Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 ABT Assessments provides standardised assessments for the Arabic language, Islamic education, social studies, and reading for Arabs and Non-Arabs in the UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Tests cover reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills for Arabic and elements of the Islamic faith. Founder Mohamed Gamal established ABT Assessment to promote the Arabic language, the Islamic religion, and the Arab identity around the world. For his unparalleled vision, Mohamed Gamal has received our award for Most Innovative Education CEO of the Year (UAE). ounded in 2016, ABT Assessments is dedicated to improving knowledge of Arabic subjects and empowering Arab identities around the world. The organisation caters to schools throughout the Middle East and beyond with assessments based on international standards for Arabic and Islamic. ABT Assessments currently works with over 850+ schools worldwide, with over 700K students. The organisation aims to be the global leader of benchmark tests for Arabic subjects. Its assessments focus on four skills for Arabic (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) and six elements of Islam (the Holy Qur’an and Hadeeth, Islamic Values and Principles, Islamic Law and Etiquettes, Seerah and Islamic figures, and Faith Identity and Belonging). It is CEO Mohamed Gamal’s belief that the goal of education is not to increase knowledge but to create opportunities for children to discover their own abilities and become the best people that they can be. For 18 years, Mohamed worked as a teacher and Head of Arabic and Islamic for several educational institutions. It is his vision with ABT Assessments to promote the Arabic language and provide standardised tests that schools can use to measure students’ learning. The organisation remains steadfast in its core values of effective communication, integrity, innovation, and transparency. ABT Assessments is unmatched in its respect for values, heritage, and cultural diversity. It strives to continually develop its offerings in order to provide the best possible support for its clientele. ABT Assessments has created several professional platforms to assist students in their learning with fun, interactive lessons. These activities take learners step-by-step then encourage them to practice the language themselves. The platforms offer short assessments to measure students’ progress and once they have passed, learners receive a certificate. The organisation delivers three assessments throughout the year to assess students’ skills and knowledge. There are three rounds of assessments that run for three months and commence in September, January, and April. After completion, schools receive detailed reports that allow them to see the exact level of student attainment to help them develop their curriculum. Within five to seven working days, each student receives a personalised report based on their progress, strengths, and points for improvement. Reports include the student’s mark sheet, an attainment report, progress throughout the academic year, a year-toyear report, and many other elements. The data is displayed in charts and shows an analysis based on internal and external benchmarks. Schools receive a combined progress report that provides skills analysis, gender analysis, and individual analysis. The document highlights students that fall above or below curriculum expectations for their country or globally. An overall progress report is generated based on the attainment for each year group and level. There is also a comparison report between schools based on to their curriculums and year groups. Questions such as multiple choice, matching, rearranging, and true/ false are assessed automatically, whereas writing and speaking questions are marked by ABT Assessments’ marking department. Its team assesses papers with fairness, accuracy, and consistency and follows a guideline for marking questions. ABT Assessments provide reliable data that schools can use to measure students’ progress within the academic year and beyond. Its website outlines grade boundaries and learning outcomes for every assessment to help schools predict results and build their curriculums. CEO Mohamed Gamal is proud of the company’s consistently high-quality services and fast customer service. ABT Assessments prioritises customer satisfaction and aims to address clients’ needs promptly with clear communication. Mohamed exhibits consistency in his leadership style to create a culture of accountability and trust. Consistency prevents uncertainty and allows employees to fully understand their roles’ responsibilities and expectations. This ultimately results in higher levels of engagement, productivity, and employee satisfaction. ABT Assessments provides schools with standardised assessments based on the international standards for Arabic and Islamic. Tests cover reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills for Arabic and elements of the Islamic faith. CEO Mohamed Gamal established ABT Assessments with the objective of promoting the Arabic language, the Islamic religion, and Arab identities worldwide. With its core values of effective communication, integrity, innovation, and transparency, the organisation aims to be the best international benchmark test for Arabic and Islamic subjects. Its professional reports and reliable analyses are designed to help schools accurately measure their students’ learning. Online platforms assist students with their lessons and can be used to measure their development. Detailed reports are provided to students so that they can view their progress, strengths, and areas for development. Schools receive combined progress reports, overall progress reports, and comparison reports, which allow them F Most Innovative Education CEO of the Year 2023 (UAE): Mohamed Gamal