Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 22 Most Innovative IT Solutions CEO 2023 (Saudi Arabia): Adel Al-Rashiedi A sound professional boasting more than 20 years of experience within the IT sector, Adel Al-Rashiedi is CEO of Amar Advanced Technology, a company that envisions a world whereby governments and the private sector can successfully leverage the power of IT to yield transformation and ultimately achieve unparalleled success. The business assists its clients in achieving these aims by proudly becoming their partner, not merely acting as just a supplier or provider. For Adel and the team, client success is their success, and it is this mentality that drives them to fully understand a business and its challenges, spurring improvement. We catch up with CEO and awardee Adel, who tells us more about his career path and the expertise he brings to his company. cross his more than two decades of direct industry experience, Adel Al-Rashiedi has a track record of consistently embracing innovation, with this passion for change resulting in some tremendous achievements and invaluable contributions to the world of technology. At the pinnacle of his experience, in a companied that serves over 90 million customers across the world as a result of its expert solutions and roadmap and has handled such tasks as Saudi Arabia’s first e-government project. Driving growth is the firm’s partnership mentality, going beyond implementing fantastic technology and designing solutions that serve to empower businesses. Through its offerings, the team can successfully optimise the operations of clients, enhancing efficiency and maximising productivity. Clientele can also expect a newfound ability to make data-driven decisions, as well as be able to enhance the experiences they provide to customers and embrace all of the latest technologies, something that is essential in stimulating growth in such a dynamic industry. Adel explains, “we believe that technology is not merely a tool; it is the catalyst for positive change, and we are committed to being your trusted partner in this transformative journey. When Adel started as a programmer 20 years ago, he could not have known that the experience and passion he would hone over the next several years would result in him one day becoming a CEO. But with a role as an architect and past management of approximately 200 people developing and executing the government’s first e-project in Saudi Arabia, he has more than established himself as worthy of the position. With a wealth of experience too comes vast knowledge, and as Adel describes, “we do not claim to know everything, but we can bring the right calibre to deliver anything required.” Recent changes in legislation in Saudi Arabia have resulted in an increasing number of companies entering into the country and beginning to trade, even when they lack the relevant experience to successfully navigate the marketplace. This increase in competition has not been easy for the company, but since many rival companies are not sustainable and have failed projects, Amar Advanced Technology remains exemplary and distinguished in its field, led by Adel’s expert combination of people, process, technology, culture, and mindset. When it comes to his employees, Adel prioritises a young team, with many of them joining the ranks shortly after graduation and being nurtured until they reach their maximum potential, with some even leading teams of more than 100 employees. Adel believes firmly in giving his employees the necessary tools to succeed, meeting with them regularly to discuss progress and even personal issues, as well as giving each member of the team opportunities to lead projects, not intervening until they ask for help. It is this drive to take the initiative, even if mistakes are made, that highlight the unwavering skill and dedication of the team. Looking ahead to the future, Adel and the team are currently working on creating new products which will further streamline offerings and help clients effectively govern their businesses. As for Adel himself, he plans to create more opportunities to add further value to the company and continue to establish his brand. Reflecting on a career filled with milestones, highlights include spearheading the design of Saudi Arabia’s largest e-payment platform, which today handles more than 30bn riyals annually, and developing pioneering solutions allowing pilgrims to access mosques safely during the coronavirus pandemic. In summary, Adel Al-Rashiedi tells us, “I am proud of the transformative changes I have driven and the positive impact I have made. As I continue to embrace new challenges and seek opportunities for growth, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in shaping the future of technology and making a difference in people’s lives.” Contact: Adel Al-Rashiedi Company: Amar Advanced Technology Web Address: www.amartech.sa A