MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 Jul23005 Most Innovative Pain Management Practice 2023 – Gauteng South African company Primed Medcentre is an integrative healthcare medical practice clinic committed to providing functional medicine and pain management. It provides a numerous range of medical services including primary care, urgent care, GP consultations, and other specialised treatments. It also rents out multiple sessional rooms for other healthcare professionals in need of a place to practice their profession. The welcoming modern edifice of Primed Medcentre complements the state-of-the-art healthcare services to be found inside, with unrivalled expertise from its team of physicians, specialists, and healthcare professionals. It adopts an innovative approach, embracing the very latest in medical advancements. This is because it recognises the strategic need to stay abreast of cuttingedge science, and ensure its patients benefit from the best possible health outcomes. The facility focuses on functional medicine and integrative therapies, offering personalised holistic treatment plans that consider the wider needs of patients, honing in on the root causes of their illness. It aims to promote a complete wellbeing package, leading to healthier, happier lives. Services such as non-surgical pain management are customised to suit the needs of each individual, offering relief from chronic pain through advanced non-surgical treatments. Its primary care physicians are also dedicated to providing comprehensive preventative healthcare services, including routine check-ups and management of chronic conditions. In cases of non-life-threatening conditions, the urgent care team at Primed Medcentre offer prompt and efficient medical attention, with minimal wait times. It always prioritises urgent healthcare needs. Patients can also benefit from personalised consultations with the skilled GPs at Primed Medcentre, who take the time to understand health concerns, offer advice, and develop appropriate treatment plans that optimise people’s health needs. Additionally, there are advanced services available such as genetic testing, food sensitivity tests, comprehensive lab work, intravenous nutrient therapy, and specialised prolotherapy treatments. This innovative treatment (prolotherapy) stimulates natural healing processes to reduce pain and promote tissue regeneration. It is particularly effective for joint, tendon, and ligament injuries. “The goal of functional medicine is to promote optimal health, prevent chronic diseases, and improve the overall well-being of individuals by addressing the underlying factors contributing to their health issues.” Day-to-day, the clinic prioritises honesty and integrity in everything it does. It provides clear and accurate information about patients’ health conditions, treatment options, and the treatment cost. The medical records it maintains are transparent and precise, ensuring trust and accountability is always preserved. The clinic has a commitment to patient safety and privacy, which it maintains through implementation of rigorous protocols throughout treatments, procedures, and medication administration. It strictly adheres to data protection and HIPAA regulations, and regularly updates staff training with regards to patient confidentiality and safety. The company values empathy and compassion in its people, with staff encouraged to actively listen to their patients, and provide emotional support. It believes in the power of a welcoming environment to help alleviate patients’ anxiety and stress. This culture of compassion is extended to sensitive, open communication among staff members as well, because improving the quality of care begins at grass roots level. In addition, clinical processes are regularly assessed, and evidence-based practices implemented to help improve the care services on offer at Primed Medcentre. Ongoing training and education is regularly provided for staff in order to meet any updated standards, and they are all trained in cultural competency, ensuring respectful interactions are the norm with patients from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive language is encouraged, ensuring that patients and staff are all treated with requisite kindness and dignity. The company seeks to resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings with an empathy and respect that promotes a harmonious environment. The mission statement of Primed Medcentre is to “provide the best patient healthcare outcomes and safety”, which is a strongly positive aim not just for the company but for the wider nation. Prioritising the health and safety of patients means that African individuals are receiving timely and effective medical care. This aligns with the economic climate throughout Africa as it translates into improved workforce productivity. After all, healthy individuals are far better able to contribute to the African economy by working and participating in a wide range of industries. “Focusing on healthcare outcomes and safety can lead to the prevention and early detection of illnesses. This, in turn, can reduce the overall burden on the healthcare system and help control healthcare costs. Preventive measures and early interventions are generally more costeffective than treating advanced diseases.” Improving healthcare outcomes means that individuals are less likely to suffer from prolonged illnesses, leading to reduced levels of absenteeism in the workforce. This results in a healthier labour market overall, and increased productivity. A healthier population also has the knock-on effect of more investment being put into education and skills development, which is a key driver of growth