MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 19 Jun23510 Personalised Insurance You Can Trust Insurance is always a crucial part of any business. However, with such a vast array of options to select from, it can sometimes feel as though there’s never going to be a correct answer. However, ICK Insurance Brokers has tirelessly worked to form personalised insurance support in order to find the best possible products for its clients. Below, we delve into how ICK Insurance Brokers’ passion for its field has earned it the title of Best Insurance Broker 2023 – Kenya. ICK Insurance Brokers is a firm that truly believes that integrating into your clients’ business is the first step to success. Only then can you fully understand the individual needs of each respective business, and work accordingly in order to develop tailormade solutions to any of their insurance challenges. Be it protecting clients from predictable risks, or ensuring security against unlikely, unpredictable events, ICK Insurance Brokers is at the forefront of finding the perfect insurance products, no matter how demanding the need. And, as it seems, ICK Insurance Brokers has been beyond successful in establishing itself as a trustworthy and reliable insurance broker within Kenya. Its clients typically consist of multinational companies, each from varying fields of expertise within Transafrica operations. These include, but aren’t limited to – logistics, horticulture, garment manufacturing, trading, hospitality, financial services, and manufacturing. ICK Insurance Brokers offers a versatility that no other broker within Kenya possibly can, and it’s this adept nature that allows it to so confidently navigate its industry. Whether a client is in need of risk analyses, policy sourcing from outside the Kenyan market, claims management services, policy training, competitive premium sourcing, or claims documentation reviewing, ICK Insurance Brokers has every tool at its disposal to help. Its primary focus is simple – to ensure that its clients business is its business too. By fostering a communicative environment that actively encourages innovation, integrity, and clarity, it’s managed to truly make a name for itself as one of the most reliable insurance brokers in the region. As a Kenyan based broker, ICK Insurance Brokers knows better than any how the lack of knowledge in the African economy is the main cause of the deficiency of insurance uptake. As such, as opposed to simply lecturing clients on what insurance products are best for them, it goes above and beyond to educate in an understanding and encouraging manner. ICK Insurance Brokers has made it a part of its ethos to help teach both clients and their staff the ins and outs of policy conditions, as well as how said policies will affect claims settlements. It has a wealth of knowledge at its disposal to share, and each client will receive the same amount of care and dedication as the last. It’s no secret that insurance is difficult to sell in Africa, and this is primarily due to the fact that many insurers have gone into liquidation over the past 20 years. As such, there’s a rampant air of mistrust throughout the region that’s having a detrimental impact on a variety of businesses. In response, ICK Insurance Brokers has made it its aim to deliver comprehensive services that are to be trusted, all whilst encouraging stakeholders in the industry to promote insurance education. Only then can the trust within the insurance sector be restored to its former glory, giving more and more business access to reliable, beneficial insurance. ICK Insurance Brokers is a wholly unique entity that truly understands its industry, and the ways in which said industry operates within its region. Not only has it established an incredible grace when approaching each customer, but its desire to educate and spread awareness on how insurance works in the present day is beyond admirable. No other broker is more deserving of the title of Best Insurance Broker 2023 – Kenya, and we can’t wait to see how, with the rise of technology, ICK Insurance Brokers continues to reinvent the Kenyan insurance market for the better. Contact: Rahul Sahi Company: ICK Insurance Brokers Ltd. Web Address: