Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Specialising in providing bespoke solutions and strategic investment services to a wide range of clients, Ethra Invest is a distinguished investment and private equity firm that has redefined excellence within the Middle East. At the heart of this immense success is its CEO, Saeed Al-Marri. With growth marked by a series of strategic roles and progressive responsibilities across the market, Saeed AlMarri has established a well-deserved synonymity with industry fineness. Let us take you through his journey, and how his vision for the sector’s future has helped to elevate Ethra Invest to all new heights. Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri Featuring:

The Middle East has been an incredibly influential region for thousands of years, and its effect continues to reverberate throughout modern culture. MEA Markets is determined to discover the region’s most valuable business leaders and provide them with the recognition they deserve! Architectural marvels, visionary urban planning and cutting-edge healthcare are just some of the ways in which the Middle East has astonished and influenced the world. The region’s early ingenuities such as the development of algebra in the ninth century have helped to shape and accelerate how society has developed. This ingenuity and display of high sophistication continues into the modern era. MEA Markets believes that business leaders are the predominant drivers of innovation in present day, possessing the means and expertise to enact change upon the world. This is why the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 is imperative, as the region’s CEOs continue to produce groundbreaking work. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor www.mea-markets.com Introducing an essential new addition to MEA Market’s roster of awards, the inaugural Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023! AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Ethra Invest: Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri 8. INNOVIA Biobank: Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo 12. Star Drones: Most Influential Drone R&D CEO 2023 (GCC): Said Abdul Ghafoor 14. Trust Construction Establishment: Turnkey Construction CEO of the Year 2023 (Abu Dhabi): Mohammed Al Jamal 16. ABT Assessments: Most Innovative Education CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Mohamed Gamal 18. Paper Trails Llc: Best Independent Bookstore CEO 2023 (Saudi Arabia): Jawahir Mohammed 20. SVN Capital: Investment & Private Banking CEO of the Year 2023 (Dubai): Stefan Terry 22. Amar Advanced Technology: Most Innovative IT Solutions CEO 2023 (Saudi Arabia): Adel AlRashiedi 23. Lexolent: Asset Recovery CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Nick Rowles-Davies 24. WORKBEE Operations Ltd: PV Systems Cleaning & Inspection CEO of the Year 2023 (Cyprus): Michalis Papageorgiou 25. Synerggie: Most Promising CEO in Consulting & Event Management 2023 (Oman): Bhavna Batra & MEA Business Excellence Pioneer Award 2023 26. ThePubverse (by ArabyAds): Most Empowering eCommerce Marketing CEO 2023: Imad Sarrouf 27. Tres Marias Coffee Company: Most Innovative Specialty Coffee CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Maria Pavani 28. KoolKollekt Delivery Services: Best Chilled Delivery CEO 2023 (UAE): Charles Kuhlman 29. Fitkult: Nutrition & Health CEO of the Year 2023 (Dubai): Joe Fares 30. GCIE Corp Ltd: Best Corporate & Regulatory Service CEO 2023 (Cyprus): Isavella Korelidou- Evripidou 31. DMG – Mountain View: Real Estate Sector Asset Management Business Leader of the Year 2023: Ghada Nour 32. Be That Life: Holistic Health Coaching CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Mary Cristine 33. Access Group International: Project Development CEO of the Year 2023: Saadeddine Mneimne 34. Primestay Holiday Homes: Holiday Home Rental Company CEO of the Year 2023 (Dubai): Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude 35. InCurA: Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturing CEO 2023: Wesam Sarhan 36. Learning Initiative: Business Management CEO of the Year 2023 (Dubai): Shahid Din 37. FinaMaze: Asset Management Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Mehdi Fichtali 12. 31.

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 Specialising in providing bespoke solutions and strategic investment services to a wide range of clients, Ethra Invest is a distinguished investment and private equity firm that has redefined excellence within the Middle East. At the heart of this immense success is its CEO, Saeed Al-Marri. With growth marked by a series of strategic roles and progressive responsibilities across the market, Saeed Al-Marri has established a well-deserved synonymity with industry fineness. Let us take you through his journey, and how his vision for the sector’s future has helped to elevate Ethra Invest to all new heights. esigned to bring new solutions to the shipping, real estate, and structured funds sector, Ethra Invest is a firm that continuously leverages its in-depth market knowledge to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. Delivered by a team of seasoned professionals, these solutions reflect the firm’s overwhelming commitment to meticulous, research-driven investment approaches – ones that unite diligence and forward-thinking to pave the way for a far more versatile method of operation. As a result, Ethra Invest holds the ability to navigate an ever-changing landscape to great effect, earning quite the track record throughout the industry. Whether it’s delivering consistent returns or mitigating risks, the firm has long since earned itself a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most trusted investment and private equity firms. Among its client base is a variety of entities – from high-net-worth individuals and family offices, to institutional investors and corporations. Regardless, Ethra Invest priorities tailored solutions, the likes of which only made possible due to the guidance of CEO Saeed Al-Marri. Leveraging his wealth of experience in a multitude of fields – such as fund management, financial analysis, portfolio management, and deal structuring – Saeed’s role is by far the most prominent when it comes to Ethra Invest’s promises to its clients. This promise is, of course, that each client will receive incomparable levels of empowerment from Ethra Invest during their collaboration. Saeed has constructed the foundations of a brilliant firm, and oversees all of its pursuits in order to ensure each client achieves their financial goals. This is often time realised through a myriad of innovative and sustainable investment strategies that have been built to last – ones that stand as a testament to the hard work and experience that Saeed has put into Ethra Invest. Thanks to his unique industry insight, it’s effortlessly found itself a place at the forefront of industry advancements, which has ultimately led to its clients benefitting from cutting-edge opportunities. Ethra Invest is a firm that embodies Saeed’s vision: “To be recognised as the premier investment and private equity firm in the Middle East, synonymous with integrity, excellence, and value creation.”. And yet, to truly understand how Saeed was able to even begin this journey in the first place, we must first look at the previous roles that have helped to characterize the type of CEO he is today. Initially commencing his career in banking and investment, Saeed actively went above and beyond to refine his skills in an array of fields. Over those years, his roles continued to advance until, eventually, he had his first experience with higher responsibilities. This manifested through the launch of the first ever private equity managed fund in the Middle East’s shipping sector. As CEO of an investment company in the Middle East, Saeed pursued this very venture in the hopes of delivering unique opportunities to investors. These opportunities primarily consisted of direct exposure to bulk dry cargo vessels – a domain that, up until that point, had been predominantly reserved for ship owners and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Having long since recognised the outcry for change within the shipping industry, Saeed quickly became the face of market evolution, with his initiative serving to bridge an age-old gap that had no longer had reason to exist. Fundamentally, the concept focused on creating a private equity manage fund that allowed investors, regardless of investment amounts, to directly involve themselves in the inner workings of the shipping industry. Following its inception, this approach would come to embody the very definition of innovation, with its operations allowing investors to diversify their portfolios, whilst gaining access to areas in which they had never been permitted to have a part. As a culmination of the desire to inspire change, this venture bestowed an immense wealth of knowledge and industry capability upon Saeed, which he proceeded to take with him into his current role as CEO. With such a complex background in leadership and strategic planning, there truly is no man more equipped to navigate such a dynamic market. Combining a deep understanding of the industry’s flow, risk management, and the nuances that partner cultivating successdriven investment strategies, Saeed has fashioned a leadership style that reflects each of his strengths in abundance. Ethra Invest is in the business of tailoring its solutions to meet even the most unique needs of its clients, but it must first gather plenty of information about just what a project requires in order to thrive. Saeed spearheads this process, guiding his team of exceptional professionals towards being able to offer a heightened level of service. Through analysing D Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri

5 Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 the proposed objectives, whilst taking into consideration both requirements and challenges, Ethra Invest demonstrates a prowess for understanding its clients inside out. Ultimately, this involves engaging in in-depth consultations, all so Saeed’s team of specialists can identify the exact outline of a client’s vision, as well as their financial goals and unique circumstances. Once this thorough analysis has been completed, the team progresses to the solutions structuring stage. During this part of the process, Ethra Invest aligns its strategies with a client’s overarching goals, while maintaining an approach that’s specifically designed to achieve their desired outcome. Only possible through the confidence that Saeed has instilled into his team, in tandem with its exclusive talent, Ethra Invest promises a fully customised result via finely tuned strategies. Acting as the cornerstone of the firm’s success, placing emphasis on achieving long-lasting, mutually respectful client relationships is essential. It’s what has granted both Saeed and his team the opportunity to continuously grow to further expand their reach. Tailored solutions are Ethra Invest’s priority, and yet there’s an unapologetic dedication to fostering timeless bonds that brightly shines throughout the company’s practises. Partnered with an immense drive to consistently exceed expectations, Saeed has elevated Ethra Invest to the point where it has come to represent the new standards of the industry. However, in order for a collective to continuously thrive, it must frequently recognise every individual who has helped to uplift it. Saeed is a firm believer in this notion, and expresses how, despite his own expertise playing an integral role in Ethra Invest’s success, it wouldn’t have gained even half of the acclaim that it faces today if not for its team. We believe Saeed puts it best – “The success of Ethra Invest is a collective effort. I would like to highlight the exceptional contributions of our dedicated team. Their commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit are instrumental in realizing our strategic vision and achieving the milestones that have led to the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards.” Saeed isn’t only devoted to his team and clients, however. Quite the opposite – with enough room in his heart to consider the impact that his company has on surrounding communities, Saeed goes above and beyond to commit himself to corporate social responsibility. By ensuring that Ethra Invest actively engages in initiatives that are designed to uplift the wellbeing of the communities within which the company operates, Saeed displays an immense amount of empathy. Regardless of whether this manifests through the company’s environmental awareness, or through its dedication to social welfare and ethical business practises, keeping Ethra Invest aligned with the best interests of the local community is vital to Saeed. Values are exceedingly important to Saeed, and it’s clear that he’s fully focused on ensuring that these values are reflected throughout every aspect of Ethra Invest. Not only has he frequently defied the expectations of a typical CEO through the perfectly tailored services that his collective offers; by remaining mindful of the world around him, Saeed has painted a comprehensive picture of exactly what the company stands for. Ethra Invest is a manifestation of Saeed’s passion for providing constant forward momentum for his clients, but his attitude truly shines through his steadfast principles. The result is a company that actively seeks out innovation and adaptation, all to be the best version of itself for the world surrounding it. Having spent many years investing in his own personal growth, Saeed has placed himself in the ideal position to pursue endless innovation. In doing so, he has secured a wealth of benefits for Ethra Invest – ones that directly derive from having a leader who is thoroughly equipped with all of the necessary tools to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities within the industry. Upholding continuous development is key to this process; it’s what has assisted Saeed in renewing the excellence that Ethra Invest captures, assuring clients that they’re in the best possible hands when working alongside the firm’s team. In essence, Saeed’s commitment to career development, aligned with his love for learning, has helped to forge a timeless collective whose invaluable nature will never dwindle. Nobody ever stops learning, and Saeed is the model example of this notion. He holds a brilliant passion for lifelong learning that translates through both Ethra Invest’s services and solutions, as well as though the team he surrounds himself with. Be it educating himself on the newest emerging technologies, or updating his industry insight to devise new strategies for clients, there isn’t anything that Saeed isn’t willing to do in order to invite success into both his and his customers’ collectives. In short, Saeed demonstrates an unparalleled love for his field, and he’s certain that it’s this very passion that has played a large part in Ethra Invest’s growth throughout the years. Partnered with the brilliance of his team, Saeed is constantly raising the bar in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. In this vein, it’s important to mention Ethra Invest’s unshakable determination to set its sights on the future. Saeed has always been an expert of seeing the bigger picture, and places focus on, not only working on present successes, but also proactively leveraging his long-term vision for what Ethra Invest could become. Committed to building a legacy of excellence, integrity, and sustainable growth, Saeed is constantly moving Ethra Invest towards a future that’s simply filled with evolution, while delivering meaningful contributions towards the investment and private equity sector. After all, with the accomplishments that the company has seen over the years, it’s only natural to expect that the blueprint Saeed has created will continue to be followed for years to come.

7 Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri It isn’t often that you come across a man who has the ability to reshape an entire industry’s idea of what excellence should be. However, Saeed Al-Marri, with Ethra Invest as a catalyst, has completely redefined what clients should expect from an investment and private equity company. Saeed has successfully created a new face for the market, and it’s this very achievement that has continuously justified his position as an award-winning CEO. Ethra Invest is such an ambitious collective, and we simply can’t wait to see where its eye for innovation and longevity takes it as CEO Saeed Al-Marri guides it into 2024. Contact: Emad Shahin Company: Ethra Invest Web Address: https://ethrainvest.com/

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 In the vast continuum of medical breakthroughs, the world stands poised on the precipice of a transformative era. This epoch is being shaped by the groundbreaking feats of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. INNOVIA Biobank is pioneering such a monumental shift in the MENA region. INNOVIA Biobank, the parent company of BabyCord and subsidiaries, is Jordan’s first biobank and a symbol of relentless innovation, dedication, and foresight. Starting out as an umbilical cord blood and tissue storage facility, it grew to become a leading medical and research facility. In 2016, in order to expand prospects for cutting-edge medical applications and treatments utilizing stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood and tissue in the MENA region, Dr. Maher Sarraf founded BabyCord, a subsidiary of INNOVIA Biobank, in Jordan. This came about after more than 11 years of serving as agents on behalf of a stem cell bank in Boston. Now, the company’s CEO, Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo has seen well-deserved success within the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023, so we learn more about the company and the important work it does. Babycord Stemcell Bank: The Elixir of Life Venturing into the labyrinth of stem cell research is Babycord stem cell bank. Its focus on preserving stem cells from cord blood and dental pulp is not merely scientific—it’s revolutionary. Stem cells, especially embryonic ones, are significant because they are unspecialized cells with the rare ability to differentiate into 200 types of specialized cells including blood, brain, muscle, and bone cells, which can be induced naturally or experimentally to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. These robust stem cells are not just inscriptions in medical journals. They are transformative agents capable of remedying a vast array of blood disorders, metabolic Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry challenges, immune insufficiencies, and some cancers like leukemia. Additionally, they provide tremendous therapeutic potential for conditions like cerebral palsy and autism that are still undergoing clinical trials. While stem cells can be obtained from a donor’s bone marrow, the sample must be a perfect match, unlike stem cells extracted from cord blood. What is more, bone marrow collection is a painful and invasive procedure that requires the use of anesthesia. In contrast, the process of collecting umbilical cord blood and tissue during normal and caesarean deliveries is non-intrusive and painless for both mother and child. “It is one of the most life-affirming developments, because what used to be discarded as clinical waste —the placenta and umbilical cord — is now harvested as a reservoir for highly effective, regenerative medicine,” Dr. Maher Sarraf says. If a parent misses the chance to preserve a child’s stem cells at birth, it is not as catastrophic as one might believe. Stem cells can also be extracted from other sources such as milk teeth. So if your child has a wiggly tooth that eventually falls out — you can keep it for advantages even the tooth fairy can’t. “The versatility of dental pulp stem cells, especially their potential in nerve and tissue repair, paints a future not limited by medical constraints,” Sarraf adds. Cord blood can be used as a treatment for not just the child, but the entire family — including parents, siblings, and maternal and paternal grandparents — for a lifetime.

9 INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 The extracted cord blood contains genetic receptors specific to each person, called Human Leukocyt Antigen (HLA). Usually, these receptors are identical to the child’s and match first-degree relatives: siblings, father, and mother, at a percentage of 25 to 100 percent. For a family that includes the child, siblings, parents, and grandparents, there is a high probability — 40 percent — that at least one family member will be diagnosed with a condition that can use stem cells for treatment. The process So where does BabyCord come in? The company supplies customers with a cord blood collection kit prior to a baby’s due date. The assigned BabyCord on-call nurse will bring an additional collection kit and help the physician with the collection once the delivery starts. After the baby’s delivery and after the clamping and separation of the umbilical cord, a needle attached to the collection bag is inserted into the center of cord and the placenta, causing the blood to flow into it. The bag gets packaged in specialized padded boxes and transported to the lab less than an hour from the time of collection to optimize the number of viable stem cells recovered. Each cord blood unit is assigned a unique barcode identifier number that is traceable throughout the processing and preservation procedure to prevent any cross-contamination. Once the stem cells are separated from whole blood, they are collected into a specialized biocompatible multi-segmented cryogenic storage blood bag in preparation for cryopreservation (the process of freeze-storing cells at very low temperatures) and storage. The cryopreservation rates of cooling vary depending on its stage, resulting in positive effects on stem cell recovery after thawing. The initial freezing process is computercontrolled at a pre-set rate followed by storage in -196°C high-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks. INNOVIA Tissue Bank: The Vanguard of Reproductive Evolution However, INNOVIA is not only limited to cord blood and stem cells. 2019 witnessed INNOVIA’s ambitious foray into tissue banking — a testament to its drive to diversify and amplify its global footprint. INNOVIA’s tenet as a tissue bank comes from ‘patients stay, tissue moves’. Collaborations with prestigious entities like the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University Hospital of Dusseldorf speak volumes. The crown jewel? Its groundbreaking Fertility Preservation Program, with a keen emphasis on preserving ovarian tissue. This isn’t just a medical procedure; it’s a beacon of hope for cancerafflicted women worldwide, gifting them agency over their reproductive destinies. INNOVIA Genetics: Deciphering the Code of Life Venturing deeper into the genetic matrix, INNOVIA Genetics emerges as a pioneer. Through advanced technology, it unravels the intricate dance of genes, offering diagnostic testing and invaluable consultations. The stellar offering of NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) stands as a beacon of our ceaseless dedication to healthcare excellence. INNOVIA Lab: Healthcare Beyond Boundaries For those questing a gamut of healthcare solutions, INNOVIA Lab emerges as the answer, offering an extensive suite of general laboratory services, tailored to address diverse health requirements. The company’s commitment? An unparalleled healthcare journey. INNOVIA Academy: Shaping the Medical Titans of Tomorrow INNOVIA doesn’t just embrace today; it shapes tomorrow. Its association with the University of Jordan culminates in INNOVIA Academy — a unique institution specializing in cutting-edge courses on genetics, stem cells, and advanced lab techniques. Its mission? To mold the torchbearers of future medical wonders. INNOVIA’s state-of-the art facility, strategically located five minutes away from the international airport, is constructed using reinforced steel and concrete, storage areas insulated with specialized bullet-proof glass and concrete walls, automated backup generators, computer networking with remote location data record backup, and on-site and remote audio/video monitoring and recording. INNOVIA’s precautions ensure protection against natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, and floodings, and external attacks such as theft or vandalism. The building also has 24-hour security system connected to rapid emergency and protection authority notification and deployment, and 24-hour on-duty guards. Such meticulous adherence to global standards is mirrored in INNOVIA’s laudable ISO certification, coupled with a full-fledged accreditation from the (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)). This regional and global recognition doesn’t culminate here; its proud registration with the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) accentuates its commitment to global healthcare standards. INNOVIA Biobank is not merely a laboratory; it’s an institution that envisions and safeguards our collective future health. In the grand tapestry of regenerative medicine, INNOVIA Biobank shines brightly. It is not just an establishment; it is a promise — a vision for a future where medicine isn’t just enhanced; it’s revolutionary. As the company navigates these exciting waters, its beacon remains constant: a relentless pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for all. INNOVIA Genetics: A World-Class Center of Excellence in Genetic Services INNOVIA Genetics proudly stands as a beacon in the world of genetic medicine. Having received widespread global acclaim, its reputation as a top-ranking institution is indisputable. At the heart of this immense success is Dr. Mohammed Raqqad, a distinguished clinical geneticist. As INNOVIA Genetics’ Medical Director, Dr. Raqqad ensures that the entire spectrum of services – from diagnostics to treatments – adheres to the highest benchmarks of excellence. Moreover, his role as the Dean of INNOVIA ACADEMY is a testament to his relentless passion for nurturing and equipping the next cadre of genetic aficionados. Underpinned by a stellar team of professionals, INNOVIA Genetics is unwavering in its mission: harnessing genetic insights for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Key Specializations within the team: • An expert consultant in Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy, and Neurophysiology brings to the table a

11 deep-rooted understanding of intricate neurological challenges faced by its pediatric demographic. • A distinguished specialist in Inherited Metabolic Diseases is instrumental in pioneering innovative pathways for the management and treatment of metabolic disorders. • A Dermatologist and Venereologist, delving deep into the genetic intricacies of the skin, ensuring patients avail comprehensive dermatological care. • A Senior Consultant of Pediatric Cardiology leading its pediatric heart care and offering groundbreaking cardiac care solutions for younger patients. Comprehensive Genetic Counseling: Understanding the contemporary needs for adaptability and flexibility, INNOVIA Genetics provides both virtual and in-person genetic counseling sessions. Designed with utmost precision, these sessions aim to demystify the complex realm of genetics for patients. Alongside, INNOVIA Genetics offers an extensive array of genetic tests and services, guaranteeing a holistic genetic solution for each and every person. Pioneering in Reproductive Genetics: Its forte in Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies (PGTA) and NonInvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) places it at the forefront of reproductive genetics. The company is dedicated to offering a seamless and enriching experience for both individuals and families navigating these genetic pathways. State-of-the-Art Facility: Its exemplary services are housed in a modern facility designed and customized to meet the rigorous demands of genetic medicine. Its College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation is not merely a badge of honor; it’s a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Achieving this accreditation required meeting stringent standards signifies the company’s devotion to best practices and patient safety. Vision for the Future: As the landscape of genetic medicine continuously evolves, so does INNOVIA Genetics. Its horizon is brimming with goals and aspirations, including furthering research, introducing avant-garde genetic solutions, and expanding collaborations with global institutions. INNOVIA Academy: Bridging the Gap in Genetics and Stem Cells Education In today’s rapidly evolving medical landscape, genetics and stem cells stand out as two of the most promising and groundbreaking fields. Yet, despite their vast potential, there remains a distinct lack of comprehensive education specifically tailored to these specialized fields. INNOVIA Academy addresses this exact void by equipping the next generation of healthcare professionals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to drive further innovation in these domains. Why INNOVIA Academy was established? The idea of INNOVIA Academy was inspired by a simple, yet profound realization: while genetics and stem cells held the key to future medical miracles, there was an acute shortage in institutions offering specialized courses on these subjects. Traditional medical curricula, though rigorous, frequently merely touches the surface of these topics. As pioneers in the biobank industry, INNOVIA recognized the imperative of a deeper, more thorough and more focused education in genetics and stem cells. As a result, INNOVIA Academy stands as a beacon of specialized knowledge in a sea of generalist medical education and functions as a knowledge hub. It offers an in-depth curriculum on genetics, coupled with hands-on training sessions, workshops, and research projects. Affiliation with the University of Jordan: A Confluence of Legacy and Innovation The partnership with the University of Jordan represents more than just a strategic decision; it represents the fusion of historic academic prestige with avant-garde medical education. The University, with its rich history and stellar academic reputation, lends credibility, legitimacy, and depth to the academy. This affiliation ensures that the curriculum is rooted in foundational academic principles as it keeps up with the cutting-edge medical advancements. CPD Accreditation: A Testament to Excellence Earning the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation is no small feat. It stands as a rigorous endorsement of the academy’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing the knowledge and skills of its students and faculty. INNOVIA Academy’s courses aren’t just designed to impart knowledge; they aim to foster continuous learning and professional growth. Courses Tailored for Tomorrow Understanding that the realms of genetics and stem cells are vast and multifaceted, INNOVIA Academy offers a range of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of its students. From foundational courses introducing the basic concepts to advanced modules exploring the latest research and techniques, the academy ensures that its students are always a step ahead, ready to shape the future of Medicine. A Vision for the Future Although INNOVIA Academy was established in response to a current need, its vision is firmly set on the future. Beyond merely providing education, the academy’s mission is shaping future thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the fields of genetics and stem cells. With the steadfast support of its affiliates and the dedication of its faculty, INNOVIA Academy is not just teaching medicine; it’s redefining it. INNOVIA Academy is the movement – striving to bridge the knowledge gap in two of the most crucial medical fields. Through its endeavors, the academy ensures that the promise of genetics and stem cells is not just realized but surpassed, heralding a brighter, healthier future for all. Company: INNOVIA Biobank Contact: Dr. Mohannad AlGhazo Email: [email protected] Website: innoviabiobank.com INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 Oman-based Star Drones utilises its extensive research and development capabilities in order to craft reliable, versatile, and high-quality drones that can be used across industry, exceeding the ever-evolving needs of the clients which it serves. At the centre of the company’s aims is a desire to manufacture the first Omani drone, which will ultimately represent a shift in the country’s technological direction. Drones that are produced by the firm boast an extensive range of applications, such as agriculture, monitoring the environment, infrastructure inspection, delivery, logistics, and much more. At the helm of this fascinating project is CEO and awardee Said Abdul Ghafoor Saif Udeen, whose passion for the stars and aviation has acted as the undercurrent for the business’ success, with his hands-on and driven approach enabling effective collaboration with his dedicated team, truly elevating the technological capabilities of his country. Upon graduating from Waljat Colleges of Applied Science with a degree in computer applied science, Star Drones CEO Said Abdul Ghafoor began his career working as a database and marketing executive for Mercedes-Benz at Zawawi Trading Co., while spending his free time teaching himself about computer graphics, before taking courses on advance poly modelling. It was after further study and a role as a senior digital artist with Reality CG L.L.C. that Said’s lifelong passion for flight and electronics took over, and with a host of past experience and knowledge to boot, he launched a small drone services start-up, a remedy for his ache to take man to the stars. Most Influential Drone R&D CEO 2023 (GCC): Said Abdul Ghafoor U Both an innovator and inventor, Said possesses an “unwavering commitment to technological innovation”, and the culmination of his journey so far has been the mass-producing of drones with applications such as aerial photography, filmmaking, surveillance, search and rescue, agriculture, environmental monitoring, infrastructure inspection, logistics, mapping, surveying, and even recreational use. A partnership with Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources has enabled the drones to be used in settings such as fumigating pesticides, proving to be more efficient than the helicopters used previously, with drones also proving incredibly useful in crop health monitoring and assessing soil. Innovation is something that Said and the team take great pride in, such as when they acquired a heavy hybrid drone from China, which was subsequently transformed into an entirely electric model by replacing the engine with LiPo batteries. The result of this effort was experienced almost immediately, as the reduced weight significantly increased the breadth of duties the drone could undertake, particularly in the logistics sector, where it aided immeasurably in streamlining processes and yielding greater efficiency. One of the most impressive things about the drones is that they are extremely diverse, and thus can be tailored and fitted with customised solutions based on the specific needs of clients. Across the industry at present, there are number of factors at play that are directly influencing Star Drones and other such companies seeking to drive innovation in the field. These include the importance and often difficulty of securing the necessary funding and investment, as well as the advances in technology, which result in leaps forward but also require constant innovation for a company to successfully distinguish itself from the competition. Since drones are also subject to strict regulation that differs in every country, staying atop of this is equally important, as too is managing competition from the market, its trends, and increasing customer demand. Tackling such tasks is something that Said enjoys in his CEO role, and the leadership style that he has honed over the years ensures that everybody in Star Drones is empowered and aware of the company’s goals and the methods to adopt to aid in working towards these. Said explains, “I prioritise clear communication of our vision, ensuring that it’s a part of our regular discussions, meetings, and corporate communications. It’s vital that every team member understands not just what our goals are, but also why they matter.” Throughout his duties, Said also emphasises the importance of continuous learning, rewarding meaningful contributions, engaging through feedback, and operating with transparency. In addition to the above, there exists a series of additional aspects that are integral to the company’s journey and representative of the personal approach Said and the team have built their reputation on providing. There is an emphasis within the firm on promoting diversity and inclusion, working towards reducing its carbon footprint and contributing towards a greener future, engaging with the community and recognising social responsibility, remaining adaptable in times of necessary change, being driven to providing customer-centric innovation, and, perhaps most importantly, remaining steadfast in its goals and visions for the future. Said’s tenure as CEO has not been without its challenges however, with one of the biggest being assembling a team that is comprised of just the right amount of expertise, creativity, and drive. To overcome

13 Most Influential Drone R&D CEO 2023 (GCC): Said Abdul Ghafoor this challenge meant investing significantly in the hiring process, yet a culture has been created that today attracts the best and brightest talent that are always demonstrably contributing to the company’s output. Moreover, it has been incredibly difficult to secure funding, navigate regulation, manage advancements in technology, understand and adapt to the needs and expectations of customers, address concerns regarding sustainability and manage the ongoing challenge of identifying new markets. Nevertheless, Said remains wholly focused on the future, continuing to overcome any of the challenges that stand in the way on his path to orchestrating the manufacturing of the first Omani drone. He explains, “as the CEO of Star Drones, my future aspirations and plans for the business are centred around growth, innovation, and sustainability.” As 2024 begins, there is a defined focus on spotlighting the expansion of the business’ technological frontiers, renewing its commitment to sustainable working methods, expanding into new markets, forging strategic partnerships and collaborations, enhancing engagement, investing further in talent through training, launching new products, and reinforcing sustainable growth. In terms of his own career, Said tells us how he is dedicated to continuing to build upon his current successes, implementing a series of strategic plans which focus on both the company’s growth and his own personal and professional development. This will take the form of undertaking continuous learning and education, developing his leadership skills, networking and engaging with the industry, encouraging experimentation with the latest technologies, as well as being open to new and innovative approaches within the business. Other areas of focus for Said in 2024 include enhancing his personal brand, recognising the importance of work-life balance, giving back, and finally planning for his successor. To summarise, Said explains, “there are no limits to where our collective efforts can take us. The future looks exciting and the potential of getting into other industries seems a challenge worth taking.” If man is soon to be among the starts, one can expect Said Abdul Ghafoor Saif Udeen to be leading the charge, and we wish him and Star Drones the best of luck for 2024 and beyond and celebrate the man himself with this award that recognises his distinction as CEO in the field of drone research and development. Contact: Said Abdul Ghafoor Saif Udeen Email: [email protected] Company: Star Drones Web Address: https://stardrones.om/

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 Founded in 1985, Trust Construction Establishment is a general contracting and trading company with first category classification. Over the years, the company has completed construction projects ranging from commercial 24 story high-rise towers to specialised projects such as heavy industrial works and the construction of sports stadiums. Under CEO Mohammed Al Jamal’s professional management, Trust Construction strives to foster longlasting client relationships and deliver turnkey construction solutions that meet their exact specifications. For his client-centric leadership, Mohammed Al Jamal has received our award for Turnkey Construction CEO of the Year (Abu Dhabi). It is Trust Construction’s vision to become the world’s leading construction company in the fields of Civil Construction, MEP Design and Execution, Procurement, and Engineering Design. With its long expertise and core group of qualified staff, the company adds value by consistently delivering high-quality, safe, and timely services. The team prioritises the best interests of its customers, shareholders, employees, and the community it serves. Its major clients include the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA), the Command of Military Works (CMW), the UAE Presidential Guard (UAE-PG), and the Presidential Court in the United Arab Emirates. When approaching a new client or project, Mohammed Al Jamal’s strategy involves extensive research and collaborating with stakeholders. By creating clear communication channels, the company can receive feedback throughout the process and incorporate fresh perspectives. Stakeholder engagement ensures that a project meets clients’ needs and results in a successful outcome for both the client and the organisation. It is this detailed focus that has awarded the company a renowned reputation and helped establish trusting relationships with its clients. The construction industry in the United Arab Emirates is currently experiencing significant growth. The sector has produced many impressive projects and continues to invest in sustainable initiatives. The industry’s transformation has brought about several challenges such as market competition and regulatory changes. By remaining agile and innovative, Trust Construction can navigate the evolving landscape and ensure its continued success. Technological advancement has also impacted the sector, and fostering innovation is key to adapting to these changes. The company aims to stay attuned to evolving market dynamics, regulatory changes, and clients’ expectations to ensure it consistently delivers effective turnkey solutions. On his journey to CEO, Mohammed Al Jamal shares, “I began working under experienced and specialised project managers and operations managers who provided me with a wealth of experience. As a CEO, I draw extensively from these experiences, applying lessons learned in areas like strategic planning, team leadership, and problem-solving. My career path has been instrumental in shaping my leadership style, fostering adaptability, and instilling a proper understanding of business operations. This background equips me to navigate challenges and drive the company’s success. My mentor and father, Dr. Engineer Fouad Al Jamal, was instrumental in shaping my leadership and management style.” Mohammed’s direction is also driven by communication and collaboration. By openly communicating with team members, he creates a supportive environment that values diverse perspectives and sets clear expectations to help everyone reach their shared goals. Motivating his team and providing continuous development opportunities has improved employee retention and satisfaction. Employees are motivated differently, and it is an effective leader’s role to determine what motivational approach will inspire their workforce. In the future, Mohammed aims to focus on scaling the business through strategic partnerships and innovative projects. The organisation is set to unveil new projects that align with industry trends and customers’ evolving requirements. Moving into 2024, Trust Construction plans to expand its operations, foster sustainability, and strive for continuous improvement within the company. We are excited to see what innovative developments the business will undertake in the future in its pursuit of excellence. Mohammed Al Jamal has received our award for Turnkey Construction CEO of the Year (Abu Dhabi). Mohammed concludes, “This award reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone who has worked for Trust Construction over the years. I consider myself lucky to continue advancing the solid foundation established by Dr. Engineer Fouad Khamis Al Jamal. This award belongs to not only me but also to my hardworking team.” Contact Details Contact: Mohammed Al Jamal Company: Trust Construction Establishment Web Address: http://www.trustuae.com Turnkey Construction CEO of the Year 2023 (Abu Dhabi): Mohammed Al Jamal

15 Turnkey Construction CEO of the Year 2023 (Abu Dhabi): Mohammed Al Jamal

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 ABT Assessments provides standardised assessments for the Arabic language, Islamic education, social studies, and reading for Arabs and Non-Arabs in the UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Tests cover reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills for Arabic and elements of the Islamic faith. Founder Mohamed Gamal established ABT Assessment to promote the Arabic language, the Islamic religion, and the Arab identity around the world. For his unparalleled vision, Mohamed Gamal has received our award for Most Innovative Education CEO of the Year (UAE). ounded in 2016, ABT Assessments is dedicated to improving knowledge of Arabic subjects and empowering Arab identities around the world. The organisation caters to schools throughout the Middle East and beyond with assessments based on international standards for Arabic and Islamic. ABT Assessments currently works with over 850+ schools worldwide, with over 700K students. The organisation aims to be the global leader of benchmark tests for Arabic subjects. Its assessments focus on four skills for Arabic (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) and six elements of Islam (the Holy Qur’an and Hadeeth, Islamic Values and Principles, Islamic Law and Etiquettes, Seerah and Islamic figures, and Faith Identity and Belonging). It is CEO Mohamed Gamal’s belief that the goal of education is not to increase knowledge but to create opportunities for children to discover their own abilities and become the best people that they can be. For 18 years, Mohamed worked as a teacher and Head of Arabic and Islamic for several educational institutions. It is his vision with ABT Assessments to promote the Arabic language and provide standardised tests that schools can use to measure students’ learning. The organisation remains steadfast in its core values of effective communication, integrity, innovation, and transparency. ABT Assessments is unmatched in its respect for values, heritage, and cultural diversity. It strives to continually develop its offerings in order to provide the best possible support for its clientele. ABT Assessments has created several professional platforms to assist students in their learning with fun, interactive lessons. These activities take learners step-by-step then encourage them to practice the language themselves. The platforms offer short assessments to measure students’ progress and once they have passed, learners receive a certificate. The organisation delivers three assessments throughout the year to assess students’ skills and knowledge. There are three rounds of assessments that run for three months and commence in September, January, and April. After completion, schools receive detailed reports that allow them to see the exact level of student attainment to help them develop their curriculum. Within five to seven working days, each student receives a personalised report based on their progress, strengths, and points for improvement. Reports include the student’s mark sheet, an attainment report, progress throughout the academic year, a year-toyear report, and many other elements. The data is displayed in charts and shows an analysis based on internal and external benchmarks. Schools receive a combined progress report that provides skills analysis, gender analysis, and individual analysis. The document highlights students that fall above or below curriculum expectations for their country or globally. An overall progress report is generated based on the attainment for each year group and level. There is also a comparison report between schools based on to their curriculums and year groups. Questions such as multiple choice, matching, rearranging, and true/ false are assessed automatically, whereas writing and speaking questions are marked by ABT Assessments’ marking department. Its team assesses papers with fairness, accuracy, and consistency and follows a guideline for marking questions. ABT Assessments provide reliable data that schools can use to measure students’ progress within the academic year and beyond. Its website outlines grade boundaries and learning outcomes for every assessment to help schools predict results and build their curriculums. CEO Mohamed Gamal is proud of the company’s consistently high-quality services and fast customer service. ABT Assessments prioritises customer satisfaction and aims to address clients’ needs promptly with clear communication. Mohamed exhibits consistency in his leadership style to create a culture of accountability and trust. Consistency prevents uncertainty and allows employees to fully understand their roles’ responsibilities and expectations. This ultimately results in higher levels of engagement, productivity, and employee satisfaction. ABT Assessments provides schools with standardised assessments based on the international standards for Arabic and Islamic. Tests cover reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills for Arabic and elements of the Islamic faith. CEO Mohamed Gamal established ABT Assessments with the objective of promoting the Arabic language, the Islamic religion, and Arab identities worldwide. With its core values of effective communication, integrity, innovation, and transparency, the organisation aims to be the best international benchmark test for Arabic and Islamic subjects. Its professional reports and reliable analyses are designed to help schools accurately measure their students’ learning. Online platforms assist students with their lessons and can be used to measure their development. Detailed reports are provided to students so that they can view their progress, strengths, and areas for development. Schools receive combined progress reports, overall progress reports, and comparison reports, which allow them F Most Innovative Education CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Mohamed Gamal