MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 26 Jul23201 Biomedic International: Innovative Healthcare Solutions In 2013, Biomedic International was founded with the aim of bringing innovative healthcare solutions and equipment to the United Arab Emirates in order to fulfil the region’s rapidly growing healthcare needs. Having now completed more than 10 years of operations in the UAE’s medical equipment market, the company is proud to have maintained its base line growth year on year despite increasing competition. Biomedic International believes that providing innovative healthcare solutions goes beyond merely guaranteeing technical excellence. For this reason, it takes accountability and responsibility for the lives of those who use its products and depend on them. It aims to ensure that, wherever its products are integrated, lives are protected, supported, and saved. This is the guiding principle on which the organisation operates; it has developed its corporate culture and core strengths accordingly. The client is at the heart of everything Biomedic International does. Binu George Varghese, the company’s accomplished Managing Director, explains, “We are customer focused and we believe customer is the king. All our thinking and actions are focused on our customers. We always strive to understand the exact needs of our customers and provide innovative products, services, and solutions at all times.” This customer centricity guides the approach Biomedic International takes to each new client it works with. It truly listens to its customers in order to understand their requirements and objectives, offering them the most suitable of its products and services. Whilst effective sales are important, Biomedic International believes that its job is only complete when a customer returns for future orders and recommends its products to others. With a thorough understanding of their needs, priorities, and expectations, selling the right product to the right customer can be easy. On the other hand, enabling them to maintain confidence in their purchase is much more difficult and can only be achieved when all promises are met. Biomedic International’s goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction in terms of product quality and value for money. For this reason, its customer service processes are underpinned by one solid principle: ‘We make a mistake; we pay for it’. This enables the company to maintain the trust of its clients. Alongside its intense customer focus, the team at Biomedic International are the secret behind its decade-long success. “Our employees and our suppliers are the heart and soul of our company. Their expertise, dedication, inventiveness, and team spirit have shaped our success story,” comments George. “That’s why we at Biomedic International offer the space necessary for original thinking and attract people who thrive on that freedom. Our work environment provides the greatest possible scope for personal initiative, creativity, and individual development.” Central to this work environment are mutual respect and honest communication. Biomedic International facilitates open channels of discussion, encourages collaboration and teamwork, recognises and appreciates the successes of the team, and works hard to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. With genuine compassion for its staff, the company puts the health and wellbeing of each team member and their family first, offering flexible working patterns to encourage work-life balance. These factors have all enabled Biomedic International to maintain low rates of employee turnaround and high rates of employee satisfaction. It is widely believed that when employees are happy at work, they are more productive and creative, enhancing the services the company can offer. As a result of the continued innovation of its team, Biomedic International has been named Most Innovative Healthcare Solutions Provider in the UAE Business Awards 2023. Currently, healthcare in the UAE is growing and transforming as the world adapts to the trends of digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics. Biomedic International has been successful in ensuring the wide use of its products in many of the private hospitals and clinics in the UAE, but there is still a huge potential for it to obtain further growth. The company looks forward to furthering its digital transformation and incorporating more AI tools into the work it does. George adds, “We would like to add more quality products which are more AI-based to our current product line to ensure we stay ahead of our competition and help our customers handle challenging diagnostic situations.” Company: Biomedic International Web Address: Based in Dubai, Biomedic International is a healthcare solutions provider that specialises in the sale of medical equipment to clients in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology, aesthetics and dermatology, proctology, EVLA surgery, and plastic surgery. For its commitment to innovation, the company has recently been awarded Most Innovative Healthcare Solutions Provider in the UAE Business Awards 2023. Here, we speak to Binu George Varghese, about the business and its future.