MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 Best Interior Design Company 2023 - Indian Ocean Based in Floreal, Mauritius, ID / VK Design LTD is a modern interior design company that operates throughout many of the Indian Ocean regions. It has completed high-quality, aweinspiring work in places such as South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya, Maldives, India, and more. It uses a consultative and iterative design process, creating uniquely impressive solutions at every opportunity. The world of interior design is readily punctuated by easily recognisable styles. There’s the effortless cool of the light and airy So Cal style, the grown-up eclectic mix of lush textile layers and vintage finds that signals the Bohemian style, and the luxe, opulent glamour of the art deco design era. Mauritius might not have a typical school of interior design directly related to it, but it certainly has a vibe of its own, inviting feelings of warmth, relaxation, and an uplifting blend of exoticism. It occupies the envious position of being able to pull together a heady mix of Asian, African, and European influences in its architecture, which can often influence the choices when it comes to interior design too. ID / VK Design (ID VKD) believes that the secret of its success is being able to continuously adapt its skill sets, and create unique design solutions on every occasion. It is an open and collaborative company, which takes the approach of first ensuring it has a complete understanding of the proposed site, and the context of its client’s project. It will work in a way that’s entirely suitable and appropriate for them (the client), whilst also introducing its own uniquely creative element. It encourages challenges, and welcomes the chance to extol its ingenious solutions. It does this through ensuring open dialogues with clients, making sure it fully comprehends both their identity and personal visions. It’s focus is concentrated on the details, enabling it to develop designs that are pragmatic and flexible. As it says on its gorgeous, picture-packed website, “We listen, communicate and collaborate in order to create.” The aim at ID VKD is to spread a little bit of magic, and leave its own irrepressible mark both in Mauritius itself, and through its work overseas. It has worked with a huge range of businesses, who have trusted it to enhance their spaces with its phenomenal design skills. For example, Air Mauritius, Café Lux, Aspen Global, Capstone, La Pirogue Resorts, Silver Bank, and Southern Cross Hotels are just a few of the names ID VKD has delighted. “Our values reflect our commitment to crafting unique and responsive spaces. Spaces which inspire and celebrate communities.” The way projects proceed is divided into 4 very important stages. The first stage is all about getting to know the client and their space. This is the listening and collaborating stage, when dialogues with its client are the most important thing. Once it’s sure it has gathered enough intel to progress, the second stage can begin. This is the concept development and technical stage of the project. This is when ID VKD begins its consultive and iterative design process. Its studio acts as the hub for its creative workforce, uniting a team of qualified creative problem solvers to brainstorm, create, and bring the spaces to life. Once the concept is pinned down, attention is turned to the meticulous technical design. The third stage is construction, when the detailed focus paid to the design development really pays off. This is what helps ID VKD to create its pragmatic and flexible spaces during this phase. It works closely with contractors, and FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) supply chains to successfully install and commission spaces. The final stage is the one everyone has been eagerly awaiting with bated breath, handover and walkthrough. The conclusion of the project means that ID VKD will perform a site visit to inspect all the works, and make note of any snags that require addressing. The completed space is a reflection of its commitment to craft unique and responsive spaces its users can enjoy and celebrate upon the hand over. “Our portfolio boasts a diverse selection of projects, including resorts, corporate offices, residential projects, as well as commercial centres across the Island of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, including South Africa and Kenya.” ID VKD was established in 1999 by founder and creative director Virginie Maurel, who formed a team of young and dynamic interior designers. It has since evolved into its current position as the most experienced design house in Mauritius, with an extensive and exciting portfolio incorporating corporate, leisure, and residential spaces across Mauritius and beyond. Featured projects the company has worked on throughout its 25 years of creativity include La Pirogue Hotel, a leisure project based at the Sun Resorts Hotel in Flic en Flac, Mauritius. This project involved a complete redesign, renovation, and upgrade of the 225 Keys and all public areas of this legendary beach resort hotel. The venue had been known and loved by many thousands of guests over the years, and was something of an icon within the Mauritian tourist industry after its 40 years in the