MEA Q3 2023

17 Best Pharmaceutical Technology Company 2023 and innovation. Improved health and safety can attract foreign investors and businesses, as they are more likely to engage in regions with a healthy and reliable workforce. This can fuel economic growth and development too. Other advantages that come from excellent healthcare outcomes are the possibility of medical tourism, an enhanced international public image, and a strengthened healthcare infrastructure. Upgraded facilities can attract both domestic and foreign investment, leading to job creation and economic stimulation in the African nation. The government could easily prioritise funding and policies that align with improved healthcare outcomes and safety, leading to increased public investment in healthcare systems. Again, this benefits both the health of the population and the overall economic climate. So, by contributing to a healthier, more productive population, attracting investment, fostering innovation, and promoting economic development, Primed Medcentre is helping Africa in its entirety. A possible new undertaking on the horizon for Primed Medcentre is a membership business. It is currently in the process of investigating this as a company extension, but in brief the concept would offer enhanced services and benefits in primary healthcare to patients who pay a membership fee. The aim would be to provide a personal, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare service to individuals. Members would have their own primary care physician, allowing for a more personalised and closer doctor-patient relationship. It would offer extended appointment times, priority access, accessibility outside of regular office hours, regular wellness assessments, and speciality care coordination. A membership scheme could also provide comprehensive care for chronic condition, such as close monitoring, medication management, lifestyle recommendations, and ongoing support to help members effectively manage their conditions. In addition, there may also be extra services and discounts available, like in-house laboratory testing, immunisations, and minor procedures. Members may also receive discounted rates for certain services not covered by the membership fee. Overall, the concept of medical clinic membership aims to provide a higher level of personalised, accessible, and comprehensive care to patients. It focuses on building strong doctor-patient relationships, promoting preventive care, and offering conveniences that enhance the overall healthcare experience. Will it transpire? Watch this space. Primed Medcentre has been awarded Best Pharmaceutical Technology Company 2023 in the African Excellence Awards. Congratulations to it, and all the wonderful work it’s doing to encourage optimal health in its locale of Morningside, Sandton, South Africa. Company: Primed Medcentre Web Address: Contact Name: Anisha Reddy