Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 33 ccess Group International’s initiation stemmed from a visionary team of professionals, who effectively utilised their 20+ years of experience in consulting and project management to nurture an effective company that operates across borders. Bolstered by a united front and a core focus on yielding technological advancement, developing projects, and prioritising environmental, sustainable, and international relations/trade, the team are proud to have worked on the inception of 12 subsidiaries spanning multiple areas of the globe, including Türkiye, Georgia, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and Australia. Key areas of triumph for AGI include its work in the area of oyster mushroom production, with this project being initiated in Türkiye three years ago following a period of rigorous study and market analysis. These mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus, are considered to be delicacies in countries such as Japan, China, and Korea, and thus are in high demand on a global scale. This holistic project includes every stage of the process from raw material production to using specialised tents for the purposes of cultivation and development, as well as selling and trading, carried out under the certified brand, Mushy Gourmet. A An entity comprised of a series of companies serving multiple facets of industry, Access Group International (AGI) assists immeasurably in the realm of project management and food security, spanning an array of industries and sectors. With these offerings to boot, it is no surprise that, since being founded in 2016, the company has stood as a beacon for pioneering, excellence, and independence, embodying greatness across a multitude of spheres. At the helm since the very beginning has been Founder and CEO Saadeddine Mneimne, whose status as a strategic planner with a PhD and experience as a professional business consultant has greatly aided AGI in reaching the highest of highs within the sector. Similar distinction has been experienced in the form of the firm’s honey project in Georgia, with AGI’s Royal B Honey producing honey made from the grey Caucasian bee, a species famed for its excellent produce, even in rainy conditions. Georgia serves as the ideal location for this project due to its status as the subspecies “central homeland”, and with 7000 beehives in the region, production reaches highs of 315 tonnes per season, with the product then being exported across the world to hopefully reach the impressive projected ROI rate of 57%. Other such investment project areas where brilliance can be found includes real estate development, where investors can expect an estimated 35% return on their investments. None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of CEO and awardee Saadeddine Mneimne, whose unmatched experience working in business consultancy for companies across Türkiye and Lebanon has proved instrumental in shaping his career path and thus led to him developing AGI from the ground up. He explains, “I gained valuable experience in various industries, honing my skills in strategic planning, market analysis, and problem-solving. This experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the business world.” When it comes to developing a new project, the approach favoured by Saadeddine is one that can be described as systematic, and includes an initial assessment, team selection, project scope definition, stakeholder engagement, clear communication, risk assessments, quality assurance, integration of feedback, closing of the project once completed, and post-project evaluation. Describing his methods, Saadeddine explains, “this approach ensures that the project outcome meets the needs of all stakeholders through effective communication and adaptability.” Across the industry at present, many changes are being felt which are severely impacting the shape the future of the sector is sure to take. Chief among these includes the shift to a remote working model, digital transformations, the prioritising of sustainable methods, concerns regarding cybersecurity, an increase in agile/hybrid methodologies, a worldwide skill shortage, as well as the rise of AI. Saadeddine describes adapting to these trends as being vital for success and goes lengths in highlighting his transformational and inclusive leadership approach, which prioritises a clear vision, leading by example, and effective, transparent communication. In order to build upon his current success and further distinguish Access Group International in the marketplace, Saadeddine Mneimne is committed to prioritising service excellence, the developing of talent, the company’s famed client-centric approach, innovation and the adoption of new and exciting technologies, as well as expanding globally and sustainably while remaining assure and compliant. This is certain to ensure continued growth and excellence in the field, and we wish Saadeddine and everyone at the company the very best as they continue their pioneering work. Contact Details Contact: Saadeddine Mneimne Company: Access Group International Web Address: https://accessgroup-intl.com/ Project Development CEO of the Year 2023: Saadeddine Mneimne