MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 14 Jun23550 John Thompson: Quality Above All A division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd., John Thompson serves a customer base that spans across the globe, providing them with innovative boilers, stokers, and associated energy solutions. The company assists clients through the whole process, from needs analysis to installation and support. For its continued excellence, John Thompson has been named both Boiler Technology Pioneers of the Year and Best Energy & Environmental Solutions Provider in the African Excellence Awards 2023. John Thompson offers a vast range of products and services to encompass the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, repair, maintenance, retrofit, installation, and commissioning of industrial water-tube and packaged firetube boilers. It also deals with industrial air quality solutions including HVAC, bag filters, scrubbers, and ESP systems. Moreover, John Thompson’s Boiler and Environmental business unit offers solutions for utility plants, including the maintenance, repairs, and retrofit of utility plant boilers, ESP systems, FFP systems, mills, burners, ducting, HP piping, cooling tower packs, and ancillary equipment. Through these services, the company aims to keep large power plants operating optimally. It also aims to deliver a plant and equipment hire solution for construction work. Through its Energy Management Solutions business unit, John Thompson also provides outsourced steam, supply of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spares, capacity and efficiency improvements for older boilers, reliability studies, metallurgical services, and computational fluid design (CFD) modelling. Lastly, John Thompson offers complete system evaluations, mechanical equipment reviews, conversion and upgrading of equipment, technical training, and service contracts. With a rich history that dates back to 1824, John Thompson is a quality brand that delivers products and services that meet the highest of standards. Over the last 60 years, it has supplied more than 4000 boilers to customers in various industries across Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Australia. Today, all of its boilers incorporate spiral-tube technology, developed in its test centre. This enhances thermal efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. What sets John Thompson and its offerings apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to quality above anything else. The company’s clients can expect a long-term return on their investment; its products are designed with low maintenance and running costs in mind. This makes the company’s products a worthwhile acquisition. Furthermore, John Thompson is proud that its quality system is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standards and listed accordingly. Over the years, it has designed and built equipment in accordance with a number of international codes and specifications. John Thompson understands that its team of staff play a crucial role in its ability to meet the expectations of its customers. For this reason, it takes steps to ensure that its team members work to the highest of standards. This ultimately enhances the quality the company is able to offer. In everything they do, employees are encouraged to uphold six core values: customer driven excellence, innovation, leadership, accountability, dignity, and integrity. By instilling these values into its work, the company delivers exceptional customer service. Striving to be the best in its industry, John Thompson understands that catering to staff’s career ambitions is the key to its goals. The company’s established learning and development policy encourages employees to continuously improve their personal and professional skills and attributes. A learning organisation at its core, it supports the growth and development of its people through various platforms. These are designed to enable employees to access study assistance, connect to a wealth of expertise, develop leadership skills, grow as global managers, lead major projects, move around in a leading-edge company, operate in a multicultural environment, and undergo learnership programmes. By investing in the continuous development of its people, John Thompson further enhances its growth and prosperity. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it delivers, John Thompson received two titles in the African Excellence Awards 2023: Technology Pioneers of the Year and Best Energy & Environmental Solutions Provider. In 2024, the company looks forward to the 70th anniversary of its Cape Town manufacturing facility, which marks the start of its seventh decade delivering manufacturing excellence. We congratulate John Thompson on its overwhelming success in this awards programme and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Portia Dubazane Company: John Thompson - A division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd Web Address: