Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 31 Real Estate Sector Asset Management Business Leader of the Year 2023: Ghada Nour Spurred on by the prospect of continuous development and real estate investment expert DMG - Mountain View is one of few groups operating on the top-tier of Egypt’s private property development, design and construction scene. Specializing in the development of a series of first tier residencies/resorts, the group today proudly boasts more than ten projects scattered across Egypt, with some proudly located in the country’s top locations, including East and West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast, and the North Coast. Attracting an array of local and international investors alike, DMG - Mountain View proudly embodies the highest calibre of international standards across its work, working with partner firms in the areas of design, engineering, and consulting to deliver projects designed to enhance experiences. As the Group CEO Investment & Asset Management and awardee Ghada Nour, a senior executive possessing 28 years of direct experience operating in both the combined commercial and investment banking sectors. This near three decades of knowledge has been gathered from working across a plethora of multinational financial institutions, such as Andersen Consulting – USAID Privatization Project, Commercial International Investment Company (CIIC), Robert Flemings London, and National Societie Generale Bank (NSGB), with each proving to be invaluable in providing Ghada with the relevant knowledge and expertise that has resulted in her today thriving as Group CEO Investment & Asset Management of DMG – Mountain View. Having joined the firm back in 2010 as the group’s strategic planning and investment director, Ghada was responsible for assessing new investment opportunities and managing the potential acquisitions the firm could make across the group’s three sectors, namely Real Estate, Engineering, and Investment, as a head of DMG’s Investment Committee. Moreover, Ghada was in charge of growing Mountain View’s land bank in order to cater for its growth, where she managed to acquire 11 million sqm of residential and commercial land starting 2010 and up to date through different acquisition / partnership transactions. She was also responsible for the Group’s Bank Financing, where she managed to create very strong relationships with more than 20 commercial banks and financial institutions and arranged structured finance deals suited for the group companies. Ghada was also leading the Strategy Committee to formulate the group’s strategy 2030 with detailed thrusts, action plans, priorities, and the new vision and mission for each of our group’s sectors. Ghada has proven herself to be an exemplary standout in the sector of real estate asset management, and we are proud to bestow this prestigious award upon her, as well as wishing her the best of luck for 2024 and beyond, as they continue to traverse the complex and ever-changing real estate industry. Contact: Ghada Nour Company: DMG – Mountain View Web Address: https://www. mountainviewegypt.com/