Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 26 Launched in 2022, ThePubverse is a leading performance marketing company working to empower businesses through tailored affiliate marketing, influencer partnerships, and media buying solutions. Since August 2022, the business has been headed by CEO Imad Sarrouf, an experienced digital growth catalyst with a proven track record of driving business expansion and revenue growth through impactful digital strategies and products. aving graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Master’s degree in Digital marketing, Imad Sarrouf began his career in digital media at IPG Media Brands in 2005, successfully setting up and managing a digital media agency. Following this, he took on the role of Digital Commercial Manager at MBC Group, before joining Yahoo! Middle East as B2B Marketing Lead. At both businesses, he played a pivotal role in driving organisational growth. Later, in 2012, Imad entered a transformative stage in his career when he joined DMS (Choueiri Group). Over the course of a decade at the company, he first served as Commercial and Technology Director, before taking on the role of Head of Publishers. During this time, Imad was responsible for the leadership of a team, overseeing the optimisation of sales strategies and incorporating cutting-edge technologies. As a result, he was able to gain a holistic understanding of how commercial objectives, publishers’ requirements, and technological advancement interact. Now, Imad has over 18 years of experience under his belt, having developed innovative go-to-market strategies and served as a true thought leader in the fields of ad technology and digital media. In his current role at ThePubverse, he draws extensively upon his rich background and the wealth of knowledge he has gained over the years. He brings a comprehensive skillset to his role, enabling him to successfully navigate various challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital media and performance marketing. With Imad at its helm, ThePubverse maintains a unique focus on regional expertise and data-driven strategies, which sets it apart from its competitors. The business aims to drive the growth of clients’ brands through innovative, ROI-centric approaches, helping them to thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape. Its overarching mission is to redefine digital marketing in the MENA region, serving as a catalyst for sustainable and impactful digital growth whilst fostering lasting connections between brands and audiences. As CEO, a large part of Imad’s role at ThePubverse is to guide the business to achieve these goals. To this end, he works to ensure that all team members not only understand the organisational vision but also feel motivated to work with their colleagues to realise it. In this, Imad utilises a unique leadership style characterised by a blend of strategic vision, collaboration, and commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment. He facilitates clear communication through regular team meetings and an open-door policy, creating a culture in which employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns. Furthermore, Imad is committed to empowering his employees with autonomy and recognition. By celebrating their individual and collective successes, he fosters a sense of purpose and ownership amongst the team. Another aspect of Imad’s role is defining the approach his team take to working with a new client or taking on a new project. Above all, his priority is ensuring that the end result of the team’s work not only aligns with the client’s objectives but also fulfils the needs of all involved stakeholders. For this reason, the process begins with extensive discussion and data analysis, enabling the team to gain an understanding of all goals, expectations, and challenges. From this, they collaborate with the client to establish clear and achievable goals that will form the foundation of their customised strategic plan. This approach effectively fosters the long-term success and satisfaction of each client. For his exceptional work and leadership of ThePubverse, Imad Sarrouf has been awarded the title of Most Empowering eCommerce Marketing CEO in the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023. In the future, he hopes for the business to continue to innovate, grow, and solidify its position as a leader in the industry. With regards to his own career, he intends to leverage his current success as a foundation for continuous learning and professional development by engaging in educational opportunities, keeping up with industry trends, and refining his leadership approach. Contact: Imad Sarrouf Company: ThePubverse (by ArabyAds) Web Address: thepubverse.com H Most Empowering eCommerce Marketing CEO 2023: Imad Sarrouf