MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 15 May23535 Branded Equity Firm of the Year 2023 - Nigeria Business begins with a human purpose. If individuals are passionate enough about the work they’re focused on, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of innovation and personal evolution. Troyka Holdings believes in the sentiment more than any other equity firm within Nigeria. Through brilliance, collaboration, and a focus on the human aspect of individual businesses, Troyka Holdings has managed to redefine the equity sector. Join us as we explore how. royka Holdings is a collective of companies that, as a result of its prowess and intrinsic understanding of its respective areas of expertise, has managed to foster interlocking business relationships. These relationships include some of the largest and most innovative communications groups and professional security solutions providers throughout subSaharan Africa. Troyka Holdings, alongside its partnering operating companies – namely Insight Redefini and Halogen Security Company Limited – demonstrates incredible mastery over delivering humancentered solutions, allowing it to adapt to current market demands time and time again. What makes Troyka Holdings a unique entity, however, is its unwavering dedication to delivering products and services that have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those it partners alongside. This is accomplished through utilising modern-day technology, allowing Troyka Holdings to provide security solutions that best any other within the region’s market. As previously stated, Troyka Holdings views businesses through the lens of ‘business begins with a human purpose’. As such, it consistently focuses on treating clients and collages with equal levels of professionalism, honour, integrity, and passion. Trokya Group is a collective driven by a love for discovering new, fresh ideas to truly set its clients apart from their competition. One recent project that has garnered a mass amount of recognition for Troyka Holdings’s astounding work was its work in tandem with Redefini. In 2022, Insight Redefini introduced the very first drone show in West Africa for Prime Video, part of the global conglomerate Amazon. Through its immense understanding of innovation, the company was able to win several awards, and it wouldn’t have been remotely possible had it not been for the genius behind the methodology. The same notion extends to Halogen, who recently provided free security training to the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Works. Trokya Group is centered on enhancing the lives of those it touches, resulting in a strong advancement within human society. At its core, Troyka Holdings seeks to create solutions that enhance people’s lives through the power of human imagination. As such, it’s able to provide the best in returns to its investors, all whilst delivering the best possible services to its clients. Trokya Group strikes the perfect balance between innovation and convenience, and acts on its current surroundings to forge solutions that are guaranteed to make a difference. Especially when considering the current economic instability facing a multitude of industries, it’s crucial to have a collective that has its sights set on being a reliable face among the crowd. Troyka Holdings is exactly that – a trustworthy entity that ensures reputational security and organisation safety. Troyka Holdings truly is a collective that recognises the needs that others may overlook. It seeks to advance the greatness in the world around us for the benefit of its clients, and it seems that it’ll stop at nothing to ensure that excellence is achieved time and time again. Whether this is a result of its innate awareness of the demands of the current industries throughout which it operates, or the solid internal structure that it has tirelessly sought to foster since its inception, Troyka Holdings manages to succeed in its goal each and every time. We have full confidence that, as the world progresses, Trokya Group will be at the forefront of overseeing the necessary changes that must be made to keep its clients content. Implementing a means to make the surrounding world a better place is where Troyka Holdings thrives, and it’s for this reason that it has come to earn itself the title of Branded Equity Firm of the Year 2023 – Nigeria. Contact: Ranti Olaniyan Company: Troyka Holdings Web Address: T