MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 7 Jun23186 Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique & Zambia Manica Bikes is a long-trusted supplier of bicycles, motorbikes, spare parts and accessories. It has a young and vibrant team who bring an unparalleled technical expertise to all service and/or maintenance requirements customers might have. The company is proud to serve a wide and varied range of clientele, and to promote the health benefits of an active lifestyle. anica Bikes has a client base that extends from individuals to private sector companies, government departments, non-governmental organisations, and UN agencies. It supplies bikes that are built to withstand some of the most challenging conditions, and are commonly used in developing countries for purposes as varied as transportation, healthcare delivery and rural development projects. Its bicycles are known for their durability, reliability and ability to carry heavy loads. The company values Professionalism, Efficiency and Teamwork (PET) amongst its staff. It defines professionalism as ensuring the highest standards of integrity, accountability and excellence are maintained at all times, and within all aspects of work done to serve communities in need. Manica Bikes defines efficiency as being able to maximise the impact of resources, even if they’re limited, and exhort all efforts to efficiently deliver bikes and any related programmes that empower individuals and communities served by the company. When it comes to teamwork, Manica Bikes interprets the word TEAM as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. It encourages any tasks or challenges to be tackled head on, as a team, and followed all the way through from beginning to the final victory celebrations. A recent project that Manica Bikes was involved in sheds light on exactly how the company operates for the greater good of the industry and indeed the economy of Africa as a whole. In the year 2022, the company took part in an international competitive bidding transaction which resulted in it winning a UNDP tender to supply 1,180 bicycles to the region of Cabo Delgado. It later found out that this province of Mozambique, which is known to be troubled by conflicts of a religious, political and ideological nature, actually had a lot of companies running scared. However, taking the view that its bicycles are more than just a mode of transport, in fact practically a lifeline for some people, Manica Bikes undertook to deliver on its promises. It knows full well that its bicycles will become a source of livelihood essentials, providing access to water, food, education and healthcare. This meant it was largely driven by compassion to get the bikes into the hands of the people that needed them so desperately. Another important aspect of how Manica Bikes is helping Africa is purely through the fact that bikes are green machines, and a major tool when it comes to fighting climate change. It knows how critical this is for Africa, as it is the biggest raw materials source in the world. The company has a mission to provide high quality and durable bikes that promote sustainability, adventure and a healthy lifestyle, which is why it endeavours to get its bikes to as many potential owners in need as it can. As Africa is currently still recovering from the supply disruptions that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the prolonged Russia-Ukraine conflict, there has been a reduction in growth of GDP for 2021-2022. Manica Bikes has retained a positive mental attitude throughout however, and has managed to unlock equivalent opportunities in these trying times by taking advantage of the regional trading blocs, particularly SADC, to allow it to maintain a presence and continue onwards with good business opportunities. Over the years, Manica Bikes has amassed a considerable amount of goodwill, a strong brand image, and an excellent reputation. This is coupled with its wonderfully durable, top-quality products. The company is also hard wired to give back to the community through its corporate responsibility programmes. For example, recently it has been engaging with primary school children to teach them the health benefits of cycling, safety, and basic maintenance skills. Looking forward, Manica bikes realises the potential for increased urbanisation equals growing demand for alternative transportation options, such as e-bikes. It is on board with promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, and welcomes the integration of smart technology into bikes for enhanced connectivity and safety features. This wonderful business has now been recognised as the Best Bike Sales & Repair Company 2023 – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique & Malawi in the African Excellence Awards. Well done to Manica Bikes, and all the absolutely amazing work it is doing for so many people, near and far. It deserves all the praise in the world! Company: Manica Bikes Web Address: Contact Name: Denias Kagande, CEO Contact Tel: +263 242 796 043 Contact Cell: +263 772 324 896 / 774 800 445 Email: [email protected] / [email protected] M Manica Bikes