Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 27 Oct23483 Sometimes, the only way to create a successful specialist coffee company is to have an expert at the helm – someone who has a history brewing absolute bliss, and has lived the majority of their life alongside coffee. This particularly rings true for Tres Marias Coffee Company, and it’s all thanks to the award-winning brilliance of its CEO, Maria Pavani. Join us as we explore Maria’s past, and how over a decade of experience in all things coffee has led her to where she finds herself today. Infused with the desire to transform the coffee experience for the everyday person and enthusiasts across the region, Tres Marias Coffee Company is a collective that prides itself on supplying freshly roasted coffee beans, barista plant based milk, and all forms of alternative coffee products to its customers. Whether it’s serving end consumers, HORECA segments, or modern trade, Tres Marias Coffee Company ensures that all of its products uphold an unparalleled level of quality that’s simply brimming with innovation. In doing so, it has proudly added value to the industry – a value that centres around thinking about the how to make great coffee more accessible to the everyday member of the coffee community. However, it’s impossible to discuss Tres Marias Coffee Company’s success without turning our attention to its founder and CEO, Maria Pavani. Maria’s career in coffee began when she was just 19 years old. Having moved to Dubai in 2013, Maria sought to work as a barista, and spent the rest of 20s doing just that. For a good portion of her life, Maria has revolved herself around coffee, so when it came time to invest herself even more in the industry, she was more than ready. This initially began with Maria becoming a Sensory Judge for the National and World Barista Championships, followed by her earning the status of an authorised Q Grader. If anybody knows quality coffee, it’s certainly Maria. Additionally, Maria is an authorised trainer for the specialty coffee association, allowing her to share her expertise with professionals and coffee enthusiasts. Truly, Maria’s name has become synonymous with the world of coffee, and this finally culminated in the establishment of Tres Marias Coffee Company in 2019. Since then, she has been wholeheartedly dedicating her professional life to becoming the best business woman within her personal capacity, despite the challenges and demands that have presented themselves over the years. Maria is exceptionally unique in this sense – to her, and her team at Tres Marias Coffee Company, challenging yourself is an exciting concept that brings even more fun to the role. By leveraging her background as a coffee professional, Maria has established herself as a CEO who is ready to go the extra mile to learn even more about the industry she holds so dear to her heart. Be it through creating longterm relationships with partners and consumers, or empowering her team to uplift themselves within the company, Maria demonstrates a wholly unique CEO whose passion knows no bounds. Every day, she is in pursuit of trying to be an even better leader than she already is, ultimately resulting in a CEO who’s both inspirational and aspirational. Combined, all of these characteristics are what form Maria’s very being. Due to her unapologetic love for the world of coffee, she has created something truly special in Tres Marias Coffee Company. Something that is now renowned throughout the region for its quality in Most Innovative Specialty Coffee CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Maria Pavani both products and services. Maria Pavani is undoubtedly a CEO worth talking about, and we simply can’t wait to see how she elevates herself to the next level as she proceeds further into her already very successful career. We wish her all the best. Contact: Maria Pavani Company: Tres Marias Coffee Company Web Address: https://www.tresmariascoffee.com/