKD was established in 1999 by founder and creative director Virginie Maurel, who formed a team of young and dynamic interior designers. It has since evolved into its current position as the most experienced design house in Mauritius, with an extensive and exciting portfolio incorporating corporate, leisure, and residential spaces across Mauritius and beyond. Featured projects the company has worked on throughout its 25 years of creativity include La Pirogue Hotel, a leisure project based at the Sun Resorts Hotel in Flic en Flac, Mauritius. This project involved a complete redesign, renovation, and upgrade of the 225 Keys and all public areas of this legendary beach resort hotel. The venue had been known and loved by many thousands of guests over the years, and was something of an icon within the Mauritian tourist industry after its 40 years in the

9 Best Interior Design Company 2023 - Indian Ocean business. ID VKD was tasked with refreshing the resort, without damaging its precious soul and DNA. The way it succeeded in rising to this challenge was by concentrating on the Boho Chic style the hotel already espoused. On the opening night, the Chairman described it as “an excellent balance between authenticity, tropical charm and peacefulness.” A recent corporate project taken on by ID VKD involved the refurbishment of SBM Bank in Port Louis, Mauritius. The tower housing this bank was built in 1995, and hadn’t had any refurbishment done since it opened. ID VKD was tasked with refurbishing all the floors in compliance with the bank’s new brand guidelines involving eco-friendly materials. It successfully rebranded all the office floors in total collaboration with its client. Afterwards, Seeamdath Dosieah. Head of Facilities Management, commented that “We, as the client, have been delighted about their level of professionalism, integrity and engagement in managing the triple constraints of the project thereby ensuring success.” The design ideas contributed by ID VKD translated into a comfortable and positive working environment for SBM that was much welcomed by all the staff as it encouraged engagement and motivation. Another featured project, but this time residential in nature, involved the implementation of furniture, fixings, and equipment for a Swiss couple residing in Villa B8, in Beau Champ, Mauritius. This house consisted of four ensuite bedrooms and living spaces. The team at ID VKD was involved from an early stage, and ensured that the finest details were attended to, even including the careful design of the logo and key rings of the luxury residence. The beautiful finish was a joy to behold, and interested parties are welcome to take a peek at it on ID VKD’s website. ID / VK Design has been recognised as the Best Interior Design Company 2023 - Indian Ocean, in the African Excellence Awards. This remarkable company certainly deserves to be celebrated for its beautiful, evocative designs, enhancing the lives of so many lucky people. Company: ID / VK Design LTD Web Address: Contact Name: Virginie Maurel

MEA / Q3 2023 10 Jun23594 Best Integrated Marketing & Communication Consultancy Firm 2023 - Nigeria Uniting every aspect of marketing, Integrated Indigo Limited (Indigo®) has altered the way its clients experience integrated marketing – all for the growth of their business. Winning a title in the African Excellence Awards 2023 is no small feat, and Indigo® is truly worthy of its impressive title. Here we take a closer look at what the business does as it wins its accolade. ntegrated marketing is similar to multi-channel marketing, where the brand voice and image translates seamlessly across its many platforms. When looking for a seasoned professional to handle our marketing and communications needs, we can’t go wrong with Indigo®. As a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), Indigo® focuses on three core areas: public relations, events, and experiential marketing. Whether it’s through online presence or in-person public relations, Indigo® guarantees a service which puts its clients at the top of the list for their sectors. “Using strategic insights, we help our clients execute Public Relations campaigns including Corporate Perception Management, Product PR, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Relations and Publicity/Media Relations” Indigo® was created by great minds who “provide creative insights and spot-on ideas” while working hard to build brand strength across the board. Helping its clients to stay more than relevant in the current moment, Indigo® ensures that their presence stands the test of time. The company believes in partnership, professionalism, and integrity, and it is these core values that propel it forwards on a daily basis. The energy spent on each client has amassed to its award-winning status – making it a notable choice for a plethora of marketing needs. Indigo® is more than a buttress for its clients, it breathes life into their public relations in order for them to learn more about themselves and their offerings. Partnering with its clients in a professional and creative way, Indigo® thinks outside the box so that its clients can reap the benefits. This ensures that its clients gain more followers, customers, and stakeholders’ trust, business, and credibility. “Our mission is to add value to clients’ businesses through creative marketing communication solutions.” Building reputations, and gaining trust for its many clients, Indigo® has swiftly made a name for itself as the go-to place for a better future in business. By handing public relations, marketing, and communications, the company guarantees a business is entirely well-received. Indigo® has now won Best Integrated Marketing & Communication Consultancy Firm 2023 – Nigeria, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it does in the years to come. The future is bright for the company as its staff continue to impress their clients with rich expertise and experience. If you’d like to find out more about Indigo®, please head over to its website. Contact: Adeyemo Adeleye Company: Integrated Indigo Limited Web Address: I “Our vision is to be in the ‘A’ league of the new generation of professional Marketing Communication Agencies in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa.”

MEA / Q3 2023 11 Jun23158 Best Solar Water Heating Systems Provider 2023 - Kenya Investing in solar is a huge decision for any individual to make. Regardless of whether it’s for domestic purposes, or is intended for corporate use, there are many factors that go into opting for solar heating products. Thankfully, Steelstone Kenya Limited (Steelstone) has established itself as an allencompassing solar heating systems provider to be trusted, and we explore how its avid devotion to fantastic service has helped it to spread the usage of quality solar heating systems throughout Kenya. Steelstone is a Kenya-based engineering company that has an undeniably high level of prowess in a plethora of fields, products, and capabilities. However, its most notable specialities include mechanical engineering, auto-mechanical services, fabrication vision, fluting division, and solar and wind energy solutions. Having always held a tight focus on delivering the best possible products, all whilst adhering to fantastic customer service, Steelstone has set a new standard within the region that has yet to be replicated. Its innovative, quality-assured engineering solutions are simply second to none. Upon inception, Steelstone set out to accomplish one resounding goal – to provide society with workable and practical solutions within the rapidly growing engineering world, all whilst matching the pace of evolving dynamics throughout the industry. This, partnered with its determination to make full use of the potential that solar energy has to offer, sets it apart as a company that truly has an eye for the future of engineering. It recognises the need for green sources of energy, and has worked itself around the challenges posed in order to forge a more ecologically aware pathway for the sector. This has all been accomplished through Steelstone’s overwhelming commitment to several principles. Above all else, the team is guided by integrity, steadfast teamwork, innovation, quality assurance, and ethical practises. Not only do these qualities assist it in being one of the most beneficial work environments in Kenya, but it grants Steelstone the chance to produce all that its clients could require. Be it products or trust, Steelstone has garnered both aplenty, resulting in a fantastic reputation that has the entire industry talking. In addition, Steelstone also presents customers with an unshakable sense of confidence that makes it a standout within the engineering field. It has an unapologetic passion for its craft, and this shines through the quality of each and every product. As such, Steelstone has committed itself to ensuring each of its products come with a one-year warranty, all in the hopes of promoting longevity throughout its range. And, with a myriad of highly trained experts on hand for services, customers can expect a level of assistance not found elsewhere within the sector. Steelstone’s biggest draw, however, is its work with solar energy solutions. It has installed hundreds of thousands of systems throughout the years since its establishment, and has over 30 years of industry knowledge backing each individual process. It has long since made a name for itself as Kenya’s go-to free energy experts, amassing it a robust reputation that shows no signs of faltering. If clients are in need of information, Steelstone is able to deliver in spades. And, if the next step goes ahead, its talented team is more than prepared to establish a sound solar energy system that’s able to brave even the harshest of conditions. There isn’t anything quite like Steelstone. The faith that it has in its team, as well as the respect that it shows for its clients, is simply unmistakable. It’s these qualities that make it such an astoundingly successful company, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to blow Kenya away with its industry prowess. We’re proud to present Steelstone with this award, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve alongside the solar energy solutions field in the coming years. Contact: Arvinder Singh Company: Steelstone Kenya Limited Web Address:

MEA / Q3 2023 Jul23007 Nov21612 Smart Card Solutions Driven by Quality, Speed, and Affordability Serving clients in both financial and nonfinancial sectors, CardForté’s selection of products and digital solutions offer an end-to-end service that spans from card manufacturing to identity management. For its exceptional offerings, the company has been named Most Innovative Smart Card Solutions Provider, Nigeria, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. Here, we delve deeper into its mission, values, products, and services. n 2020, CardForté was established in order to help bridge the financial inclusion gap in Nigeria by contributing towards national development via the card manufacturing space. The company designs, manufactures, and prints card products for clients in various sectors of the Nigerian economy, including but not limited to public, finance, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and education. Across these industries, CardForté’s products and services have many applications. For example, it offers payment cards for banks, high security identification cards, travel cards for public transport, patient identification cards for healthcare, sim cards, retail and loyalty cards, key cards for hotels, campus IDs for educational institutions, and government ID cards. It also offers a wide range of other solutions and services to the Nigerian market, including card printers, issuance solutions, and self-service kiosks. Since its establishment, CardForté has continuously demonstrated innovation through the creation and provision of value-added products. For example, one of its first launches to take the market by storm was an ecofriendly card, made from natural wood to meet the physical characteristics of the ISO standard. Usefully, in light of the recent pandemic, the company also provides a self-sanitising card that disinfects for up to three years. I Moreover, for VIP card design, CardForté offers metal cards that can be customised in terms of weight and quality based on the needs of the client. They can even be made with gold for the utmost luxury. Metal payment cards are quickly becoming a key brand differentiator for Financial Institutions and Fintechs. The product is expected to continue to increase in popularity amongst cardholders who desire unique, custom, and personalised cards, with issuance projected to have tripled between 2018 and 2024. CardForté’s metal card collection offers the flexibility to create distinct, sophisticated designs that accentuate the client’s brand while offering security and superior durability. Registered in Nigeria and indigenously owned, CardForté was founded by a management team with over two decades of combined experience in the smart card and business sectors. This extensive experience in the card design, manufacturing, production, and distribution space makes the company uniquely equipped to meet the requirements of its clients. CardForté’s primary goal is to produce and deliver smart card products and solutions that are simultaneously high-quality and affordable. In this, it aims to become a leader in its field and a household name across both Nigeria and Africa, known for offering world class card products and solutions with the best value for quality, speed, and affordability. CardForté has taken several steps to ensure that it achieves these goals. Firstly, all its cards are designed, printed, and manufactured locally in Nigeria, enabling it to maintain total control over the quality of its finished products. Secondly, CardForté prides itself on its excellent speed of service. When clients submit a card request, the company’s team will process it as soon as possible to provide a quick quote. Then, with the use of state-of-the-art technology and automated processes, the order can be dispatched in an efficient manner. These factors allow the company to offer services that are timely and reliable. Customers can trust that their order will be delivered within five working days. Lastly, CardForté offers the cost-effective option of flexible, durable, and lightweight PVC cards. This means that, alongside its higher end offerings, it is able to deliver the utmost affordability. As well as this, with no required minimum order, the company caters to businesses of all sizes, personalising its solutions to meet the client’s unique requirements. The customer is at the heart of everything CardForté does. For this reason, it operates based on five key core values with the goal of providing them with the best possible experience. Firstly, committed to continuous improvement, CardForté is always searching for ways in which it can enhance its products, services, and people. Secondly, in all aspects of its operations, the company strives for excellence, aiming to maintain best in class practices across all facets to deliver 5-star products and services to its clients. Thirdly, CardForté values integrity, so it ensures that its staff maintain the highest standard of conduct and ethics in everything they do. Moreover, its fourth value is centred around delivering the best customer service, an area in which it aims to exceed its competitors. Lastly, CardForté pledges to offer value to each of its esteemed shareholders and stakeholders. Overall, CardForté’s bespoke products and solutions are truly second to none, offering boundless value and innovative features to clients across the Nigerian market. In light of this, it is no surprise that the company has been named Most Innovative Smart Card Solutions Provider, Nigeria, in the African Excellence Awards 2023.

13 Best IT Services & Support Provider - Angola Founded only three years ago, CardForté has already achieved exceptional success. With ambitious goals and exciting plans ahead, the company’s journey continues. We are delighted to congratulate CardForté and its team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in the years to come! Contact: Tunde Aka Bashorun Company: Cardforte Web Address:

MEA / Q3 2023 14 Jun23550 John Thompson: Quality Above All A division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd., John Thompson serves a customer base that spans across the globe, providing them with innovative boilers, stokers, and associated energy solutions. The company assists clients through the whole process, from needs analysis to installation and support. For its continued excellence, John Thompson has been named both Boiler Technology Pioneers of the Year and Best Energy & Environmental Solutions Provider in the African Excellence Awards 2023. John Thompson offers a vast range of products and services to encompass the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, repair, maintenance, retrofit, installation, and commissioning of industrial water-tube and packaged firetube boilers. It also deals with industrial air quality solutions including HVAC, bag filters, scrubbers, and ESP systems. Moreover, John Thompson’s Boiler and Environmental business unit offers solutions for utility plants, including the maintenance, repairs, and retrofit of utility plant boilers, ESP systems, FFP systems, mills, burners, ducting, HP piping, cooling tower packs, and ancillary equipment. Through these services, the company aims to keep large power plants operating optimally. It also aims to deliver a plant and equipment hire solution for construction work. Through its Energy Management Solutions business unit, John Thompson also provides outsourced steam, supply of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spares, capacity and efficiency improvements for older boilers, reliability studies, metallurgical services, and computational fluid design (CFD) modelling. Lastly, John Thompson offers complete system evaluations, mechanical equipment reviews, conversion and upgrading of equipment, technical training, and service contracts. With a rich history that dates back to 1824, John Thompson is a quality brand that delivers products and services that meet the highest of standards. Over the last 60 years, it has supplied more than 4000 boilers to customers in various industries across Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Australia. Today, all of its boilers incorporate spiral-tube technology, developed in its test centre. This enhances thermal efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. What sets John Thompson and its offerings apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to quality above anything else. The company’s clients can expect a long-term return on their investment; its products are designed with low maintenance and running costs in mind. This makes the company’s products a worthwhile acquisition. Furthermore, John Thompson is proud that its quality system is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standards and listed accordingly. Over the years, it has designed and built equipment in accordance with a number of international codes and specifications. John Thompson understands that its team of staff play a crucial role in its ability to meet the expectations of its customers. For this reason, it takes steps to ensure that its team members work to the highest of standards. This ultimately enhances the quality the company is able to offer. In everything they do, employees are encouraged to uphold six core values: customer driven excellence, innovation, leadership, accountability, dignity, and integrity. By instilling these values into its work, the company delivers exceptional customer service. Striving to be the best in its industry, John Thompson understands that catering to staff’s career ambitions is the key to its goals. The company’s established learning and development policy encourages employees to continuously improve their personal and professional skills and attributes. A learning organisation at its core, it supports the growth and development of its people through various platforms. These are designed to enable employees to access study assistance, connect to a wealth of expertise, develop leadership skills, grow as global managers, lead major projects, move around in a leading-edge company, operate in a multicultural environment, and undergo learnership programmes. By investing in the continuous development of its people, John Thompson further enhances its growth and prosperity. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it delivers, John Thompson received two titles in the African Excellence Awards 2023: Technology Pioneers of the Year and Best Energy & Environmental Solutions Provider. In 2024, the company looks forward to the 70th anniversary of its Cape Town manufacturing facility, which marks the start of its seventh decade delivering manufacturing excellence. We congratulate John Thompson on its overwhelming success in this awards programme and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Portia Dubazane Company: John Thompson - A division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd Web Address:

MEA / Q3 2023 15 May23535 Branded Equity Firm of the Year 2023 - Nigeria Business begins with a human purpose. If individuals are passionate enough about the work they’re focused on, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of innovation and personal evolution. Troyka Holdings believes in the sentiment more than any other equity firm within Nigeria. Through brilliance, collaboration, and a focus on the human aspect of individual businesses, Troyka Holdings has managed to redefine the equity sector. Join us as we explore how. royka Holdings is a collective of companies that, as a result of its prowess and intrinsic understanding of its respective areas of expertise, has managed to foster interlocking business relationships. These relationships include some of the largest and most innovative communications groups and professional security solutions providers throughout subSaharan Africa. Troyka Holdings, alongside its partnering operating companies – namely Insight Redefini and Halogen Security Company Limited – demonstrates incredible mastery over delivering humancentered solutions, allowing it to adapt to current market demands time and time again. What makes Troyka Holdings a unique entity, however, is its unwavering dedication to delivering products and services that have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those it partners alongside. This is accomplished through utilising modern-day technology, allowing Troyka Holdings to provide security solutions that best any other within the region’s market. As previously stated, Troyka Holdings views businesses through the lens of ‘business begins with a human purpose’. As such, it consistently focuses on treating clients and collages with equal levels of professionalism, honour, integrity, and passion. Trokya Group is a collective driven by a love for discovering new, fresh ideas to truly set its clients apart from their competition. One recent project that has garnered a mass amount of recognition for Troyka Holdings’s astounding work was its work in tandem with Redefini. In 2022, Insight Redefini introduced the very first drone show in West Africa for Prime Video, part of the global conglomerate Amazon. Through its immense understanding of innovation, the company was able to win several awards, and it wouldn’t have been remotely possible had it not been for the genius behind the methodology. The same notion extends to Halogen, who recently provided free security training to the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Works. Trokya Group is centered on enhancing the lives of those it touches, resulting in a strong advancement within human society. At its core, Troyka Holdings seeks to create solutions that enhance people’s lives through the power of human imagination. As such, it’s able to provide the best in returns to its investors, all whilst delivering the best possible services to its clients. Trokya Group strikes the perfect balance between innovation and convenience, and acts on its current surroundings to forge solutions that are guaranteed to make a difference. Especially when considering the current economic instability facing a multitude of industries, it’s crucial to have a collective that has its sights set on being a reliable face among the crowd. Troyka Holdings is exactly that – a trustworthy entity that ensures reputational security and organisation safety. Troyka Holdings truly is a collective that recognises the needs that others may overlook. It seeks to advance the greatness in the world around us for the benefit of its clients, and it seems that it’ll stop at nothing to ensure that excellence is achieved time and time again. Whether this is a result of its innate awareness of the demands of the current industries throughout which it operates, or the solid internal structure that it has tirelessly sought to foster since its inception, Troyka Holdings manages to succeed in its goal each and every time. We have full confidence that, as the world progresses, Trokya Group will be at the forefront of overseeing the necessary changes that must be made to keep its clients content. Implementing a means to make the surrounding world a better place is where Troyka Holdings thrives, and it’s for this reason that it has come to earn itself the title of Branded Equity Firm of the Year 2023 – Nigeria. Contact: Ranti Olaniyan Company: Troyka Holdings Web Address: T

MEA / Q3 2023 Jul23005 Most Innovative Pain Management Practice 2023 – Gauteng South African company Primed Medcentre is an integrative healthcare medical practice clinic committed to providing functional medicine and pain management. It provides a numerous range of medical services including primary care, urgent care, GP consultations, and other specialised treatments. It also rents out multiple sessional rooms for other healthcare professionals in need of a place to practice their profession. The welcoming modern edifice of Primed Medcentre complements the state-of-the-art healthcare services to be found inside, with unrivalled expertise from its team of physicians, specialists, and healthcare professionals. It adopts an innovative approach, embracing the very latest in medical advancements. This is because it recognises the strategic need to stay abreast of cuttingedge science, and ensure its patients benefit from the best possible health outcomes. The facility focuses on functional medicine and integrative therapies, offering personalised holistic treatment plans that consider the wider needs of patients, honing in on the root causes of their illness. It aims to promote a complete wellbeing package, leading to healthier, happier lives. Services such as non-surgical pain management are customised to suit the needs of each individual, offering relief from chronic pain through advanced non-surgical treatments. Its primary care physicians are also dedicated to providing comprehensive preventative healthcare services, including routine check-ups and management of chronic conditions. In cases of non-life-threatening conditions, the urgent care team at Primed Medcentre offer prompt and efficient medical attention, with minimal wait times. It always prioritises urgent healthcare needs. Patients can also benefit from personalised consultations with the skilled GPs at Primed Medcentre, who take the time to understand health concerns, offer advice, and develop appropriate treatment plans that optimise people’s health needs. Additionally, there are advanced services available such as genetic testing, food sensitivity tests, comprehensive lab work, intravenous nutrient therapy, and specialised prolotherapy treatments. This innovative treatment (prolotherapy) stimulates natural healing processes to reduce pain and promote tissue regeneration. It is particularly effective for joint, tendon, and ligament injuries. “The goal of functional medicine is to promote optimal health, prevent chronic diseases, and improve the overall well-being of individuals by addressing the underlying factors contributing to their health issues.” Day-to-day, the clinic prioritises honesty and integrity in everything it does. It provides clear and accurate information about patients’ health conditions, treatment options, and the treatment cost. The medical records it maintains are transparent and precise, ensuring trust and accountability is always preserved. The clinic has a commitment to patient safety and privacy, which it maintains through implementation of rigorous protocols throughout treatments, procedures, and medication administration. It strictly adheres to data protection and HIPAA regulations, and regularly updates staff training with regards to patient confidentiality and safety. The company values empathy and compassion in its people, with staff encouraged to actively listen to their patients, and provide emotional support. It believes in the power of a welcoming environment to help alleviate patients’ anxiety and stress. This culture of compassion is extended to sensitive, open communication among staff members as well, because improving the quality of care begins at grass roots level. In addition, clinical processes are regularly assessed, and evidence-based practices implemented to help improve the care services on offer at Primed Medcentre. Ongoing training and education is regularly provided for staff in order to meet any updated standards, and they are all trained in cultural competency, ensuring respectful interactions are the norm with patients from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive language is encouraged, ensuring that patients and staff are all treated with requisite kindness and dignity. The company seeks to resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings with an empathy and respect that promotes a harmonious environment. The mission statement of Primed Medcentre is to “provide the best patient healthcare outcomes and safety”, which is a strongly positive aim not just for the company but for the wider nation. Prioritising the health and safety of patients means that African individuals are receiving timely and effective medical care. This aligns with the economic climate throughout Africa as it translates into improved workforce productivity. After all, healthy individuals are far better able to contribute to the African economy by working and participating in a wide range of industries. “Focusing on healthcare outcomes and safety can lead to the prevention and early detection of illnesses. This, in turn, can reduce the overall burden on the healthcare system and help control healthcare costs. Preventive measures and early interventions are generally more costeffective than treating advanced diseases.” Improving healthcare outcomes means that individuals are less likely to suffer from prolonged illnesses, leading to reduced levels of absenteeism in the workforce. This results in a healthier labour market overall, and increased productivity. A healthier population also has the knock-on effect of more investment being put into education and skills development, which is a key driver of growth