MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 23 May23618 Best Clean Energy Business Development & Distribution Company 2023 - Nigeria It’s no secret that the state of our environment is deteriorating, and is in desperate need of a little extra care to help repair what’s left of its wellbeing. Thankfully, Bomart Integrated Services (Bomart) is taking the first step towards distributing and developing clean energy and power. By utilising innovative engineering and strategic delivery methods, Bomart has already made incredible progress towards setting a new industry standard that’s nothing short of revolutionary. Bomart is a clean energy and power business development and distribution company whose expertise lies with LPG Gas plant equipment, LPG Bulk Haulage and Distribution, safety PPE and practise, and LPG plant infrastructure design, construction, and operations. Despite its expansive list of services, however, it’s also the most sustainable businesses of its type throughout the entirety of Nigeria. It recognises the importance of combining engineering and strategy to remain as ecologically aware as possible, all whilst guaranteeing the best outcome for its clients. This, combined with the fact that Bomart is an indigenous company that operates in Nigeria, with offices also situated in Lagos and Ibadan, has allowed it to accumulate a fantastic wealth of business relationships with a multitude of international companies. Whether these companies specialise in energy trading services, LPG infrastructure development, high-pressure storage tanks, transport vehicles, or safety PPE, Bomart is onhand to deliver solutions that are best suited to both the client, as well as the environment itself. Bomart truly believes that all businesses and companies have a responsibility to both the planet around us, as well as the surrounding society. As a result, it strictly adheres to carrying out practises that safeguard the wellbeing of the people and the communities that it serves. Its pursuit of excellence in this venture is second to none, and it’s actively contributing towards the biggest shift that the LPG industry has ever seen. Partner this with a desire to give back to the community through charitable acts, and you’re left with a company that truly means it when it says it has the best interests of the people at its core. In such a booming industry, it’s near impossible to maintain an environmentally aware approach. However, Bomart completely dismantles the notion of this impossibility, and instead strives to prove that it’s far more straightforward than most companies may initially think. Not only has it managed to construct approaches that are incredibly conscious of the impact that they may have on the surrounding environment, but it’s coalesced a plethora of services that provide essential assistance in a variety of fields throughout the sector. Bomart consults and sources equipment for a vast amount of high-profile LPG gas trading companies in the West African region, though the primary bulk of its operations take place within Nigeria. Despite this, however, it’s gradually started to expand its reach in a plethora of other business areas, including Lagos, Oyo, Kwara, Ogun, Abuja, and more. By leveraging the previous experience that it’s gained though its decadelong relationships with established participants in the industry, it’s truly set itself apart as an expert of its craft. Time and time again, Bomart has demonstrated an acute awareness of how to adapt fantastic services in ways that are kind towards the environment. Now, more than ever, changes must be made in order to preserve what little of our healthy eco system we have left, and Bomart has already gone above and beyond to make changes that are going to have a positive impact on the environment. This, combined with its dedication to its local communities, makes it a truly special collective that’s bound to continue its admirable work throughout the coming years. Contact: Abisoye Adebayo Company: Bomart Integrated Services Web Address: /